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3 Bateel is a leading brand in the gourmet food market. With strong market presence in fifteen countries, Bateels deluxe boutiques and elegant cafés adorn premium shopping destinations in major cities, stretching from London to Jakarta. Bateel established its prominent brand position by creating the market for gourmet dates and date confectionery. This bold and pioneering achievement provided Bateel with a valuable launching pad to expand to complementary sectors in the gourmet food industry. Today, using its unrivalled integrated production and distribution assets, Bateel offers a comprehensive range of sweet and savoury foods as well as premium shopping and dining experiences. THE COMPANY


5 Bateel operations are anchored on the following organizational assets: Farming Manufacturing Sales and Distribution R&D and Brand Management The vertically integrated production and marketing assets have provided Bateel with a formidable competitive advantage.


7 DATE FARM Using state-of-the art farming technologies in its own extensive date groves, Bateel produces over 20 varieties of dates. The date farm is located in Al-Ghat and has 50,000 date palms. Because of its unique farming and processing methods, and extensive date groves, Bateel can offer a range and quality of dates, not available from any other source. BATEEL FARMS IN AL-GHAT

8 DATE PROCESSING PLANT Bateel owns and operates a date processing plant, which cleans, grades, packs and stores the dates in a specially controlled environment designed to maintain the products in ideal form for consumption. The plant is located in Al-Ghat near the farm. A new 10,000 square meter plant was built in 2010 to meet the growing demand for Bateel dates as the distribution network grows. It has the capacity to process 5 million kilograms of dates. BATEEL DATE VARIETIES

9 CHOCOLATE & BISCUIT FACTORIES Bateel operates two plants producing chocolate and other confectionery products, in Riyadh and Dubai. The Riyadh plant specializes in production of wrapped and unwrapped chocolates, producing a full range of pralines and truffles. The Dubai plant produces fine chocolates, biscuits and pastries. BATEEL ORIGIN CHOCOLATES

10 BAKERY & CENTRAL KITCHEN To support the growing network of its cafés Bateel also owns and operates: Two central kitchens in Dubai and Riyadh A modern bakery to produce bread and soft pastry in Dubai BATEEL OPERA CAKE

11 STORAGE & LOGISTICS In order to support its manufacturing, retail and wholesale network internationally, Bateel owns and operates warehouses and transport assets in Dubai, Riyadh, Al-Ghat and Jeddah.


13 BATEEL RETAIL OUTLETS Bateel has developed a premium retail merchandising system, which has been implemented in company and franchise stores. Bateel retail outlets are located in prestigious shopping districts and upscale malls in major cities including Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, London, Mumbai and Riyadh. BATEEL GOURMET SHOP, DUBAI MALL

14 CAFÉ BATEEL Leveraging its brand equity, and substantial marketing and production synergies, Bateel entered a new market in 2008 by establishingCafé Bateel. Café Bateel offers a distinct range of gourmet foods and beverages in a truly sophisticated environment, which is the hallmark of the Bateel brand. The core elements of the Café Bateel concept, an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere and premium product quality and service, establish the market position of Café Bateel as a premium outlet. CAFÉ BATEEL, DIFC


16 BATEEL WHOLESALE TRADING UNIT Bateel serves the institutional market in KSA and UAE by supplying products to supermarkets, the confectionery industry, hotels, airlines and duty free sales outlets. These products are sourced from Bateel production units or other suppliers and sold under Bateel, Liege, Jomara and Puratos brand names. Bateel wholesale business is supported by strong sales and logistics capabilities in KSA and UAE. JOMARA PACKED PRODUCTS


18 Bateel has made substantial investment in building its R&D and brand management capabilities. These assets are critical to the competitive position of Bateel determining the strategic direction of the company and providing tactical support to the production and distribution units in key areas. Product Development and Sourcing Marketing and Promotion Store Design and Merchandising BATEEL R&D AND BRAND MANAGEMENT CENTER IN DUBAI

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