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2 «Truck Empire» today Truck Empire Group of companies today is one of the largest holding companies in the market of trucks of Russia, representing the three business directions: Sale of trucks from Europe and the USA . Since 2007, the company has sold more than 3500 trucks, of which 50% (above 1800 units) are Freightliner trucks; Wholesale and retail sales of spare parts for trucks. More than 45% of the total sales volume in parts is represented by Freightliner parts. During 2011, sales turnover with company Daimler Trucks North America has made thous.$; Truck services and technical maintenance. Every year, more than 5100 trucks are served by Truck Empire company’s maintenance station. More than 40% of them are represented by the Freightliner trucks. 2

3 «Truck Empire» today Truck Empire Group today is:
- the official dealer of the two major brands of trucks exported from Europe and the USA - DAF and Kenworth, - the official distributor of Arvin Meritor and EATON. The agreement for acquisition of status of Detroit Diesel authorized service dealer is currently in the process of signing. In Truck Empire has filed application and passed Due Diligence in the company Daimler Trucks North America. 3

4 Company’s mission Company’s mission:
Truck Empire Group of companies provides comprehensive and quality services to the customers, providing them with: the  best models of American and European brand trucks; the widest range of spare parts for trucks and trailers; professional service at the highest standards available in the industry. Through this we ensure further economic development of the country, adequate remuneration and improved welfare of our employees, stability and prosperity of our company. 4

5 Company’s background 2004 Against the background of the global energy crisis in the country, and due to launch of the governmental program of the Far East regional development, the Russian market needs high-quality truck machinery more than ever. The young company -Truck Empire- fully meets these demands of the market, supplying second-hand commercial vehicles imported from the U.S. The major volume of our imported vehicles has been represented by the Freightliner trucks . 2005 Starting the direction of spare parts trade - the first retail store for sale of spare parts for the American trucks flung its doors open in St. Petersburg 2006 Opening of the three new retail stores in Moscow, Samara and St. Petersburg. 5

6 Company’s background 2007 After testing of the trucks in severe Russian conditions, the demand for vehicles imported from the USA, of such brands as Freightliner, Kenworth etc., has significantly increased, which has provided us with the incitement for opening the new direction dedicated to sale of trucks. That was the year when Truck Empire company has acquired the status of the official Kenworth dealer in Russia. 2008 Due to the demand for trucks maintenance service, Truck Empire has opened a number of service centers in the regions of Russia. The company has become the official distributor of Arvin Meritor and EATON. 2009 Opening of the three new retail stores in Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow, and American trucks service center in Rostov-on-Don. 6

7 Company’s background 2010 Opening of three more shops in the regions.
In Truck Empire has filed the application and passed Due Diligence in company Daimler Trucks North America. 2011 Truck Empire is actively developing the spare parts wholesale direction. The company’s warehouses can accommodate more than 20,000 items of goods for trucks: Freightliner, Kenworth, International, Mack, Sterling, Volvo USA, Peterbilt, Ford, as well as goods for trailers. 2012 Business of spare parts sale and service maintenance of the European trucks has been launched. Truck Empire becomes the official dealer of DAF trucks. DAF dealership center has been opened in Rostov-on-Don. 7

8 Structure of the Group of companies «Truck Empire»
Sale of spare parts «Truck Empire Service» LLC Truck service centers “Truck Empire Service” LLC Sale of trucks «Forward-Cargo» LLC 8

9 Group of companies «Truck Empire»
Business location: Central Office - St. Petersburg Regional offices in the eight key transport     destinations in Russia. City Shops SMS Sales areas Saint-Petersburg 5 1 Moscow - N. Novgorod 2 Samara 3 Novosibirsk Rostov-on-Don Krasnodar Yekaterinburg Total 22 9

10 Direction «Sale of spare parts» 10

11 Direction «Sale of spare parts»
Date of establishment: 2005 Location: Central office - Saint-Petersburg - 5 shops Branches: Moscow shops, Nizhny Novgorod – 2 shops, Samara – 3 shops, Novosibirsk – 2 shops, Rostov-on-Don - 2 shops, Krasnodar – 2 shops, Yekaterinburg – 1 shop, Total – 22 shops. Specialization: Sale of spare parts 11

12 Direction «Sale of spare parts»
2006 Truck Empire Company entered the trade market of spare parts for the American trucks, and after a short time has become one of the leaders in this market segment in the Russian Federation. We have accumulated great practical experience in this area and have developed wide product range offer in this segment- more than 20,000 items of goods. Over 35% in sales of spare parts are parts of Freightliner brand, with turnover in 2011 amounting to 5,150,000$ 2012 Truck Empire Company launched the European spare parts sales direction. In a short time we have developed product offer which represents parts for almost every model of the European trucks, trailers and semi-trailers. As of today, Truck Empire Company maintains one of the largest regional spare parts-selling networks: sales in the wholesale segment cover more than 40 regions of Russia, with 22 retail shops located in the eight key areas. 12

