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1 Terminal Networks Development & Support. 2 1.Short Historical Summary 2.Holding Structure 3.Profile 4.Our Resources 4.1. Federal Coverage Map 4.2. Service.

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1 1 Terminal Networks Development & Support

2 2 1.Short Historical Summary 2.Holding Structure 3.Profile 4.Our Resources 4.1. Federal Coverage Map 4.2. Service Management System 4.3. Staff Competence 5.Services Delivered 6.Professional Services 7.New Projects 8.Additional Equipment 9.Key Customers 10. Partners HENDZ holding: Terminal Networks Development & Support Content

3 3 1.1. Steps of Development Short Historical Summary 2003 Foundation of a company «G-Tek» 2006 Foundation of a company-partner«АТМ – Project» 2007 Merge of «АТМ-Project» and «G-Tek» and foundation of a company «Russian Service Company» (RSC) – official service partner of NCR 2010 Foundation of a company HENDZ Holding (HH). RSC joins HH. Re-branding RSC in HENDZ service – the executive company of service delivery for the Customers

4 4 2.2. HENDZ – Importance of Each Element Holding Structure JSC «Hendz Holding» «Hendz Service» Ltd. «Hendz Sales» Ltd. «Euroavto» Ltd. Project Management Support of other companies: IT, HR, PR, accounting, legal, etc. Certification, vendors communication Customers support Call Center management Technical staff management Service quality control Spare parts logistics management Sales of solutions and services Account management, partners management Marketing Operational leasing of automobile fleet Rental contracts management Companys fleet management incl. service cars

5 5 3. HENDZ Holding – Russian Market Leader of Terminal Network Support Profile Complex technical support and development of multi- vendor terminal networks Acquiring networks: ATMs and POS – terminals Self-service terminals: payment terminals, info-kiosks, ticket-kiosks HENDZ Holding support 27.000+ ATMs & other terminals and 20.000+ POS-terminals of various vendors Using «one window» approach HH provides entire cycle of terminal network building from delivery and installation till complex management of terminal network Major principles of HENDZs Team – long-term partner- ship, professional approach, result orientation

6 6 4.4. HENDZ – Here & Now Resources Federal service coverage > 700 citys and towns service territory 150 citys and towns of direct presence 7 regional branches -Moscow – Moscow + Moscow region, Central Russia -S-Petersburg – North-West region -Samara – Volga region, Urals -Kemerovo – Siberia, North region -Rostov-on-Don – South-West region -Krasnodar – North Caucasus -Khabarovsk – Far East Qualified staff 400 + customer service engineers (CE) Specialization: FLM / SLM / POS / INST Each engineer equipped with Personal Part Kits Each engineer equipped with auto GPS tracking Being in close connection to the vendors our service team constantly perfects itself, upgrades its skills in new equipment and software Infrastructure

7 7 4.1. HENDZ – Here & Now Central Moscow Branch Southern Rostov-on-Don Branch North - West SPb Branch Volga region, Urals Samara Branch Siberia Kemerovo Branch Far East Khabarovsk Branch Resources: Federal Coverage Map Moscow North Caucasus Krasnodar Branch

8 8 4.2. Service Management Tools Resources: Service Management System Incident – Management Incoming calls registration. Receipt confirmation / calls status changing notifications via SMS or e-mails in auto mode Calls registration by the Customer into HH Service Desk via web – interface Calls management in 7 х 24 х 365 mode Acquiring network remote monitoring, self-making decision towards the failure cases Logistics Management Personal Parts Kits (PPK) profiles management PPKs fill rate / load rate management HH Logistics system is integrated to the parts suppliers systems – high efficiency of parts management Service Level management Escalation process while call is out-of-time Monitoring system of re-calls within 3 months period for each ATM Service reports in different scales The Processes

9 HENDZ – ensure high level of competence Resources: Staff Competence HENDZ home page allows to access into: 1)Hendz Social – Q&A, sharing best practice and documents, creative ideas / suggestions 2)Hendz Learning – Knowledge data base with training courses, tech docs, video instructions 3)Hendz WebCast – On-line resource for interactive web seminars 4.3.

10 10 HENDZ activities Services Delivered Technical Support First Line Maintenance Incidents resolve without parts usage. Primary diagnostics Second Line Maintenance Incidents resolve with parts usage and special diagnostic tools Achieving the shortest resolution time – up to 4 hrs, in 24х7х365 mode Operational Support All the services that are not affected to network functionality – the On Demand service Additional Services Acquiring network monitoring; One window Contact Centre for the Customers departments and other subcontractors Classification 5.

11 HENDZ – at the forefront 6.6. Projects support Engineering solutions – development and supply Project management – initiation, analysis, support SW solutions – development and supply System integration – linking together different computing systems and software applications to act as a coordinated whole SSD software - development and supporting multivendor software for SSD in cooperation with the KALignite company Multivendor ATM Software Multivendor software that runs on any ATM brand KALignite supports 40 ATM manufacturers and hundreds of model types KALignite software supports an extensive range of hardware capabilities including coin and cash recycling, contactless cards and EMV providing unsurpassed hardware independence Professional Services

12 12 HENDZ – innovative area of development Introducing the RTM New projects The RTM is a Retail Teller Machine. It works just like an ATM, but without cash inside Instead of dispensing cash, the RTM prints a secure voucher that is exchanged for cash at the retail counter RTMs can be found inside retail locations and Banks, providing the full range of banking services The shop owner will have less trips to deposit cash to the bank, and less cash is held in the shop The retailer can buy RTM and take a share of any transaction revenue. Bank can have business without ownership RTM 7. HENDZ announce new business approach for branch and branchless banking

13 13 HENDZ – keeping ATMs secure Security solutions Active antiskimming defence Plug & Play system (20 mins for installation) High quality (<1% failures for 3000 installed devices) Reasonable price Antivirus for ATMs Created specially for ATM Threat monitoring Compatible with all OS Corresponding PCI-DSS Security camera Remote file management and settings Secure file transmission Automatic archivation Corresponding PCI-DSS Additional Equipment 8.

14 14 Perfect Choice Key Customers 9. Full range of outsourcing: FLM / SLM / INST / Moving Multi-vendor service support of SSD (NCR, WN, Diebold, ITT, DORS) Multi-vendor service support of POS-terminals (Verifone, Ingenico) Acquiring network support of 5 Sberbank Branches

15 15 Reliable Partnership Partners 10. KAL Multivendor ATM Software / RTM vendor (UK, Scotland) Diebold Diebold ATMs vendor Delta – System Nautilus Hyosung authorized representative office (ATMs, terminals, recycling systems) (Russia) Europeum OKI ATMs (Russia) BS/2 Security and videomonitoring, ATMs safe management (Lithuania) OBERTHUR CASH PROTECTION Intelligent cash protection systems and solutions for the Cash-In-Transit, ATM & Retail markets (France) EuroTechZam S.A. Multi-vendor ATM parts supply and refurbishment (Spain) TestLink Global expert in ATMs parts supply and refurbishment (UK) ATMDesk GmBH Diagnostic Experts Software (Germany)

16 Contacts Tel.: + 7 (495) 969 2090 Fax: + 7 (495) 665 3432 E-mail: Contacts

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