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LP-31 Series Uninterruptible Power Supply Product Management GE Consumer & Industrial Power Protection.

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1 LP-31 Series Uninterruptible Power Supply Product Management GE Consumer & Industrial Power Protection

2 LP-31 Series On-line installable UPS Three phase input, Single phase output 8-20kVA CE Marked

3 Range Product Description Key Features Features & Benefits Options Segments and Applications Contents

4 LP-31 Series 8/10/15/20kVA: 400 Volt three phase in 230 Volt single phase out Range

5 True on-line double conversion VFI Electronic and manual bypass High frequency design Microprocessor controlled Eco Mode implemented Back feed protection as standard Product Description

6 - Information Screen status and alarm messages - Service screen internal settings test screens - Set Up Screen setting of parameters 3 MENU STRUCTURES Inverter on/off switch INVMAINSBYPASS ON OFF External Bypass Switch Mains Switch SWITCHES Product Description DISPLAY alarm operation down up enter/reset Alarm led LP15-31 Normal operation Load 56 % Push -buttons, to scroll through the several screens

7 Manual Bypass switch Battery extension terminals Input terminals Output terminals Bypass terminals Interface PCB Product Description

8 True On-Line - double conversion HF PWM technique No load (< 2%) shutdown with no utility Bypass enable / disable Programmable frequency tracking range (2%, 4%, 6%) Key Features Voltage and Frequency Independent

9 Front accessible batteries Wide input voltage range: 300-470V Wide input frequency range: 45-65Hz Input power factor >0.95 No inrush current Cold start (unit can be started with no AC present) Multi language display Key Features

10 LCD display Automatic monthly battery testing Temperature compensated charging Battery calibration test High crest factor handling 5:1 User selectable output voltage (220/230/240V) Extended runtime versions with matching battery packs Key Features

11 Superior Battery Management Maximum Up-time Prevents Damage Prolonged Battery Lifetime No Surprises Automatic battery test Deep calibration test Boost charging Temp. compensated charger Load dependent EOD voltage No load shutdown Features & Benefits

12 ECO-mode High efficiency (97%), low energy costs On board event logging Easy and fast diagnostic Multi-lingual LC display Shows all operational parameters in language to choose from GB / NL / D / IT / ES Design front Elegant design, fits with all modern ICT products Features & Benefits

13 Emergency power off (standard) Emergency shutdown in case of fire or water alarms Excellent Overload Behavior Withstands most toughest conditions Isolation transformer Ultimate protection from disturbances Tracking speed is selectable Optimized for generator supply Features & Benefits

14 SNMP plug-in card (web enabled) For direct integration into networks Relay card (plug-in) Integration into third party systems Additional battery packs Longer runtimes Alarm box For remote audible and visual alarm notification Options

15 Segments and Applications SEGMENTS AND APPLICATIONS LP Series

16 Main Segments Industry Information Technology Telecom

17 Industry Industry applications: Airports/Railroads Tunnels Building Control Process Automation

18 Industry Easy installation Low operational cost Information on the spot Compatibility with other systems Generator operation Small and light SBM and ECO-mode Multi-lingual LCD Intelligent interface, relay contacts, EPO Adjustable bypass window and tracking rate, optimal for genset Requires:LP Series offers:

19 Information Technology IT applications: Server rooms Business critical applications Midrange computer systems Back offices

20 Information Technology Requires: LP Series offers: 24x7 power availability Remote management Floor space Elegant appearance SBM, manual bypass JUMP is bundled for free Small footprint Nice! Isn’t it?

21 EDP Managers Want a managed solution... Easy to connect to any network Remote modem and SNMP management to prevent any disaster. Regular automatic self test Superior Battery Management

22 Telecom Telecom applications: Mobile communication Central switch boards

23 Telecom Battery care Longer runtimes Low distortions Isolation from mains SBM and wide input voltage window Additional battery packs are easy to install PF 0.99 at input and THD < 2% at output Standard isolation transformer Requires:LP Series offers:

24 Telecom Desire approved specifications… Complying to the world’s highest standards Most reliable design & remote solutions. Extended runtime versions up to hours Remote diagnostics and service

25 Conclusion Strengths of LP Series : Excellent specifications Equipped with many features as standard Low operational costs A winner in tenders

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