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David Gurteen The Future of Knowledge Sharing People and Technology ! actKM Conference October 2007 David Gurteen Gurteen Knowledge.

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1 David Gurteen The Future of Knowledge Sharing People and Technology ! actKM Conference October 2007 David Gurteen Gurteen Knowledge

2 David Gurteen Begin with the end in mind Technology is not everything but … My story – how I use technology Not to show I am clever or promote my site But to demonstrate the POWER - technology can put in the hands of the individual To provoke thought, sow seeds in your minds To draw some lessons & thoughts of the future

3 David Gurteen My Story

4 David Gurteen My Website Created August 1999 Did not want to create a ‘marketing’ website Provide value through real content Demo my capabilities in an authentic way A resource for myself Built from existing material Lotus Notes based

5 David Gurteen Gurteen Knowledge Website People Profiles Books Events Quotations Places Articles Categories Countries/Cities

6 David Gurteen Knowledge Letter 1 st issue May 2000 to 200 people Issue 88 in 8 th year! –15,000 people in 154 countries To draw more people to my site Had long wanted to write Blog-like Lesson: talk in my own voice Lotus Notes driven

7 David Gurteen Knowledge Log Weblog story First blog March 2002 Integrate Blog & newsletter August 2007! My website is MY blog

8 David Gurteen RSS Feeds July 2002 My weblog, site updates, jobs, events, books, quotes “Pimped” by Feedburner Other feeds –Google Video, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr

9 David Gurteen Email Feeds Quote of the day Knowledge Cards –One a week for 20 weeks New Books New Events New Jobs Over 2,000 people receive my quote of the day by e-mail and RSS feed

10 David Gurteen Media Player August 2006 Single page access to multi-media files –YouTube –Google Video –WMV –SlideShare Free ajax code

11 David Gurteen Gurteen Search Engine Google Customised Search Engine Searches over 800 KM websites and weblogs

12 David Gurteen Other Features Polls Raffles Knowledge Seeds Knowledge Slide Show Downloads Users can post comments, events, books etc

13 David Gurteen Lotus Notes Everything is driven by Lotus Notes My site and all its functions is a single Notes application Over 8 years - a huge programming effort A content management system Adding new content is trivial

14 David Gurteen Use of Social Tools

15 David Gurteen Flickr I photo every event in which I participate Upload to Flickr Embed slide show on my website Can merge photos taken by different people with a common tag & create a composite slide show

16 David Gurteen Skype Lotus Notes, Firefox Skype –Voip, Skype-in, Skype-out, SMS, IM –Presence –Conference calls –Webcam Pamela: record interviews

17 David Gurteen YouTube & Google Video Started out with “What is KM?” –Over 30 mini-interviews uploaded –Embedded in my site Other KM and related videos on my site e.g. Patrick Lambe ( HK Knowledge Café, NLB talk More planned

18 David Gurteen Twitter Micro-blog –Update from mobile phone Panel on my website Twitter: current activity Skype: online presence 78 people following me

19 David Gurteen FaceBook Over 250 friends About 200 Community members Keeps you connected and in-touch at the ‘micro-level’ Waiting to see what emerges

20 David Gurteen

21 Podcasts Video iPod TEDTalks Video podcast of all my Google videos –Undocumented Google feature + Feedburner –Took minutes to create

22 David Gurteen Google Tools Google Maps Google Video Google Search Engine Google Alerts Google Maps API Google Reader Google MP3 player Google Gadgets Google Webmaster tools Google Adsense Google Analytics Google Docs The operating system is the web!

23 David Gurteen My Tools My Tools section on my website Lists all tools I use How I use them Plus problems, tips etc Robin Good

24 David Gurteen Some thoughts on the future

25 David Gurteen The Future I’ve been an early adopter I take this for granted I never foresaw the growth in social tools and their enthusiastic adoption But we have only just started The use of these tools and the new ways of working that they enable is transformational!

26 David Gurteen The Future More and more amazing online tools –Powerful –Easy to learn, easy to use –Highly customizable/programmable –Free All the things that I have done –Anyone can do today –Outside and inside the firewall! –You do not need to be a programmer

27 David Gurteen The Future More home workers More mobile people working, globally, anyplace, anytime More independent workers Social tools provide ideal support for this type of work People will demand access to these tools within their organizations

28 David Gurteen Conclusion

29 Social Tools are phenomenal KM tools with vast potential. How you can make the most of them?

30 David Gurteen Conversation! Questions?

31 David Gurteen David Gurteen Gurteen Knowledge Tel: +44 1252 812 878 Email:

32 David Gurteen Important disclaimer: This site is not affiliated with the Chicago Police Department. This site uses crime data obtained from the CPD's CLEARmap Web site, which is a publicly available database of reported crime. CLEARmap Web site

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