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1 Zero Tax Increase Referendum: Community Information Session.

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1 1 Zero Tax Increase Referendum: Community Information Session

2 2 The November 6th referendum focuses on projects in all district schools that improve learning and keep our kids safe, warm and dry. What is the Referendum Focus?

3 3 District buildings have been well maintained and will last decades longer if we protect our investment. These projects have been strategically planned to be smaller in size as not to create a tax burden with one large referendum. Why Now?

4 4 Example Projects to be Completed Middle School Ceiling Various Classroom Carpet Replacement

5 5 Interior, Academic Area Projects HIGH SCHOOL Science lab remodeling New flooring and misc. remodeling for locker rooms Replace field house sound system Main office remodeling (administration and guidance) Replace interior field house doors Repaint the field house track floor Pool area lighting replacement Pool area column structural repairs Pool equipment and piping repairs Replace bleachers in auxiliary gym MIDDLE SCHOOL Replace restroom ceramic tile floors and wash fountains Re-plumb drain lines for drinking fountains Repair plaster ceilings in north stairwell Replace restroom stall partitions Replace pool lighting, remove ceiling and paint structure Replace shower doors at pool Replace all entry doors GENERAL MITCHELL ES Classroom flooring replacement Replace restroom partitions Sand and re-finish the stage JE JONES ES Replace restroom partitions and tile repairs Ceramic wall tile repair (allowance) KOSCIUSZKO ES Install carpet in cloakrooms Replace art room tile PARKVIEW ES Replace PA in office and lunch room Replace bathroom ceilings and lighting (1 bathroom only) Cover/paint ductwork in music room LINCOLN ES Carpet replacement in offices and classrooms Misc. terrazzo floor repairs

6 6 Example Projects to be Completed Pool ceiling Pool columns Indoor Track Floor Paint Restroom partitions

7 7 HIGH SCHOOL Secured entrance sequence/vestibule work New daytime entrance adjacent to main entrance Security camera system updates Security for music practice rooms Bathroom modifications for ADA accessibility Selective window replacement Replace exterior glass doors from auxiliary gym Band area door updates for security Concrete sidewalk replacement at front entrance Re-key to have a consistent keyway and ADA lever sets Exterior, Security and ADA Projects MIDDLE SCHOOL Security camera system updates Selective window replacement Re-key to have a consistent keyway and ADA lever sets GENERAL MITCHELL ES Replace cores and door handles for ADA compliance KOSCIUSZKO ES Replace window hardware only PARKVIEW ES Replace wooden front entrance doors LINCOLN ES Replace roof, flashings and masonry patching

8 8 New High School Entrance

9 9 High School Renderings

10 10 High School Renderings

11 11 High School Renderings

12 12 What Will This Cost? This referendum will have NO TAX INCREASE. How?

13 13 Zero Tax Increase Existing Debt Service New Debt Service

14 14 Why Now? Currently, interest rates are at historic lows for this type of borrowing. In addition, the District may be eligible for no-interest financing that is available right now. Recent trend in rates

15 15 Vote Tuesday November 6 th ! Visit for additional Thank You for Attending

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