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Scary, interesting, fun, creative, Exciting!. 1995 Community & Information Portal for Engineers.

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1 Scary, interesting, fun, creative, Exciting!

2 1995 Community & Information Portal for Engineers

3 2006 GE Pays $600M to Hearst

4 Déjà vu?

5 Percent of adult Americans with internet access and broadband access at home, 2000-2005 All internet - 147 mill. Broadband - 80 mill. Pew Research

6 Typical day – 94 million are online and here is what they are doing Health information Pew Research

7 "The result is the equivalent of a massive software upgrade for the entire Web, what some commentators have taken to calling Web 2.0. Essentially, the Web is shifting from an international library of interlinked pages to an information ecosystem, where data circulate like nutrients in a rain forest." Stephen Johnson, Discover Magazine Web as information ecosystem

8 Blog readers Blog creators Blog readers Blog creators Pew Research

9 Blogs Live

10 Your Voice on the Web & Interactivity & Connection

11 Journals editors blog

12 Offers another communication channel with our customers Honeywell

13 Collation of life science blogs

14 Impact Factor meets Blog Factor

15 ScienceConnect?

16 Users create content, not just consume

17 Media incorporates user generated content Photo:natekoechley's Link to flickr

18 Domain Specific Application using RSS &Taxonomy

19 Syndicate & expose your content

20 Use of Web Services in an information portal

21 RSS and changing user behavior The new home page?

22 My Personalized Information Portal AJAX: Cruyff?

23 Adding value to commodity content

24 Personalized Content

25 Recommended Article

26 Personalize & Aggregate Information Users are in control!

27 Tags Nothing new for us, but offers a bridge between structure and meaning

28 Social Bookmarking tool for scientific community Track his interests, opportunity to connect

29 Find Similar People

30 Use to park your thoughts

31 Wikis


33 Users are contributing and enriching the data (and publishing)

34 Data is the next Intel inside

35 Users: the new editors, they review, comment & decide on top stories

36 Publishers as broadcasters

37 Remix data to create new applications Users distribute the content for publishers

38 Natures Avian Flu Mashup using Google Earth

39 Networking & Profiling

40 Find connections

41 Generation of web natives Social Web

42 Groups & Forums

43 Social Networks

44 Connecting Business People

45 No, but niche market with potential ad $

46 Social Network based on SolidWorks

47 How Amazon is changing?

48 Involve the users, enable them to connect to others


50 Create networks from a scientific publication

51 Grouping & Rating Peers?

52 Create a value index for scientists relations to each other?

53 Research Buddy? User participation is key

54 Researchers profile

55 Enable scientists (users) to discover, organize, collaborate and share knowledge

56 Think of the Web as communication, dissemination and innovation platform







63 Social Media + Web 2.0

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