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TransTel Communications, Inc

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1 TransTel Communications, Inc
TDS Series Hybrid IP Lodging Communication System

2 About TransTel 22 Year Corporation Headquarters: Jupiter, Florida USA
60 miles north of Miami Product Development, Sales, Marketing, Technical Support

3 About TransTel Affiliated Company Locations TransTel USA
TransTel Indonesia Taiwan Thailand Australia New Zealand China

4 About TransTel Key Accomplishments
Sales in over 50 countries worldwide Over 250,000 Systems Installed & Working OEM to Philips, Telecom Italia, others Business & Hotel Motel Platform Advanced Property Management Interface Government & Military Installations

5 Office Locations USA Indonesia Taiwan Australia New Zealand China
Malaysia Dealers & distributors worldwide USA Indonesia Taiwan Australia

6 Why TransTel TDS Lodging System?
Proven Track Record Outstanding Performance Competitively Priced- Reduce Cost – Improve Guest Experience Advanced Feature Set for Hotel Operators Standalone Operation or Advanced PMS Capability Emergency Services Certified E-911 with recorded announcement E911 Bumping Emergency/Fire Alarm Evacuation Best Support in Industry

7 Why TDS Series Lodging System?
Flexible Configuration Options - PSTN Lines, ISDN, VOIP Admin. & Guest Room Integrated Call Center for Reservations Standard feature! VOIP Options SIP Trunking for low cost carrier services Network multiple locations together Allow remote communications at no cost TDS Lodging Systems are customizable to your property Automated Attendant Greetings Music on hold messages Automatic Wakeup Messages PMS Interface Certifications Micros Fidelio, Opera, Opera Express Oasis Inn Quest Roomaster PowerPro VHP Many more

8 Lodging Solutions for any property type and size!
Resorts – 5, 4, 3, 2 Star! National Hotel Chains Independently Owned Operators Small Bed & Breakfast Fishing & Ski Lodges From as few as 12 rooms To as many as 1200 rooms B&Bs Lodges Resorts Hotel Chains

9 Front Desk Administration- Property Management Interface
Supports 2 Protocol Types Certified for Micros Opera, Opera Express, Fidelio using FIAS protocol Mitel Emulation Compatible with a variety of other PMS vendors Seamless Integration of front desk operations and PABX features

10 Property Management Interface
PMS Protocol Link Room Telephones ( with Message Waiting Lamp ) LAN 。。。。 Micros Opera / Fidelio Server PSTN ISDN IP Network TDS 600 Front Desk Workstation Seamless Integration Check In Check Out Guest Name Suite Services Voice Mail Notification Do Not Disturb Wake Up Message Waiting Room Status Guest Billing Bi Directional Interface providing exchange of information

11 Property Management Interface
PABX Gateway PMS Server data CONVENTIONAL PABX PMS Server Transtel TDS Series data TRANSTEL TDS SERIES Gateway’s are expensive between PABX & PMS Software. Problems such as unstable sync, loss of data, etc. can occur and are cumbersome to troubleshoot. TRANSTEL TDS Series can connect directly to most PMS Software Servers directly, hence eliminating costs and service headaches.

12 Property Management Integration

13 Front Desk Administration
Universal Hotel Service Key A Universal Hotel Service Key followed by a single digit is all that is required to activate features. Hotel 1- Check In, Hotel 2- Check Out, Hotel 3- Message Waiting etc. Simplifies training of front desk staff Great back up solution in case PMS goes off line or loses link for any reason

14 Front Desk Administration
Message Waiting Set a message waiting for guest room Wake Up Set wake up time for guest Wake Up attempt failure notification Wake up call history report Room Status View & change guest room status Clean, dirty, occupied etc.

15 Front Desk Administration
Call Credit Limit Sets a credit limit on guest phones and shuts phone off when limit is exceeded Call Cost Accounting Hotel owners can set own rates for calls Print and inquiry from front desk No expensive 3rd party system required

16 Front Desk Administration
Wireless & Mobility Options Supported Wifi Telephones Traditional cordless telephone sets paired with Operator console SIP Dect Wifi Receive and transfer calls from anywhere on property

17 Emergency Guest Services E-911 Feature
When guest dials 911 the emergency operator will hear a special voice announcement identifying the exact room number of guest Specially programmed Operator Console phones and other phones can ring at the same time indicating the guest room calling When console operator answers a conference is created between guest, hotel operator and 911 operator

18 Emergency Guest Services E-911 Bumping
When guest dials 911 and all lines are busy, system will “bump” an existing call off and provide priority call processing to the E-911 originator.

