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Come swim with us in our sea of knowledge! Mrs. Aiello- Lead Teacher Mrs. Cunningham- Aide Miss Murray- Aide.

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1 Come swim with us in our sea of knowledge! Mrs. Aiello- Lead Teacher Mrs. Cunningham- Aide Miss Murray- Aide

2 Our classroom is very busy throughout the year. Communication is necessary so that you can know about all the wonderful activities occurring during the week and any changes in our classroom policies. The “Fin-tastic Flyer” is our classroom newsletter that will be sent home in the backpack express each week, as well as posted on the classroom website at If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at or call my voice mail extension, 51.

3 Following in our belief that classroom communication is the key to a child’s success, we ask that each child bring in a folder. In addition to transporting each child’s work home safely, all important notices, permission slips, and letters from the teachers will be found in the folder. Other items in your child’s folder may include: lunch money for the lunch program. Please label this in an envelope with your child’s name and grade. Notes for the teacher. Please put any notes that you have for Mrs. Aiello in your child’s folder. Thank you!

4 In addition to having a folder, each child should have a backpack in order to transport all their belongings to and from school. While each child has a cubby for them to place their backpack in at the start of each day, we also ask that the child’s name be clearly written on the backpack. In addition to helping us at the beginning of the year with organization, reading their names on their backpacks helps them with their name recognition. Be sure to empty the backpack each evening as toys and sweatshirts tend to develop legs throughout the day. That way we can return the item to their proper owner.

5 As we are a Catholic school, each child should be in full uniform every day. This includes a navy tee-shirt, navy shorts or pants (weather permitting), and a navy sweatshirt all with the St. Francis emblem on it. Sneakers work best for the children in the pre-school environment. Like the backpacks, we ask that each child’s name be printed clearly on each piece of their uniform (particularly the sweatshirts). The children generally become warm throughout the day and their clothing tends to wander.

6 Accidents can happen during our day, and that’s okay. We recommend that children bring in a large labeled zip- lock bag with a change of clothes just in case an accident occurs. We will keep this extra set of clothes at school This bag should contain a pair of socks, clean underwear, sweatpants/ shorts, a tee-shirt, and a sweatshirt. These extra clothes do not have to be the uniform, but they should be navy without any pictures or words printed on them. Our school procedure is that we will escort the child to the nurse’s office to change and then a note from the teacher will be sent home as well as a call from the school nurse. Clothes will be sent home to be washed.

7 After our exciting day, the children can not wait to tell you all about it! To ensure they safely get to you, we have several dismissal procedures. If your child stays half a day, an aide will walk them to the front entrance of the school after their lunch recess at 12 pm. If your child is being released at 2 pm. –If your child is a ‘walker’, a teacher/ aides will stand by the front glass doors. Unless a parent or guardian is present, the children will remain in the building. –If your child goes to the Extended Day program, an aide will be present to watch them until the older children arrive. To further ensure their safety, we ask that if there is a change in the child’s transportation home, a note must be sent in to the teacher. We will then inform the main office of this change. If your child is going on a play date with another child or non-family member, a note is needed from both parties. This ensures that you know that they are going home with another parent and the other parent is aware that they are taking additional children home with them. –If however, another family member (aunt, uncle, grandparent…) is picking the child up, only the note from the parent is necessary.

8 Due to our busy schedule, many of the children often become hungry mid-morning. We ask that each child bring in a healthy snack to eat to help keep them satisfied until lunch at 11:15. However, with the growing number of allergies in our classroom, we ask that the snacks be peanut and dairy free. For lunch, a special table is designated for those with allergies, therefore, these foods are allowed. Hot Lunch is available for the children as well. We ask that the money be sent to us in a clearly marked envelope in your child’s folder so that it can be sent to the office to be counted. We will ask the children daily if they are buying a lunch and what they would like to order. Hot lunch does begin tomorrow For more information about the lunch program, visit the lunch program page at

9 While our day is based on learning in the classroom, certain times in the day are set aside for them to explore outside the classroom as well. We will provide jump ropes, chalk, hula hoops and other outdoor equipment for them to use. Morning recess will vary depending on our schedule and on the weather. Lunch recess will be everyday from 11:45-12:00 Please be aware of the weather and make sure that your child is wearing the appropriate clothing. Children will not be allowed to play outside if they do not have the proper attire (jackets, hats, gloves…). Be sure that the child’s name is in all of the child’s outerwear as well for easy identification.

10 Because our schedule is full of activities, it is necessary for the children to have a cool-down period. All children will have a 30-45 minute rest time. Children are allowed to bring in a small blanket and one small stuffed animal to snuggle with during rest time. The children are not required to sleep, but we stress the importance of letting our voices and bodies take a break for a short time.

11 With our busy schedules, special toys and possessions often get lost or broken. Therefore, we ask that all toys except the rest time buddy be left at home. There are plenty of toys in our classroom for the children to use freely and learn the concepts of sharing with the other students. Also, the “Sea Star of the Week” will be allowed to bring in one special item from home to share with the class. The toy will seem even more special and will start to give them the confidence for public speaking.

12 Although we take every precaution to keep the classroom a germ-free environment, the children still find a way around staying healthy. We kindly ask that if your child is sick, that they should stay home from school. Please send in a absent note when your child returns from school. This does need to be a handwritten note. The nurse has also asked that if the child is out with flu- like symptoms, that they bring in a handwritten doctor’s note upon their return. There is a full time nurse available in case your child feels ill at school. The nurse will call you with any concerns she may have. If your child is running a fever, they will be sent home.

13 There are many ways to get involved with our classroom activities. Some examples include: –The major school fundraisers –Book fair –Lunch volunteers If you are interested in getting involved, please fill out a CORI form in the main office.

14 This year we will have a hermit crab as our class pet. Each weekend starting in October, the children will be able to take it home and journal about their adventures. We will read about these adventures during circle time each Monday. The hermit crab will also come with its favorite book and food. If you are interested in taking the hermit crab home for the weekend, you can sign up as you leave today.

15 While there are many times to celebrate throughout the pre-school year, a new school policy has been created in order to protect the students with allergies. This policy will prohibit food in the classroom setting (other than snack time). As parties often feature unsafe eating habits, we hope that this will encourage safer nutrition practices. Therefore, we will celebrate in different ways. For example, in our classroom, on a birthday, the child will receive a birthday crown, pencil, certificate, and a pin. We will also sing “Happy Birthday” to them before snack time. They will additionally be the line leader for the day. As for holiday parties, our classroom has decided to be engaged in a variety of arts and crafts. The children will each be receiving something extra special from the teacher/aides on these extra special days

16 for coming to our Open House! We hope you enjoyed your visit. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We can not wait to see you again bright and early tomorrow morning! Enjoy the rest of your day! Mrs. Aiello, Mrs. Cunningham, and Miss Murray

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