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Attracting appropriate user funding in the context of declining public funding.

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1 Attracting appropriate user funding in the context of declining public funding

2 Vision TAFE NSW is an industry leader in implementing sustainable business practices that minimise harm and maximise benefits to the environment, economy and society

3 Mission TAFE NSW will offer skills for sustainability that are technical skills, knowledge, values and attitudes needed in the workplace to develop and support sustainable outcomes in the business, industry and the community

4 Goals – we... Transform and change Educate for all Provide and practice lifelong learning Engage in Systems thinking Envisage a better future Critically think and reflect Participate Engage in partnerships for change

5 Values Personal responsibility Analysis Transparency Innovation Conservation Waste management Collaboration Deployment Leadership Workforce capability

6 Strategies - Finance Geographical expansion Asset productivity Improved returns Broaden revenue mix

7 Strategies - Customer Reliable offerings Value added partnerships Value proposition Convenient access Superior customer experiences

8 Strategies – People, Innovation, Learning & Growth Performance Culture Selecting the right people Retaining the right people Leaders and entrepreneurship Specialists

9 Strategies – Business Processes Strong Market focus Best Practice in logistics Understand customers Create innovative products Cross sell of products

10 Perspectives Customer Financial Internal Business People, Innovation, Learning & Growth

11 Business Objectives Compliance Reputation & brand Establishment of ‘social license to operate’ Acquire preferred supplier status Manage the workplace risk profile effectively Ensure we attract and retain the right people Establish effective strategies to ensure skills needed are linked to business growth and are identified and met

12 CSF - Finance Effective Asset Management Exceed Profit Targets Exceed Revenue Targets Return on spending Geographical expansion Dominate key markets Expense optimization Asset productivity

13 CSF - Customer Customer Satisfaction Retention of profitable customers New customers New markets Easiest to deal with Value added partnerships Product availability Technical professional excellence

14 CSF – Internal Business Processes Deliver to business requirements Productive and efficient transaction chains Segment profit potential Revenue from new products Product development cycle Cross selling ratio Hours spent with customers Market focus Value adding sales Technological advantage

15 CSF – People, Innovation, Learning & Growth Effective communication Improved staff engagement/satisfaction Appropriately recruited & selected staff Active succession plans Employer of choice Strategic information availability Personal goal alignment Revenue per employee Performance Culture People capability Best practice

16 KPI - Customer Reliability index Quality Time Change in sales partners Retention rates of partners

17 KPI - Financial Sales across regions Shares of products outside region Capital spent outside region Actual capacity vs Potential capacity

18 KPI - People, Innovation, Learning & Growth Evaluated behaviours Staff engagement scores Number % job rotations

19 KPI - Internal Business Processes Forecasting accuracy Margins realised vs planned Customer survey results Inventory level vs planned Cost per customer interaction Cycle time actual vs planned

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