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Curriculum Information Basha Elementary School Mrs. Bailey’s Second Grade Class.

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1 Curriculum Information Basha Elementary School Mrs. Bailey’s Second Grade Class

2 Language Arts

3 Language Arts Block Whole Group Instruction Comprehension Skills Fluency Vocabulary Grammar Listen to Reading Partner Reading Independent Reading

4 Writing Handwriting Journal Writing Narrative Writing Persuasive Writing Informative Writing Writing Assignments –6+1 Writing Traits –The Writing Process –Editing –Final Copy

5 Reading and Centers Small Group Reading with the teacher Word Work Think and Write Comprehension Skills Fluency Practice Vocabulary Practice Grammar Practice

6 Reading Assessments DIBELS/Progress Monitoring Weekly Comprehension/Vocabulary /Phonics/GrammarTest Spelling Tests

7 MathMath

8 Math Materials Scott Foresman Math Math manipulatives Marcy Cook Math

9 ScienceScience

10 Curriculum Inquiry Process-Scientific Method Life Science/Life Cycles Body Systems Health Science Solids/Liquids/Gases Science Careers/Inventions Weather

11 Social Studies

12 Curriculum Maps Communities Native Americans The Thirteen Colonies Revolutionary War Westward Expansion Immigrants Asian Cultures Government Natural Resources Field Trip to the Revolutionary War Reenactment*

13 Behavior Expectations

14 Character Education Pride in the P.A.C.K. –Positive –Achieving –Compassionate –Kids These traits are tied into our daily behavior.

15 Clip It Up! Behavior Management System Room 14 Clip it Up! is a way for students to monitor their behavior in the classroom. Each student has a clothespin with their classroom number on it. They each begin the day in the middle of the chart on Ready to Learn. As we go through the day the students will have the opportunity to clip up or down on the Clip it Up! chart depending on their behavior. This is what the chart looks like: Outstanding! Great Job! Good Day! Ready to Learn Think About It Teacher Choice Parent Contact Students who Clip it Up all the way to Outstanding at the end of the day will be able to Bling their clothespin. After 5 Blings, the student will receive a new clothespin and will be able to retire their Bling clothespin to the Clips of Fame wall! Students who Clip down will first receive a warning (Make Better Choices), then receive a consequence decided by the teacher and finally at the lowest level I will contact you personally about your child’s behavior. At the end of each day, students will bring home a behavior report in their S.T.A.R. Binder. Please review this daily with your child and initial the box.

16 HomeworkHomework

17 Homework will include: Independent Reading Log Math Practice Spelling Homework Comprehension Homework will be assigned each day but not due until Friday. However, we grade the night’s before homework each morning so that I can clarify any problems to help students understand the concepts correctly. So please put them in the S.T.A.R. Binder each night. Please check your child’s work each day.

18 S.T.A.R. Binder This is your child’s S.T.A.R. Binder for the second grade school year. This binder will contain data that has been collected each week. The purpose of the S.T.A.R. Binder is to provide you and your child information concerning their academic growth throughout each quarter. All of the papers in this binder must remain in the binder until I remove them and send them home to you at the end of the quarter. I would like you to look through the binder with your child the night it comes home and discuss the papers and data. The binders will need to be returned to school the next day. You will need to sign the paper located in the front of the binder every Monday saying that you looked at the binder and the data inside it. Please check the Clip it Up! Section daily to view your child’s behavior for the day. Please initial everyday on the behavior report. The Homework Packet for the week will be in the homework section of the binder. Homework is assigned daily, but you can work ahead.

19 Odds and Ends

20 Daily Schedule Daily Schedule 2014-2015 Mrs. Bailey’s Second Grade Class TIME ACTIVITY 8:30-8:4 Bell work 8:45-10:15 Language Arts Block 10:30-11:30 Specials/Bathroom Break/RTI 11:40-12:00 Lunch Recess 12:00-12:20 Lunch/Bathroom Break 12:20-2:00 Math Block 2:15-230 Recess 2:30-2:45 Writing Block 2:45-2:55 Clean up and Dismiss 3:00 Dismiss *Specials 11:00-11:30 Day 1 – Music Day 2 – Library Day 3 – P.E. Day 4 – Music Day 5 – Computer Lab Day 6 – P.E.

21 Student of the Week During the week that your child is Student of the Week please help your child prepare a poster describing your child. The poster is provided by me. You can use pictures or drawings depicting events from your child’s life. Baby pictures, vacation photos, school pictures, special events, can all be included on the poster. Please send it to school before Friday. Posters will be returned the following Friday after your child has shared the poster with the class and it has been displayed on the Super Star board. Optional but not required: Students can bring one item for show and tell on Friday. Students can also bring a treat to share with the class.

22 THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR DONATIONS! Snacks are optional. Each child brings their own snacks. Snacks will NOT be shared. Please remember nut free items for special health concerns in our class. Spirit Day on Fridays! Wear your Basha Bobcat shirt!

23 Need to Reach Me? 480-883-4444 I send my weekly newsletter by e-mail every Monday.

24 Thank you!!!

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