19 Emergency Evacuation / Fire Alarm Feature
In the case of an urgent emergency Hotel Managers can press an external button connected to the TDS System. On activation, all Guest Room Telephones will begin to ring in short repetitive bursts. Upon answer the Guest will hear the (recordable) Emergency Evacuation Message which can provide instructions for leaving the premises immediately.

Operator paging to all rooms TransTel guest phones model AH99P can be paged for announcement purposes Room 111 Room 112 Room 114 Room 113

21 TDS Lodging System Features
Automated Attendant - Direct Answer All Calls - Answer Overflow Calls Day & Night modes of operation Voice Messaging Guest Mailbox Administration Mailbox Password Control Custom Wake Up Messages Least Cost Routing T1 and ISDN PRI Lines VOIP Sip Trunking

22 TDS Lodging System Features
Toll Control Call Accounting Call Credit Limit Establish limit amount Disconnect when limit is reached Flexible Numbering Plan Variable digit length Custom Messages On Hold Custom Wake up Message Single Digit Dialing for Services - Room Service - Valet etc.

23 Features Room to Room Dialing Control Elevator Phones Caller ID
- Internal Calls from guest rooms - External Calls Cordless Telephone Support - For Attendant Console - Maids Mini Bar Service

24 Guest Services Voice Guided Guest Features
Eliminates user guides and makes using the telephone set hassle free and simple Automatic Wake Up Guest can set his own automatic wake up from the room without requesting assistance from front desk Do Not Disturb Guest can enable or disable do not disturb from the room without requesting assistance from the front desk

25 Guest Services Voice Mail
Voice Mail boxes for each guest are provided and can be controlled by password if desired. Message Waiting Light Guests can be informed by message waiting light indication of new messages Single Digit Dialing for services Guest phones may be set up for dialing a single digit to reach services such as room service or concierge

26 Reasons to choose the TransTel Lodging Series for your hotel
TDS Lodging Systems offer the best price / performance ratio in the industry Fully integrated telephone system, automated attendant, voice mail and call accounting Feature set designed for simplicity and ease of use Proven and reliable platform verified over a variety of applications and countries Top notch customer support

27 TransTel Clients

28 International Hotel Brands already using TransTel TDS Lodging Series

29 International Hotel Brands already using TransTel TDS Lodging Series

30 International Hotel Brands already using TransTel TDS Lodging Series

31 International Hotel Brands already using TransTel TDS Lodging Series

32 International Hotel Brands already using TransTel TDS Lodging Series

33 TransTel TDS Lodging Series – Noteworthy Clients
Chateau de Bali Luxury Villas & Medical Spa

34 TransTel TDS Lodging Series – Noteworthy Clients
Rendezvous Grand Hotel Auckland, New Zealand

35 TransTel TDS Lodging Series Noteworthy Clients
Pullman Central Park Jakarta, Indonesia

36 TransTel TDS Lodging Series – Noteworthy Clients
Aston NIU Manokwari Hotel & Conference Center Papua, Indonesia

37 TransTel TDS Lodging Series – Noteworthy Clients
Fave Hotel Surabaya

38 TransTel TDS Lodging Series – Noteworthy Clients
Aston Soll Marina Bangka, Indonesia

39 TransTel TDS Lodging Series – Noteworthy Clients
Mercure Convention Center Jakarta, Indonesia

40 TransTel TDS Lodging Series – Noteworthy Clients
Aston Paramount Serpong, Indonesia

41 TransTel TDS Lodging Series – Noteworthy Clients
Green Park Inn, North Carolina America’s Historic Hotel Register Visited by US Presidents and Dignitaries

42 TransTel TDS Lodging Series – Noteworthy Clients
Holiday Inn Express Moses Lake Washington Hotel Register

43 Partner with TransTel Dealers and distributors in many countries throughout the world. TransTel is a mature and experienced international company.

44 TransTel Communications, Inc.
Choose TransTel Experience counts! Contact us today! TransTel Communications, Inc. 1562 Park Lane South, Suite 400 Jupiter, Florida 33458 Tel/Fax:

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