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Mrs. Wagner’s 2 nd Grade. There has been many wonderful changes in 2 nd grade this year. We are proud to announce our dedicated team which collaboratively.

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1 Mrs. Wagner’s 2 nd Grade

2 There has been many wonderful changes in 2 nd grade this year. We are proud to announce our dedicated team which collaboratively has 90 years experience. Our teams members include: Brittany Barker, Patty Clark, Cari Culhane, Patty Phelps, Dina Spataro and Cristy Wagner.

3 ttendance is very important! If your child misses school, please remember to write a note or have a doctor’s note regarding their absence. ‘A’ is AR which is a tool used by teachers to make sure students are reading books on their appropriate level. This is a program and the levels are determined by the STAR test. Your child’s TRC (Text Reading Comprehension) level is the one that matters and is state mandated. is for backpacks and belongings. This is the year your child should be responsible for packing and unpacking their things. Please encourage them to check if they have what they need for the next school day.

4 is for communication and conferences. Throughout the year I will communicate with you via weekly newsletters, emails and parent teacher conferences. Closer to conferences I will be emailing out a sign up template with dates and times. Feel free to send me an email, call me at school, or send a note to school in your child’s folder, if you have concerns or questions. is for daily homework. Your child is responsible for completing their daily homework which includes spelling, math & reading Monday through Thursday.

5 is for Early Release Days. School dismisses at 11:00 for students on these days. Typically if your child will be going directly home, I suggest you just send their snack because our normal lunch time isn’t until 12:15. If your child attends after school care, then they can eat an earlier lunch these days. is for field trips! We usually take at least two field trips per year. (Fall & Spring) Information for those trips will be sent home closer to time for the trip! is for gym class! We will have gym class every other day. Children should wear sneakers for gym class.

6 is for hands on learning. Math & science are primarily taught through concrete manipulatives. Be NVOLVED in your child's learning ! is for joining our PTO! Throughout the school year there will be a variety of special classroom activities, celebrations, and PTO meetings. We also have several fundraisers to help support our school. These fundraisers have helped us to purchase Smartboards, document cameras, teacher ipads, new signage and the track. I encourage you to attend all functions and become involved!

7 is for keeping up with folders! Folders are our primary means of communications. The folder will be our way of making sure things get to and from school. Anything you need me to see, including money, should be in the folder. These are checked each morning! is for library books! We will be visiting our school library frequently. We will soon begin to take the students between our library visits to check out books.

8 is for money! On many occasions it will be necessary for your child to bring money to school. Always send it in a sealed envelope with the following information on it: name, amount, purpose, lunch # and teacher’s name. All checks must be written in black or blue ink and contain a phone #. is for Nurse! Mrs. Marino is our school nurse. She is at our school 2 days a week and at Brawley Middle the other 3 days. If your student requires medication to be taken at school please make sure that you fill out the necessary forms in the office. Our nurse handles all medication. Also, if there are any allergies that we need to be aware of please let us know. is for office check-ins and check-outs! Please make sure to go to our office when you need to check-in or check-out your student.

9 is for PARTY or as we call them ‘Curriculum Celebrations’. The room mom will send out information a few weeks before the celebration to ask for parent volunteers. Birthdays are also special occasions for young children. Due to food allergies, we ask that you not send in birthday treats or goodies. I will purchase an ice cream or popsicle for your child during lunch. They also receive a birthday crown, sticker, and a prize from the teachers. is for questions! Please let us know if you have any questions! We are here to make this the best experience possible!

10 is for recess! We will be going outside everyday unless it is raining or extremely cold. If your child is too sick to play outside, they are too sick to attend school. Please make sure your child is properly dressed for the weather! is for snacks! I ask that each child bring a healthy snack each day. Since we have one of the last lunches in the school, your child’s snack should be enough to hold them until then. Our snack time is 9:15 each morning. is for tying shoes! Unfortunately, this is very necessary skill that is no longer taught in school. Please work on this with your child at home.

11 Each child is UNIQUE and special. They enter my classroom with different skills, personalities, experiences, backgrounds and learning styles. It is my aspiration to foster their individual strengths and help each child develop to his/her fullest potential; academically and socially. My goal is to teach them to fall in love with learning ! is for volunteers and visitors! We love having volunteers in our school! All volunteers and visitors must check in at the office to receive a visitor’s pass. is for Whole Brain Teaching! I use these techniques in the classroom. This is a research based technique that allows the student to use the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

12 is for having eXtra clothes! If your child tends to have accidents, please keep extra clothes in their backpack. is for YOU! Always remember you are a teacher too! There is no one who is more influential in your child’s life than you! is for ZzZzZz...please make sure that your child gets plenty of rest each night. Setting and keeping a bedtime helps children to be alert and ready to learn each day!

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