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PBIS at Easton Area Academy 2010-2011 School Year.

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1 PBIS at Easton Area Academy 2010-2011 School Year

2 What is EAA PRIDE?

3 Staff Currency Each staff member designed his or her own currency. Students enjoyed the original currency and were excited to earn currency from different staff members.

4 2010 PBIS Kickoff The 2010 PRIDE Kickoff included songs, skits, trivia and lots of prizes. Students received sweatshirts, t-shirts, and backpacks for answering PRIDE trivia questions. Staff members performed skits for our own Whose PRIDE is it anyway?

5 PRIDE exchange kickoff We opened up our PRIDE Exchange by allowing students to come to the store for a Blowout Sale. While students waited to shop, they were given the opportunity to talk in small groups with PBIS core team members.

6 The small groups provided students a chance to get more information about PRIDE. The students also completed a survey to tell the staff what kind of incentives they would like to purchase and their opinions on the PRIDE program. PRIDE EXCHANGE

7 The students saved up their currency in order to shop for the holidays. Most students bought presents for family members and friends. All items were donated by staff members along with wrapping paper and gift bags. HOLIDAY BLOWOUT SALE

8 PSSA currency was designed and handed out for 40 days before and during the testing period. The students saved up their currency in order to shop after the PSSAs Students could only use the PSSA currency to buy these items. All items were donated by staff members and community partners. PSSA BLOWOUT SALE

9 EAA Reward Systems Students have the opportunity to earn Capital Currency by showing PRIDE in the: Classrooms Hallways Cafeteria Bus Bathroom Students are rewarded by: Weekly Incentives Capital Currency Quarterly Rewards Positive Verbal Reinforcement Timed Rewards

10 Weekly Incentive A weekly focus is selected based on the needs and weaknesses of the students grounded in our discipline referral data. 2010-2011 Weekly Focus Areas Language, Dress Code, Electronic Device, Respectful Language with Peers, Respectful Language with Staff Members, and Staying in Assigned Area Students are monitored daily and must meet a weekly goal to receive a reward Students are rewarded on Fridays TV during lunch Wii during lunch Ice Cream during lunch Time outside during the lunch period

11 Quarterly celebrations One celebration every quarter Students attend the celebration by meeting their weekly goal 2010-2011 Celebrations Quarter 1: Karaoke/ dance competition Quarter 2: Pot luck lunch provided by staff Quarter 3: Staff and student kickball game

12 RANDOM rewards Discipline data showed that a frequent problem behavior over the course of the year was students leaving campus without permission In order to prevent students from leaving campus without permission, rewards are randomly provided to students Students are not aware when the rewards will be given Rewards: hot chocolate, gum, and other snacks

13 Student Bank Accounts Each student has a bank account for his or her currency. Students can deposit currency into their accounts during homeroom and dismissal using a deposit slip. Students keep their own account register to monitor their balance. When items are purchased the students are responsible to update their registers.

14 Sample Account

15 PRIDE Exchange An online system was made to help students use their currency to shop at the EAA online storeonline store The system was created to keep students in class, but still gives students access to the items in the store. During designated shopping times, students visit the online store and write down their order on an order slip. Items are then delivered to the student by a staff member within 1 school day.

16 What are your thoughts on the PRIDE program? Its OK, I like the idea of being able to save currency to buy stuff. -Jeremy (HS) I think its a wonderful way to show students how to deal with money and show rewards for good behavior. -Esara (HS) I think that the teachers go over EAA PRIDE Program a little too much, but sometimes it works. -Tyler (HS) I think its cool and fair because the ones that are doing right deserve things like rewards. -Ciara (HS) I think its good. You get currency for showing PRIDE at EAA. -Breanna (HS)

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