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Redding PBS Program “Striving toward success and responsibility through whole school support.”

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1 Redding PBS Program “Striving toward success and responsibility through whole school support.”

2 What is our PBS Program? A program to support and reinforce positive behaviors in all school settings A tool for students & staff to support expectations in classes, halls and common areas A way to help students take responsibility for their actions and develop a sense of ownership in our school A POSITIVE way to help each student be successful

3 How is it used? We will be using a ticket system Students earn tickets in each classroom/school environment for different behaviors that follow the Code of the Knights Students may redeem tickets for various activities, events and items throughout the year

4 The Code of the Knights Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Safe Be a Good Citizen Be There, Be Ready

5 Who awards tickets? EVERYONE!!!!!! Students may earn tickets all day, in any classroom –Ticket giveaways will be random and up to the individual teacher’s discretion All school staff will have tickets that they can distribute in their classrooms –Students will be provided at least 2 opportunities per week to earn tickets. –Each teacher will give tickets for their own reasons. –Students should be made aware of ways they can earn tickets in each classroom, but also surprise them sometimes too. New This Year! – Substitute Teacher Policy – see next slide

6 Substitute Teacher Policy Substitute teachers will be provided with a limited number of tickets of a different color (Blue this year). They will be given a brief summary of the program as well as some common reasons for giving tickets along with their tickets when they sign in in the morning These tickets will be worth double! We may expand this to other areas (buses, cafeteria, etc… once we see how this works.

7 Blue Tickets Aren’t Just For Substitute Teachers! There will be other staff members in the building that will be giving out blue tickets so be on your best behavior in all areas of the building!

8 Some Examples of how teachers MAY give out tickets… Be Respectful- all students who enter the room and are ready to begin when the teacher is get 1 ticket, or the table of students that shows the most respect during a lesson may each get 1 ticket. Be Responsible- If the whole class has their agenda they could earn 1 ticket or turning in an assignment early could earn 1 ticket. Be Safe- Students that show exceptional hallway behavior could earn one ticket or students that report "messing around" in hallways or bathrooms (not “tattlers”) could receive 1 ticket. Be a Good Citizen- Students that always lend supplies to those in need could earn 1 ticket or students that help others in need (carrying books for a student on crutches) could earn 1 ticket. Be There/Be Ready- If the whole class is seated ON TIME, they could earn a ticket, or if a whole table has HW completed they could earn a ticket.

9 How should students keep track of their tickets? It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to keep their tickets safe They have a pocket in their agenda They must put their name in PEN on the back of all tickets earned Students will be able to bank their tickets in homeroom as well if they do not want to carry all of their tickets with them

10 Redding Middle School Ticket Banking –All teachers will have a “Bank Box” with envelopes for each of the students in their homeroom. –Students may choose to bank or withdraw their tickets once weekly during AR time. This will not be a daily event. –There will be one opportunity for banking per week. –Boxes will be locked up.

11 How do we track tickets? Teachers will have a roll of numbered tickets to give out The PBS team will have a list of the numbers each teacher is given When students wish to purchase items or participate in events, they turn their tickets in to the teacher collecting for that event. Ticket numbers will be checked on all tickets turned in.

12 Acceptable Tickets Tickets will only be accepted as valid if… –Your FIRST & LAST name are written IN INK on each ticket. –NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

13 What can students do with their tickets? Students have several options: –Use tickets on small items, like pencils, notebooks & other trinkets –Use tickets for raffles –Use tickets to buy into a “special program” or theme day –Use tickets for major events throughout the year Some teachers may set up some options specific to their rooms as well.

14 Reinforcers… In an effort to increase buy-in, we have developed a monthly schedule for the students for the entire year. This way, you are aware of upcoming activities and can save for them. The PBS Cart will be available monthly as well.

15 PBS Schedule September – Student Training Days October – Hay Ride November – In School Movie December – Out of School Movie January – Re-Teaching February – Roller Skating March – In School Dance AND Game Day April - Bowling May – In School Movie June - Carnival

16 What about students that don’t have enough tickets for activities? On theme/activity days, students that do not “buy in” or that can not “buy in”, will have regularly scheduled classes These classes will have regular curricular lessons & objectives. Students are responsible for completing all work during these sessions.

17 New This Year!!! No Referral Rewards –Students with No Referrals for the first half of the year will be rewarded with a Pizza Party in January –Students with No Referrals for the second half of the year will be rewarded with Mr. Softee in May

18 Going Fishing! Another new addition to our program, Going Fishing is designed to reward a large group of students for following a daily expectation such as bringing their agenda book, being prepared for class, having their homework, and having their ID. How does it work? One PBS team member will travel to each classroom on a designated team or grade each week. The staff member will be “fishing” for an expectation such as bringing your agenda books to class. All students in the class who meet the expectation will receive a ticket. The staff member will, of course, be in appropriate fishing attire!

19 FISHES Friends In School Helping Everyone Succeed Phone: 302-378-5081 Ext. HELP 4 3 5 7 The more information shared, the better we can handle the situation. Calls are confidential. Redding Middle School Stop Bullying! Report incidents to the RMS Hotline:

20 Questions????? If you have questions during the year, please feel free to ask any teacher

21 Remember… … your success at Redding depends on you! Enjoy your time here and have fun earning tickets!

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