13 Direction «Sale of spare parts»
Truck Empire retail network : Saint-Petersburg Nizhny Novgorod Moscow Novosibirsk Samara Krasnodar Rostov-on-Don 13

14 Direction «Sale of spare parts»
We will deliver your purchase from the warehouse in St. Petersburg, or order it from the U.S. and Europe within shortest time possible. Thus we ensure uninterrupted quality service rendering to our customers in every corner of our country.   Truck Empire offers to its customers the best deal in terms of price, quality and range of spare parts. Our devoted specialists will give you prompt and professional assistance in finding relevant parts, making every effort to meet your needs and deadlines. 14

15 Direction «Sale of spare parts»
Our suppliers: 15

16 Direction «Sale of trucks» 16

17 Direction «Sale of trucks»
Date of establishment: Business location: Saint-Petersburg Rostov-on-Don Specialization: Sale of trucks of the brands: Freightliner, Kenworth and other American brands; Sale of European trucks – new DAF vehicles and used trailers. Truck sale points location: Saint-Petersburg, Shushary settlement, Lenina street Rostov-on-Don, Aksay town, Lenina street, 57 17

18 Direction «Sale of trucks»
Trucks from the USA Truck Empire Company holds one of the leading positions in the Russian market of trucks. We are the biggest company selling Kenworth brand to the Russian dealers, and also an independent seller of such brands as Freightliner, Volvo USA, Peterbilt, International, Mack. All the trucks offered for sale have passed presale procedure in our certified service center, have been fully equipped and are ready for operation. Our specialists will, within shortest terms possible, eagerly fine the truck that is perfectly suitable for you, and provide full technical details thereof. 18

19 Direction «Sale of trucks»
Trucks from Europe In June, 2012 Truck Empire Company has opened the important new direction of development, and has become the first authorized dealer of DAF trucks in the southern region of Russia. Truck Empire Dealership Center selling DAF trucks and providing related services is situated in Aksay town, a suburb of Rostov-on-Don city. In this truck showroom which is the only one in this southern region, you can find the trucks of all the three DAF series: DAF - XF, CF, LF. In the open-air site, more than 30 different models of various option trucks are available for sale at any time. It is important that we are also working according to "production to order" – a customer may get a vehicle that is fully suitable for his individual forwarding goals and personal preferences assembled. 19

20 Direction «Sale of trucks»
Trailers and semitrailers Another sales direction of Truck Empire company is trailer vehicles. You can always choose or order – in our sales platforms in Saint-Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don – the suitable option of trailer vehicles brought from Europe, with no run in Russia. We offer products manufactured by the leading European manufacturers: Schmitz, Krone, Langendorf, Koegel, etc. 20

21 Direction «Truck service» 21

22 Direction «Truck service»
Date of establishment : 2008 Business location: Saint-Petersburg, Kolpino, Finlyandskaya, 38 Samara, Novosemeykino, Promyshlennoye sh., 8 Rostov-on-Don, Aksay, Lenina st., 57 N.Novgorod, town Pyra, Moskovskoye sh., 380th km. Novosibirsk, Dunaevskogo st., 16 Specialization : maintenance and repair of European and American trucks, service and maintenance repair of trailers. Direction's turnover in 2010: thous. $. in 2011: thous. $. in 2012: thous. $. 22

23 Direction «Truck service»
During the six years of work of its service division, Truck Empire has managed to create a network of five major service centers located in the five key centers of Russia: in Saint-Petersburg, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don and Novosibirsk. Truck Empire Service Centers are equipped with all the necessary equipment and special instruments allowing to make all kinds of repair of any complexity. Saint-Petersburg Nizhny Novgorod Novosibirsk Samara Rostov-on-Don 23

24 Direction «Truck service»
In addition to standard work for maintenance of trucks and trailers, our specialists would like to offer the following types of additional work: - control blocks reflashing; - decrease in fuel consumption; - power capacity increase, chip-tuning; - removal of carbon black filters, ЕGR; - repaid of engines, gear boxes, axles. After signing its dealership contract with DAF, Truck Empire Company has opened the new certified service center for maintenance of the vehicles of this brand in Rostov-on-Don. We would like to welcome you to our service centers. 24

25 Company’s plans In view of the changing structure of trucks market in Russia, due to adoption of the new legislation base, Truck Empire Company is boosting the European direction in all the three strategic business units - sale of spare parts, trucks and truck maintenance services. Saint-Petersburg and the North-West region of Russia are the central locations in business development for us, it is where the Company’s principle business units are located:    the largest service center,  the central parts warehouse,  the company’s wholesale division,  the largest truck sales area,  the Central office. For further successful development of our company in the North-West region, we are looking for a strong, reliable and stable business partner. We would be happy if Daimler Trucks company could become our business partner. We are sure that this cooperation will be successful, promising and mutually beneficial for both our companies. 25

26 We appreciate your attention!



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