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Taazza News Delivered! Founder Arjun Ram.

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1 Taazza News Delivered! Founder Arjun Ram

2 Evolution of news News reporting has evolved ……. Pigeons carrying news stories to a news reporter in wireless submitted real-time stories in a remote village in Iraq

3 Evolution of news News delivery has evolved ……. Newspaper delivery boys to Reading news stories on a laptop in a coffee shop

4 News is Real-time! & Global

5 I want to …. So many news channels & Papers, Im tired… Give me popular stories! So, whats happening with Bird Flu? I am from Tirupati, I want local news! Are you out of your mind checking news every 10 minutes?? I check news once in 2 days… Gimme the gist!

6 News Tenets remain the same News is about -> People -> Places -> Topics (Context) News is also about -> Opinions -> Reactions -> Interesting stories

7 Evolution of Technology Tools -> Slashd ot Dig g Flickr Social Story submission Voting Tag s RSS as a plumbing platform!

8 News 2.0 Google News NewsVi ne Memorand um News Aggregation Social News submissio n Meme Tracker

9 Samacha r Newsho und News links News Aggregati on So, Wheres are our local Macchans?? Leading Indian news sites RSS Adoption

10 Macchi!! where's the real innovation?

11 Enter Taazza A News Aggregator -> Meme Tracking -> Insta news mashup -> Location based news -> Meme Digging -> & much more ….. wit h

12 Time to put my money where my mouth is ? Demo!

13 What's cooking in Taazza Labs -> News Podcasts -> Indian Blog tracking -> Tea khadai -> APIs - RSS & JSON & much more …..

14 Who am I? -> News junkie -> Frustrated end user of Indian news sites! -> Web(1.x/2.x/..) enthusiast -> Blogger in exile ;) &

15 Feedback & Comments?

16 Oh wait, theres more! Taazza Please blog ur review and send me a link! Best review wins an ipod!

17 Thanks !

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