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PBIS Kickoff 2013. What is PBIS? Positive Behaviors In School 2.

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1 PBIS Kickoff 2013

2 What is PBIS? Positive Behaviors In School 2

3 What does PBIS mean to ME? The GES Matrix Levels- 0, 1, 2, 3 Zones- Buddy, Chill, Reflection Tiger Cash (green and gold) 3

4 What is the GES matrix? The GES matrix can be found in any room in our school. It gives us directions on how to behave anywhere in the building! Look for the matrix in classrooms, hallways, bathrooms and cafeteria! 4

5 What are voice levels at GES? 0- NO talking 1- quiet whisper 2- buddy or group work 3- Outside, loud voice 5

6 Where should I be level 0? Hallways Bathrooms Entering and exiting the cafeteria First 10 minutes of lunch 6

7 What are the zones at GES? Chill- take a 5 minute time-out in your classroom Buddy- take a 10 minute time-out in a neighboring teacher’s classroom Reflection- take a 15 minute time-out in the reflection zone (ISS) located on the second grade hall 7

8 Visiting a zone Use this time to think about your choices and how to make your day better. What can YOU do to help YOURSELF make good choices? 8

9 What happens when I make good choices? You earn TIGER CASH!! 9

10 10

11 What’s Tiger Cash? You earn Tiger Cash by showing excellent and positive behaviors all around our building. Use this Cash to buy rewards from the Tiger Reward Menu ! 11

12 What is a Tiger-ific Party? A party to celebrate your good choices! 12

13 Receive Tiger Cash 13

14 Popcorn & Movie Party 14

15 Dance the Day Away at a party! 15

16 What about Gold Cash? Gold Cash is earned as a class in places like specials, the cafeteria and media center This Cash earns your class rewards! 16

17 What kind of rewards? Extra recess Free computer time Hat Days Movies and Games! 17

18 How can I make good choices? Show … 18

19 Respect video ch?feature=player_detailpage &v=iGuT9-_Y5J4 ch?feature=player_detailpage &v=iGuT9-_Y5J4 19

20 At GES, we… 1.Show respect to everyone, always 2.Always tell the truth 20

21 Thanks for joining us! Listen to your teacher for more information! 21

22 Tigers ROAR Show respect, follow the GES matrix and choose positive behaviors and YOU will be Tiger-ific! 22

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