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Germantown School District Journey in PBIS Presented By Elementary Principals.

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1 Germantown School District Journey in PBIS Presented By Elementary Principals

2 WHY PBIS? Shouldnt they know how to behave??? Behave means different things to different families. Teaching and reinforcing expectations makes holding students accountable that much easier. Students want to be successful! Knowing how to behave is part of student (and driver) success/feeling good about the bus!

3 1% 5-10% There are 80-85% Green Zone Students

4 Bus Lesson Plans 1 st Lesson Plan- Riding the Bus (Kickoff Week) 2 nd Lesson Plan- Booster Lesson (after Winter Break) 3 rd Lesson Plan- Booster Lesson (after Spring Break) Other Lessons – As needed, by grade level or bus

5 PBIS Lesson Planning Lessons take place (hopefully) in the setting wed like to see the positive behavior happening (the bus!) Students know that bus drivers know the expectations and will acknowledge riders for positive behaviors Lessons revolve around the 3-4 School-Wide Expectations that each school has adopted: –Be Safe/I am Safe –Be Respectful/I am Respectful –Be Responsible/I am Responsible –Be Kind

6 Expectations ClassroomBusLunchroomPlayground Hallway and Lines Bathroom I am SAFE *I keep my body to myself. *I use my school tools appropriately. *I am kind and accepting of others. *I stay in my seat. *I follow directions. *I walk. *I stay seated. *I raise my hand and ask to get up. *I use body basics while waiting for hot lunch. *I play safely and fairly. *I use self-control. *I use equipment appropriately. *I walk. *I keep my body to myself. *I watch where I am going. *I walk on the right side of the hallway with my class. *I wash my hands. *I control my body. I am RESPECTFUL *I use kind words. *I am an attentive listener. *I take care of all materials. *I keep my body to myself. *I use kind words. *I use a 1 or 2 voice level. *I clean-up my mess and area. *I eat my own food. *I put garbage in the trash can. *I speak kindly. *I include others. *I am a good sport. *I listen to adults. *I respect nature. *I keep my voice off in hallway. *I keep my voice low in bus lines. *I may wave or smile to a friend or family member. *I use a 0 voice level. *I give privacy to others. *I keep the bathroom clean. I am RESPONSIBLE *I follow directions the first time. *I try my best. *I accept responsibility for my choices. *I take responsibility for my choices. *I keep my body to myself. *I use a 1 or 2 voice level. *I use kind words. *I use equipment appropriately. *I line up quickly when the bell rings. *I problem solve peacefully. *I tell an adult if I see an unsafe choice. *I go straight to my destination and back. *I return to my classroom when I should. *I flush the toilet. *I throw any garbage away in the trash can. *I report equipment problems. Sample PBIS Matrix Each school has a similar matrix for positive behavior expectations

7 COMMUNICATE Teach Bus Expectations Observing Positive Behavior Acknowledge Positive Behavior Verbally 5-1 Bus Bucks Dealing with Problem Behavior Rewards Paws, Eagle Coupons, etc Schools & Drivers APPLYING PBS ON THE BUS

8 Rewards (examples) Verbal Praise Bus Bucks Special Seat Talk on the PA First One Off the Bus School rewards

9 The PBS bus journey continues…….

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