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Selling Commercial Restoration Services Phillip Rosebrook JR, CR Business Mentors.

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1 Selling Commercial Restoration Services Phillip Rosebrook JR, CR Business Mentors

2 EXPECTATIONS Understanding of large loss needs Competencies for large losses Provide tools and tips to improve your closing ratio for commercial restoration

3 LARGE LOSS CONSIDERATIONS Competency Staffing Equipment Response Quality control Cash The sales process

4 COMPETENCY Clients businesses survival depends on your response Perform well on small move to big Quality control and project management Confidence and communication Portfolio and recommendations Clearly understand their needs and expectations

5 COMPETENCY CONSIDERATIONS Dont be afraid to say no Managing existing work Need to have the appearance of competency Comfort Confidence

6 STAGES OF THE JOB Initial response Fulfillment Completion Billing and paperwork

7 STAFFING Have to match staff levels with client needs Temp staffing Advantages Disadvantages Franchise Support Cost Revenue sharing Training Management and oversight

8 WORKING WITH OTHER CONTRACTORS Payment Accountability Clear expectations Defined parameters of responsibility

9 EQUIPMENT Dont need to own it all Need contingent resources Need the right equipment and understanding to utilize

10 RESPONSE Initial – Quick Less then 24 hours significant Meet expectations

11 QUALITY CONTROL Extremely high profile projects Proper project management – 24 Hrs. Area managers Jobsite control Security Safety Daily walk through with client

12 CASH Consequences can be devastating Dont be afraid to ask Progress payments and final payment Create timely and proper billing package Collect from a position of strength

13 UNDERSTANDING THE SALES PROCESS Decision makers Understanding expectations Setting benchmarks Balancing needs and priorities Logistics Your not alone Billing may be challenged – be prepared

14 DECISION MAKERS Who is paying The person doing the talking may not be making decision Manager, owner, tenant, adjuster, group, etc

15 UNDERSTANDING EXPECTATIONS Key events Business Interruption Balance with ability to pay What is realistic Create a plan Payment for overtime, mobilization, transportation

16 SETTING BENCHMARKS Utilize their staff? Communicate the plan Critical timeframes and achievable goals Communicate changes Adjust plan if necessary

17 BALANCING NEEDS AND PRIORITIES Who is YOUR client? Multiple tenants, partners, adjusters, etc. Realistic solutions What can be done later? Get the business open and tenants back

18 LOGISTICS Creative problem solving Managing people, resources and restoration The drying, cleaning and restoring may be the easy part

19 LARGE LOSS TIMELINE Call for service Fire chasers arrive onsite If other affected businesses – competition is working next door Corporate office may become involved Often local adjuster arrives 24-48 hours local adjuster replaced by GA

20 TIMELINE CONTINUED GA starts to lobby for his/her contractor Company receives calls, faxes,visits and emails from your competition Company confirms your status or kicks you off the job – blames it on the adjuster 3 rd Party May consult adjuster on scope & price Job completed and bill challenged by 3 rd party

21 YOU ARE NOT ALONE The bigger the job the more competitors You do not have the job secured until at least 48 hours after starting General adjusters – strong influence Continue to sell until complete and take credit Manage expectations Confidence and credibility

22 BILLING MAY BE CHALLENGED Be prepared to bill unit cost or T&M – have scheduled large loss rate sheet Keep copious records – daily with summaries Consider a job accountant Photos Signed agreements and customer satisfaction – not just @ end Document everything Be flexible but firm – make compromise but get something Know your costs

23 LARGE LOSS SALE PROCESS Build your personal credibility Build value in your company Understand the customers needs Discuss the benefits of your service You have done this before Create urgency

24 TIPS Dont fall in love with the job The best decision might be to walk away The wrong job or event can sink your company It is OK to take a part of the job – Clear expectations and payment understanding Your role is clear and separate

25 SUMMARY Need to work on your sales skills Be selective Develop a strong portfolio and references Know where the $ are and be strategic in your approach Find the decision maker Continue to sell Finish strong When you are done you may not be done

26 RESOURCE Large loss section How to position, staff, bill, collect and complete large losses. Can be purchased as part of subscription or individual section

27 Thank You 541 359 4117

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