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Midway Elementary School P.B.I.S. Programs

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1 Midway Elementary School P.B.I.S. Programs
“Ride for the Brand”

2 Ride for the Brand is a School-Wide P.B.I.S. Program
Midway Elementary School is committed to providing a safe learning environment where every student can feel safe, welcome, and supported. Ride for the Brand is a School-Wide P.B.I.S. Program

3 Be safe, be kind, and be responsible!
What is P.B.I.S? P.B.I.S. (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports) School-wide systems of support that include proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create a positive school environment. Establishes a school-wide focus on specific behaviors that are expected throughout the school, at all times, and in all settings. Be safe, be kind, and be responsible!

4 What is P.B.I.S? (Continued)
Levels of Support Primary Level: School/Classroom-wide systems for every student. Secondary Level: Specialized group supports and interventions for students at-risk. Tertiary Level: Highly specialized, individualized systems for students with high risk. Tertiary Secondary Primary

5 Midway Elementary Primary Level
School Rules: Be safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible. Teach, model and reinforce desired behaviors in all locations and settings to all students. E.g. Hallways, cafeteria, sky room, playground, restrooms.*Publically posted expectations. Data driven Monthly Classroom Guidance Lessons delivered by the school counselor. Bully Blockers Program. Reinforcement programs: Cowboy Cash, Wrangler 200 Club, Golden Spatula, Drawings for prizes, “Ride for the Brand”. It’s not about the prizes. It’s about recognizing students who are responsible for their behavior and helping the student understand why they should value appropriate behavior.

6 Midway Elementary Secondary Level
Classroom Discipline plans: Based on a level system of consequences and multiple opportunities for positive recognition. Use of “Think Time” strategies. Clear, specific, and obtainable classroom rules. Class meetings. Classrooms based on a win-win model for problem solving and healthy positive relations between teacher/student and peers. Desired behaviors appropriately taught and modeled. School-wide programs such as: Burnham’s Bunch, Personal Power, Bully Blocker Spotlight, Wrangler 200 Club, etc.

7 Midway Elementary Tertiary Level
S.W.A.T. intervention (School-wide R.T.I. Assistance Team) *R.T.I. = Response to Intervention School Counseling intervention: Groups, Individual Counseling, Personal Power, etc. Special Education evaluation, interventions & supports. English Language Learners supports & interventions. Behavior Contracts. Administrative Interventions.

8 P.B.I.S. Midway Wranglers M M Ride For The Brand

9 Program Description (Student Expectations)
Ride For The Brand Program Description (Student Expectations) Midway Elementary School students have been taught that wranglers “Ride for the Brand”. That cowboys and cowgirls represent the school, their families, and themselves well by living the “Code of the West”. Students are visited by a “real cowboy”, Van Kelly at the beginning of the year. They are taught the Code of the West and what it means to “Ride for the Brand”. The school counselor visits each classroom with a special guidance lesson to increase education and awareness related to bullying, conflict resolution, solving problems peacefully, and the difference between “Tattling & Reporting”. Students then visit the Skyroom, cafeteria, restrooms, hallways, and playground to learn the posted rules and expectations for each location.

10 Program Description (Class Recognition)
Ride For The Brand Program Description (Class Recognition) Midway Elementary School students learn that while working on the ranch everyone has different levels of responsibility based on character and performance. Ranch Hands: Do most of the labor are given less responsibility and usually have a lot to learn. Buckaroo’s: Start working with the horses, are given more responsibility, and are working hard to show knowledge of horses and animals. Wranglers: Become the horse and animal experts, are given some of the most important tasks, and are working hard to become great examples and experts in ranching. Head Wranglers: Are the most responsible, hard working, and knowledgeable on the ranch. Lead by example!

11 Program Description (Incentives)
Ride For The Brand Program Description (Incentives) Individual classrooms are recognized for demonstrating excellent behavior in various locations school-wide by receiving a brand from the administration, school counselor, specialists, and other staff members. Classes earn ranch status based on the number of brands they earn. A class becomes “Ranch Hands” after they earn six brands and move up in ranking for every six brands earned. The brands are displayed on the doorways of each classroom and the ranch status is also displayed in each classroom. When a class earns a new status level the entire class participates in the morning announcements and receives a random class prize such as extra recess time, additional lunch time, an activity with the principal, magic & a story from the school counselor, a pizza party, and more. Every class that earns “Head Wrangler” status will participate in a school-wide celebration at the end of the school year.

12 Code of the West on the following slide.
All students participate in a school-wide classroom guidance lesson from the school counselor that explains the “Code of the West” Students learn that the code of the west is the unspoken rules of the cowboy/cowgirl that everyone is expected to follow. A monthly “Code of the West theme will be chosen and emphasized at our school. Students will learn what it means to live by these important principals and how they can apply this knowledge to academics, behavior, and our interactions with others. Code of the West on the following slide.

13 Code of the West Take pride in your work Always finish what you start
Live each day with courage Take pride in your work Always finish what you start Do what has to be done When you make a promise, keep it Ride for the brand

14 School-Wide Bully Prevention
Bully Blockers

15 Bully Blockers All students are taught to be “Bully Blockers” at Midway Elementary School and are expected to follow the School’s Bullying Code of Conduct. “Bully Blockers” Know how to recognize bullying behaviors. Know that there are many different ways that someone can be a bully. Remind others what to do if they are being bullied. Take action if they see a problem, but do not become bullies themselves. Team up with friends to promote a school culture where everyone feels welcome, safe, and included. Use the school-wide common language C.A.S.T. (On the following Slide)

16 What Should You do if You are Being Bullied or Helping Someone Else?
C.A.S.T. The Bully Away! BE CALM and CONFIDENT! WALK AWAY. If the bully doesn’t quit, tell them that you don’t like what they are doing and to STOP now!. If a bully does not stop, immediately: TELL A RESPONSIBLE ADULT!

17 School-Wide P.B.I.S. programs are successful when Students, Parents, Teachers, and Staff work together and when we all “Ride for the Midway Elementary Brand”.

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