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Home of the ‘Spot On’ Leopards!!

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1 Home of the ‘Spot On’ Leopards!!
Welcome to Lakenheath Middle School Home of the ‘Spot On’ Leopards!!

2 Houses Grade 6 Jubilee Victoria Grade 7 Bakerloo Metro Grade 8
Central Hammersmith

3 Meet the principal! Dr. Gloria Hajat
Meet Dr. Hajat, the principal here at Lakenheath Middle School. This will be her first year with us. She loves being a leopard and loves kids. She is always laughing or has a smile on her face. You will see her everyday all around the school and during lunchtime.

4 Meet our Asst. Principal!
Laura Fouse Meet Dr. Laura Fouse, the assistant principal at Lakenheath Middle School. This will be her third year here with us as our AP, though she worked here as a teacher in the past. She’s one of the finest people you’ll ever meet and loves to have fun with our students.

5 AVID Advancement Via Individual Determination Moving Forward

6 Advanced Placement Classes:
Algebra On-line Geometry Foreign Language 1 & 11 Advanced Band Research Projects

7 Technology Two computer labs and one mini lab
Computers on Wheels - laptop stations Computers in every classroom Interactive SmartBoards in every classroom Video, computer applications, photography and robotics classes available

8 Also known as LMS’ Library; Our book collection is updated regularly!
Media Center Also known as LMS’ Library; There’s always something new and exciting going on in the Media Center! Books, books, books!! Our book collection is updated regularly!

9 Band & Choir Performances
Whether it’s Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced Band and Choir, they’re always ready to put on some amazing music performances! When you belong to one of these classes be prepared to flourish musically!

10 Quarterly Awards Assemblies
At the completion of each quarter, student achievements, improvements, citizenship and other acts of excellence are celebrated with an awards assembly. Each house conducts their assemblies differently, but the student is always the star!

11 Morning Announcements
Every morning, LMS students greet the day with morning announcements broadcast live in each classroom via the internet. This activity is conducted by members of our Video club. The students give important information for the day, announce birthdays, club information, upcoming events and other daily bits. We have many stars Here at LMS!

12 Exploratories: Drama Video Production Choir German Spanish

13 Family Consumer Science
More Exploratories: Guitar Robotics Band Art Family Consumer Science Computer Apps

14 More Exploratories: Business Enterprise Creative Writing Host Nation
and more...

15 Box Tops for Education Here at LMS, our PTO sponsors the ‘Box Top for Education’ program. Each homebase competes to see who can bring in the most Box Tops quarterly. The top three quarterly winners are rewarded with an ice cream party! The PTO wins as well; they send the box tops in so that the school receives funds for school equipment. Remember to save your Box Tops.

16 Lunch Time!!! and then there's playtime...
Everyday in the Great Hall there are three block lunches where students can enjoy their homemade lunches or opt to buy a hot lunch from our cafeteria! There’s also an ala carte line complete with hamburgers, baked potatoes, etc. Choices for recess: Lunchtime intramurals Blacktop activities Library and then there's playtime...

17 Student Activities...


19 The fun and learning never
stops at LMS

20 Extra-Curricular Activites Math Counts Computer club Reading Counts
Cater Cats Homework Club Guitar club Video Production Walking Club Science Club Book Club Garden Club Skateboarding softball Drama basketball Math Club NJHS Student Council Leadership Soccer Dance Wrestling Crafty Cats dodge ball Yearbook Modeling Club Health and Fitness

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