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QUALITY COUNTS APPLICATION USING THE PORTAL: GETTING STARTED The Portal Website: At the opening screen you will be asked.

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1 QUALITY COUNTS APPLICATION USING THE PORTAL: GETTING STARTED The Portal Website: At the opening screen you will be asked to Login OR Create a Login. When you select Create a Log in, you will be able to create your log in and password information.

2 USING THE PORTAL: Member Sign up User Information: Provide your address and password. You will need to provide security information by selecting questions and appropriate responses. Site Information: Organization Name: Site License Number:

3 USING THE PORTAL: Member Log in Now you are ready to log in with your address and password. If you forget your password, just send us an and we will send you a temporary one.

4 USING THE PORTAL: Welcome! We are happy to have you as a member of the Provider Portal! If you find any discrepancies in your DCF license information, please contact Ola Friday with Quality Stars NY. She will make the corrections in WELS so that you can continue with entering your site information for Quality Counts. Child Care Links are links to Quality Stars NY Partner sites.

5 Support Staff Contacts If you have questions or need more information about this application or self-study process, please contact Ola Friday at

6 ADDING A SITE If you have more than more site, you can add it by entering in the License Number.

7 ADDING A SITE, CONFIRMING SITE INFORMATION Once you have entered the license number, you will be asked to verify Site legal name and address.

8 Start an Application Once you have confirmed your site you can start an application. Click on Start an Application to begin process.

9 USING THE PROVIDER PORTAL The Provider Portal provides two options for you to enter information about your site. You can use the Application Wizard located on the left hand side and select title from menu and you will go directly to the form. Or use the button to go to the next screen page..

10 APPLICATI0N: SITE INFORMATION Site information is created from your license and your legal site name on your license. You will need to provide additional information like your corporate name(if you have one), the date your centered opened and date you will submit your QS Application. Please enter month/year your site opened and month/day/year or use the calendar for date your application is submitted. NOTE: Fields with *, requires your information in order for your application to be completed and submitted for Quality Stars.

11 APPLICATION: ADDRESS Your application Address, City and Zip Code are required for your application. If you find discrepancies in your site information, please contact the Quality Stars Office.

12 APPLICATION: CONTACT INFORMATION We need to have the Owner and Director name as well as the site telephone number in order to submit your application as indicated by the *. Please provide your operating hours and if you operate year round. If your program changes during the summer, please describe how in the space provided.

13 APPLICATION: PROGRAM TYPE Quality Stars wants to know if your program type. We have listed the three major types in our system. If you have another type not listed please type in the name.

14 APPLICATION: Educational Services For your Quality Stars application we need to know the Educational Services your site has. Check and or write in the educational service.

15 APPLICATION: Program Affiliation Quality Stars wants to know if your program is accredited and by whom. We have listed the major accreditation system in our state. If you are accredited by another agency, please type in the name. We need to know your date of accreditation and expiration date.

16 LANGUAGE PREFERENCES To help Quality Stars plan for professional development training we need to find out the preferred language of your teaching staff. Please provide the number of staff for each language that would participate in Quality Stars sponsored training.

17 APPLICATION: CENTER DEMOGRAPHICS We need the know how many children you have enrolled and their ages. WELS gets your licensed capacity from your license. Please provide total number of subsidized children, this number will be verified by Quality Stars NY. Please provide the number of children you have for each age group. As you enter number of children, your total Infant to five year old enrollment will be calculated for you. If you have an afterschool program, please provide your enrollment. This number is not included in your enrollment for Quality Stars.

18 APPLICATION: Reviewing Application Last step for Quality Stars Application! Review your application information by selecting Review Application. If you are not ready yet and want to review previous forms, select from Application Wizard.

19 APPLICATION: Reviewing your application for Quality Stars NY You will be able to review your Center Application that will be submitted to Quality Stars NY. If you agree with your information you have provided, select at the bottom of the page If you find items that need be changed, select

20 APPLICATION: Acknowledgement of Your Application You will receive an automatic confirmation from WELS that your application has been submitted. Congratulations!

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