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2 Electives Art/ Ceramics Yearbook Band/ Choir A.V.I.D Tech Literacy /Digital Media Student council S.T.E.M

3 ART/CERAMICS In Mr. Bennett’s art class, students learn basic skills about shading, sketching, painting and crafts. Ceramics is one of his more advanced classes. In ceramics, Mr. Bennett mainly focuses on 3D forms of art. Many students continue from his art class into ceramics. Next

4 MENU These are some examples Mr. Bennett’s work along with what the students do in class.

5 A.V.I.D Next A.V.I.D is an abbreviation for Advancement Via Individual Determination. In this class, students learn a variety of things to help them better prepare for their futures. Students learn different study techniques, prepare for college, and learn to organize themselves. Mrs. Weaver-Beal is currently in her second year of teaching A.V.I.D, along with her teacher’s assistant, Mrs. Ennes.

6 MENU AVID students are having fun working on their essay writing skills.

7 BAND/CHOIR In Mr. Kane’s band class, students learns basic instruments, and how to play the instruments proper way. In the choir class Mr. Kane teaches students how to get high notes in different songs. Band and choir are also great electives because you can learn so much from Mr. Kane, and his great teaching. Next

8 MENU Mr. Kane’s advanced band class practices for their upcoming performance.

9 S.T.E.M S.T.E.M stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. One of the main focuses of our school is S.T.E.M. All students who attend the school are involved in the S.T.E.M program, but those who want can take S.T.E.M as their elective. There are 2 elective classes for S.T.E.M: advanced design and applied science. Ms. Rickett runs advanced design, while Mrs. Pitman runs applied science. In advance design, students learn a variety of different ways to apply design process to several fields. This incorporates computer-aided design (CAD), and geographic information systems (GIS). In applied science, students learn the science of technology, engineering, computer assisted design, computer programming, model fabrication, space and flight, electronic circuit boards, and forensic lab testing. Applied science is more of a hands-on elective than advanced design. Next

10 MENU Mrs. Pitman’s applied science class is working on their catapults and ramps.

11 STUDENT COUNCIL Student council is run by Mrs. Kirkland, she is an awesome teacher that you could have. This elective is fun because you could make banners for different events for the school. Some students plays music during both lunches. They are the ones who organize, decorate, and manage the school dances. They do a variety of things to help out the school, for example, they helped out during the Renaissance Faire. Next

12 MENU Student council hangs out in Mrs. Kirkland’s room while planning for upcoming events.

13 TECH LITERACY/DIGITAL MEDIA Mrs. Gregory teaches both tech literacy and digital media. Tech literacy and digital media are the two computer classes offered to students at Mesa View. In tech literacy, students learn the basics of Microsoft office applications, the fundamentals of Photoshop, and practice their keyboarding. Digital media is an 8th grade only class. Students use different skills from word, PowerPoint, keyboarding, graphics, Photoshop, photography, audio/video, and journalism, they learn during first semester, to create productions that are put on the school website during second semester. Next

14 MENU Students in digital media are working hard to get all their productions done on time.

15 YEARBOOK Next Yearbook is run by Mrs. Betters. Yearbook is a class where kids work together to create the school years yearbook. The yearbook is a big deal at the end of the school year so the students put a lot of hard work into creating it. Students in yearbook learn the basics of photography and incorporate it into making the yearbook. They take pictures all year long and they learn how to frame and capture pictures to make the yearbook look its best.

16 MENU Yearbook kids are helping to set up the gym for an upcoming event now that the yearbook is out.


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