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Welcome! The Topic For This Evening is….PBIS. PBIS INCENTIVES & REWARDS BEHAVIOR EXPECTATIONS EXPECTATIONSCelebrations & Rewards PARENTS 2 00 400 600.

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1 Welcome! The Topic For This Evening is….PBIS


3 Incentives & Rewards: 200 Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Answer What is PBIS? PBIS focuses on teaching, practicing, and modeling appropriate behaviors. It also uses incentives and rewards to encourage/maintain positive school behaviors.

4 Incentives & Rewards : 400 Students can receive these from any staff member when they are “caught being good” and following the expectations. Answer What are Phoenix Flames

5 Incentives & Rewards : 600 Travels to classrooms every 2 weeks and students can buy items (i.e. pencils, fruit snacks, key chains, stickers, wrist bands, chips, books, etc.) with their Phoenix Flames. Answer What is the Phoenix Flame Cart/Store?

6 Incentives & Rewards : 800 Classrooms receive one of these when they receive an average rating of 4 or greater for the week for their behavior. Answer What is an Administrative Flame

7 Incentives & Rewards : 1000 Good Classroom Behavior, Good Hallway Behavior, Good Lunchroom Behavior, and Good Attendance Answer What are the four ways classrooms can earn an Administrative Flame?

8 Behavior Expectations: 200 Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, and Be Prepared Answer What are the 4 B’s/Expectations at Westside Academy?

9 Behavior Expectations : 400 Walk on the right side; Keep Hands and Feet to Self; Remain Quiet; Use Kind Words; Maintain Personal Space. Answer What is RESPECTFUL behavior in the Hallway?

10 Behavior Expectations : 600 Listen & Follow Directions; Play Gently; Give Help When needed; Put away equipment; Keep Hands and feet to self in line; Line up promptly. Answer What is Responsible behavior on the playground.

11 Behavior Expectations : 800 Return completed homework; Follow Directions; Accept Consequences without arguing. Answer What is Responsible behavior in the Classroom?

12 Behavior Expectations : 1000 Quiet Voice; Use Kind Words; Raise your hand and wait for permission; Eyes and Ears on speaker. Answer What is Respectful behavior in the classroom?

13 Expectations: 200 Walk carefully; Wait in line calmly; Keep hands and feet to self; Sit in assigned area: Quiet Voice; Use kind words (please, thank you); Use table manners. Answer What is Safe and Respectful Behavior in the Lunchroom

14 Expectations : 400 Listen & follow directions of driver; Share seat space with others; Keep aisle clear; Keep area neat & clean; Report problems to driver or teacher. Answer What is RESPONSIBLE behavior on the school bus?

15 Expectations : 600 Give privacy to others; Remain Quiet; Use kind words (excuse me, thank you); Flush toilet; Turn off water; Keep bathroom clean; Report problems to teacher or adult. Answer What is Respectful and Responsible behavior in the Bathroom?

16 Expectations: 800 Question: You can ask a question here, it has to relate to the topic, as # get higher, Q’s get harder! Answer (The answer here!)

17 Expectations: 1000 Question: You can ask a question here, it has to relate to the topic, as # get higher, Q’s get harder! Answer (The answer here!)

18 Celebrations & Rewards: 200 Monthly Student Activities/Events (i.e. dance, performance, movie, Bingo) – usually held the last Friday of the month Answer PBIS Activity to Celebrate students who are following the expectations/4Bs at Westside Academy.

19 Celebrations & Rewards: 400 Classroom Ice-Cream Party Answer What a classroom receives when they earn 10 Administrative Flames.

20 Celebrations & Rewards: 600 Yellow Flames Answer What students can earn from their bus driver or bus captains for displaying positive behavior on the school bus or lining up/entering the school bus.

21 Celebrations & Rewards: 800 Good Attendance and Good Behavior in School and on the School bus. Answer What are the requirements to attend the monthly PBIS activity?

22 Celebrations & Rewards: 1000 Small treat from the bus driver Answer What students on the bus will receive from their bus driver once the bus earns 5 Bus Awards/Certificates.

23 Parents : 200 Black bottoms, plain white shirt (boys shirts tucked in). Answer What is the required dress code/uniform at Westside Academy?

24 Parents : 400 7:50 a.m. 7:45 a.m. Answer What is the time school starts at Westside Academy 1 and 2.

25 Parents : 600 Note from parent/guardian; or phone call from parent/guardian; or Doctor’s excuse. Answer What is required when student is absent from school.

26 Parents: – 5 year olds: 11 – 13 hours 5 – 12 year olds: 10 – 11 hours Teenagers: 9 – 10 hours Answer What is the recommended hours of sleep children need every night. Sleep is a vital need, essential to a child’s health and growth. Sleep promotes alertness, memory and performance. Children who get enough sleep are more likely to function better and are less prone to behavioral problems and moodiness. That is why it is important for parents to start early and help their children develop good sleep habits.

27 Parents : 1000 Emergency Contact Card; Nurse Consent Form; Lunch Application; Up-to-date Immunization Records (*Consent for Immunization Clinic); Smart-Smiles Dental Consent Form. Answer What are the forms Westside Academy needs parents/guardians to complete for every student.

28 Bonus Question: 5000 pts. Parental/Family Involvement Answer What is the key to student success? According to the National Education Association (NEA), parents must be actively involved in order to ensure a child’s success in school. Study after study has indicated that a child’s educational experience is enhanced when a parental figure is involved.

29 Here are a few of the research findings into parental involvement: When parents are involved in their child’s education at home, children do better in school. Children go farther in school when their parents are involved in school. A home environment that supports learning is more important to student success than income, education level or cultural background. The sooner the parental involvement starts, the more powerful the effects. Some of the results of parental involvement include student achievement, reduced absenteeism and improved behavior.

30 What can parents do to get involved? Read to or with your children. Check homework every day. Stay in contact with your child’s teachers. Keep your phone number and address current with the school. Become involved in the school’s parent organization/volunteer at school. Attend parent/teacher conferences & Family Nights

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