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Q Q ualimet Business Plan 2013 Press your “Enter” key to move to each new slide.

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1 Q Q ualimet Business Plan 2013 Press your “Enter” key to move to each new slide.

2 Q Q ualimet Welding Engineering Consulting Journey to EXCELLENCE Surprise ~ Delight

3 Q Q ualimet ’s Journey 1973: Started as Dacro Test. Original owners sold Dacro Test and went on to build Dacro Industries. 1993: After several owner & name changes the company had declined to just the owners & 4 workers. Purchased by Jan & Don Keith. Clients now in the care of the “Good Hands People” & the beginnings of full service. 1995: Mike Kereliuk graciously returned to bring the urgently needed welding engineering expertise to help get us back on track.

4 Q Q ualimet ’s Journey 2001: Q 12 people, name changed to Q ualimet. 2006: Mike takes over as General Manager to allow Don time to work on strategy. 15 people. 2011: Move to new building & 26 people, including contract inspectors—1 each in Quebec & Calgary. 2013: Over 30 people. 2016: Heading towards 50 people.

5 Vision Welding Engineering Consulting – Excellence – The way it ought to be

6 Mission To provide an important service of great purpose*: Engineering Consulting Excellence that helps Clients reduce the high costs of welding in construction. Q Q ualimet has never been daunted by difficult challenges and has never spared effort in finding better ways to deliver the best services to our Clients. Q Q ualimet has always dared to “Try” the “unTried” with obvious success and will continue to do so. Therefore, we must have an in-depth program to carry out our vision. Q * …important service of great purpose?: What Q ualimet has been doing for the last 19 years is changing the face of the welding engineering industry for the benefit of the clients and all stake holders. This is a great purpose!

7 CLIENTS Q Q ualimet delivers exciting services of great purpose to Clients with whom we have valued & lasting relationships, not CUSTOMERS who just want to buy a Commodity.

8 Less is More! Simple is More Sophisticated! Q ualimet takes care of all the details & complexities to REMOVE all the “ Pain ” from our Client & to SATISFY all their “Wants & Needs” Q ualimet ’s service appears & feels extremely simple & easy. We always strive to Surprise & Delight! If the Client does not see this awesome value, then they cannot understand the cost, THEREFORE: Communicating this value to our Clients is Essential !

9 ONE PLAN for Steady continued growth 1.Strengthen & grow Client relationships 2.Provide awesome services of Welding Engineering Consulting Excellence that clients value & want to purchase 3.Communicate our value to our Clients 4.Grow the Business Development group 5.Continuously improve productivity & efficiency — QC ! 6.Maintain profitability 7.Innovate new services that clients want to purchase Surprise ~ Delight

10 ONE GOAL Q A viable & vibrant Q ualimet Delivering Engineering EXCELLENCE — exciting services of great value — — services that people want to purchase — Services that provide profitable growth for everyone. Surprise ~ Delight

11 RULES (…explicit principles governing all our decisions…) Whatever decisions we make, they must: – Build sustainable growth – Build relationships Q – Communicate the value of Q ualimet ’s services – Be productive & efficient — QC ! – Be profitable Q – Protect Q ualimet ’s assets – Respect the Employees, Clients & Stakeholders – Have & give the feeling of EXCELLENCE Surprise ~ Delight

12 Before we can Surprise & Delight anyone, we need to understand who the Client is that we want to Surprise & Delight. We need to understand and feel our Client’s frustration and pain. We need to build relationships where we can get truly know our Clients.

13 Expected Behaviours ENGAGEMENT“be in the game” Foster Functional & Technical Excellence Know & have passion for our business & Clients Demonstrate & build functional & technical excellence Ensure process discipline A continuous improvement philosophy & practice

14 Expected Behaviours ENGAGEMENT“be in the game” Ownership of Working Together Believe in skilled motivated people working together Include everyone: respect, listen to, help & appreciate others Build strong relationships, be a team player, develop ourselves & others Communicate clearly, concisely & candidly

15 Expected Behaviours ENGAGEMENT“be in the game” Role Model for Q ualimet ’s Values Show initiative, courage, integrity, & good corporate citizenship Improve quality, safety & sustainability Have a “can do, find a way” attitude & emotional resilience Enjoy the journey & each other; have fun— but never at another’s expense

16 Expected Behaviours ENGAGEMENT“be in the game” Deliver Results Deal positively with our business realities; develop compelling & comprehensive plans, while keeping an enterprise view Set high expectations & inspire others Make sound decisions using facts & data that fit with our RULES Hold ourselves & others responsible & accountable for delivering results & satisfying our clients

17 LEGACY Clear compelling vision to the future Ability to survive the perfect economic storm Motivated, “Can Do” Team No TRUCs* Reliable ongoing Business Plan Review process Leader & Leadership team with – “One Q ualimet Vision” – Implementation tenacity *TRUC: A TRUC is someone who has a negative effect on Morale & Productivity. TRUCs (truculent people) are “NOT coachable” & “can NOT be changed.” Once identified, TRUCs will be assisted to find another job—NO exception! All employees are responsible for recognising and reporting TRUCs ASAP.

18 BRAND Solid reputation of respect & credibility Professional & competent “Can Do” attitude. Get ‘er done! Good Hands People! Full Service our clients value & want to purchase Surprise ~ Delight

19 ONE TEAM ONE PLAN ONE GOAL Delivering an exciting service of Q Engineering EXCELLENCE and profitable growth that appears and feels extremely simple & easy to the clients with whom Q ualimet has a valued relationship of great purpose Q ONE Q ualimet Can Do! Surprise ~ Delight Get ‘er done!

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