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Ms.Farrell. Volunteer (Mystery Reader) Signature page CORI Absent and dismissal form Important Information.

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1 Ms.Farrell

2 Volunteer (Mystery Reader) Signature page CORI Absent and dismissal form Important Information

3 Homework Sight Words: A list of sight words will be sent home to practice each night. Please pick one activity to do in order to practice your sight words. Your child will be assessed on their sight words every Friday. * We will be letting you know the words your child missed by sending home a slip on their homework from the week before Website Homework- Visit the assigned website with your child and sign off on it. All homework is due back on Friday.

4 Sight Word Activities 1. Sight word Twister: Fill each circle with a target sight word, letter of the alphabet, number, etc... (so many fun possibilities for this!) 2. Sight Word Discovery Bottles: Fill a bottle with sand and type up the sight words and have them shake the bottle to find the words. 3. Shaving Cream: Use shaving cream to write and say the sight words. 4. Catch a Sight Word: Use a beach ball and write the words on the ball.

5 Monthly Reading Log Please read with your child each night for 5-10 minutes. After reading, have your child color in one picture on the sheet. The sheets will be returned at the end of the month. Each month that a child returns a completed reading log they will receive a special treat.

6 KB’s Schedule Monday: Gym (Please wear your gym uniform to school) Tuesday: Music Wednesday: Music Friday: Art and Library

7 Summer Uniforms  St. Mary’s Polo shirt (tucked in)  Uniform navy blue shorts  White crew socks (must cover the ankle)  Sneakers (fastened); sneakers must be mostly white or black; no high-tops Boys may continue to wear navy pants with the St. Mary’s Polo shirt. However, shoes must be worn with pants. A navy blue skort is also available for the girls. The skort must be worn at knee-length. Girls may choose to wear knee socks and shoes or crew socks and sneakers with the skort. Sneakers must be all white or black (no loud colors are allowed).

8 Winter Uniforms BOYS K – 6  Navy uniform pants  Short or long-sleeve white or blue shirt  Navy pullover sweater or sweater vest with school logo  Navy tie  Crew socks (must cover the ankle)  Shoes GIRLS K – 6  Plaid jumper  Short/long sleeve white or yellow cotton blouse with Peter Pan collar  Navy blue knee socks/tights  Flat rubber-soled shoes (navy, black, brown) No ballet shoes

9 Special Things in Kindergarten ALL ABOUT ME! Every week one child will be responsible for creating an “All About Me” board. They will bring home a poster to fill out, and add pictures. This is a wonderful way for students to get to know each other! FROG AND DUCK ADVENTURES Our class friends are so excited to come and visit! Each weekend a child will be picked to host our special guest. The child will bring home our friend and his travel journal for the weekend. Make sure to write all about your adventures.

10 Special Things Continued Birthday: Will get to go visit Mrs. Boyle for a pin and the child may bring in their favorite book to share. MYSTERY BAG Each week a child will be asked to bring home our mystery bag. Help your child select an object to put in the bag. They (or you) will write three clues and we will try to guess their object!

11 Behavior Management Individual- Children can move up or down depending on their behavior. Recess is lost for moving down, rewards are given for moving up. If your child stays on green or higher they will receive a sticker at the end of the day to show you they had a great day!

12 Curriculum Fundations- Parent letters will be sent home for each unit so that you are aware of what your child is working on. Math- Counting, addition/subtraction, word problems, geometry, measurement, and tens/ones.

13 Curriculum Continued Religion- Prayers, God’s gifts, Bible stories, Religious Holidays, Saints, and social skills. Reading- Traditional stories/counting, colors, Our Great Big World, Famous Americans, Nature, and A World of Animals

14 Reminders Conferences: We will contact you with conferences. If you have any concern you may contact us by email or phone. St. Mary’s Website: Don’t forget to check our class website often as it contains important announcements, activities, and homework. aier.html Bathroom: Please use the bathroom twice before coming to school. Snack: Please be sure to send a snack and drink with your child each day in addition to lunch


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