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Jessyndi Travel Company Profile Overview of Jessyndi Travel Product and value proposition Contact us.

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1 Jessyndi Travel Company Profile Overview of Jessyndi Travel Product and value proposition Contact us

2 An Overview – The Company BEE Status - Level 3 – Category EME Jessyndi Travel is a wholly Owned and Managed BEE / PDI Enterprise established in 2010 by Jessica Ndibongo Jessyndi Travel operates as a Close Corporation - Registration 2010/137081/23 The business operates from premises located in Welkom, Free State Province, South Africa

3 An Overview – The Company Jessyndi Travel employs two Previously Disadvantaged Individuals and has a number of strategic partners that provide diverse products and services, as may be required from time to time in support of the customer value proposition (CVP) offered by Jessyndi Travel to its clientele Jessyndi Travel is registered with Free State Tourism Authority; Proudly South African and the SATSA.

4 Our vision To be the preferred and sought after BEE / PDI travel solutions provider offering value-for-money benefits to our customer community

5 Our Mission Jessyndi Travel will achieve its Vision through service excellence and by building a customer centric business, which promotes and offers value-for-money products and services that satisfies the needs of its customers through professional and committed staff

6 Product and value proposition In the realisation of our Vision, we believe that black economic empowerment is a product of an undeniable history, and, as such, one that offers compelling challenges Jessyndi Travel specialises in securing diverse travel solution products and services for its customer community at discounted rates

7 Our Products and Services International and local business and holiday packages Flight reservations and Car hire Hotel reservations and accommodation bookings Itinerary planning and travel arrangements Assistance with VISA and travel documents Tours and Transportation

8 Our people at work Getting the job done requires skilled motivated people equipped with the right tools and attitude. At Jessyndi Travel we have such a workforce; staff that have been carefully selected, who have both the technical ability and required soft skill profiles. This insures that we are in a position to satisfy our customers needs, and deliver a product that meets global standards at a competitive price

9 Our people at work At Jessyndi Travel we draw strength from the culture of empowerment and ownership that advocates an on-going partnership with local stakeholders, affiliates and strategic partners, and Jessyndi Travel prides itself on the resultant outcome and value proposition enjoyed; an attribute of our business which is reflected and embraced in all our business affairs

10 Corporate Governance The management of Jessyndi Travel fully understand the principle that the business is an entity separate to the owners, and that the cash and assets of the business are separate from the owners. This is a discipline which results in good business decision making which in turn ensures the on-going viability, and sustainability of the enterprise.

11 Corporate Governance Due cognisance is also taken of the requirements of good corporate governance as outlined in the King Reports. In particular the stewardship of the companys portfolio of assets and resources with the objective of maintaining and increasing the proprietors value in the business and in attaining Jessyndi Travels Vision.

12 Corporate Governance The general principles recommended by the King Report which Jessyndi Travel subscribes to are:- Accountability; Anti-corruption; Ethical Behaviour; Respect for the rights of all stakeholders, and Transparency. Furthermore the business values which Jessyndi Travel espouses are:- Integrity; Commitment; Accountability and Responsibility.

13 Corporate Governance Behaviours which Jessyndi Travel subscribes to are: Reliability Punctuality Flexibility Tolerance Receptiveness and Co-operation.

14 Our Motto Competitiveness is the name of the game and superior service delivery is our benchmark. Jessyndi Travel strives to maintain consistent quality of product and related service solutions for its clientele; good turn-around on satisfying our customers needs at a competitive price is also our priority

15 Contact Details Jessica Ndibongo Telephone: +27(0) 57 352 6190 Mobile: +27(0) 72 690 7142 Fax: 086 750 1835 Email: Jessyndi Travel Shop 42, The Strip Building 314 Stateway WELKOM - South Africa


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