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Karrer Middle School 6th Grade Orientation.

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1 Karrer Middle School 6th Grade Orientation

2 6th Grade Teams The 6th grade will be divided into balanced groups of students called teams. • Students from Scottish Corners, Wyandot, and Glacier Ridge elementary schools will be mixed together to form teams. • The teams will be balanced by: - Academics - Gender - Music Selections • There will be a common group of four to six teachers assigned to each team. • There is a Team Leader assigned to coordinate each team. • The Team Leader helps facilitate the needs of the students as well as the concerns of the parents. ---

3 6th Graders Day at KMS All Academic Core Classes Meet Daily.
Language Arts – 100 minute block every day. Math, Social Studies, and Science courses will meet for 50 minutes daily. Related Arts #1 (Music choice/ Study Center) Related Arts #2 ( Reading 6 , Physical Education and Art) Lunch Change

4 Math Progression Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Math 5 Math 6 Math 7 Math 8
HS Algebra I*

5 Related Arts #1 Music (Every other day opposite Study Center)
Band ( Orchestra Choir Study Center (Every other day opposite music). Teacher Assistance Intervention Media Center • Quiet Reading

6 Related Arts #2 Changing to Trimesters this year which means more choices! Physical Education (Will meet every day for 12 weeks) Saftey * Lifetime Sports * Uniforms Fitness and Wellness * Sportsmanship Reading 6 (Will meet every day for 12 weeks) Core Academic Skills Informational and Technical Text Science, Social Studies, Technology, Media Art 6 (Will meet every day for 12 weeks) Elements of design as they relate to effective composition Basic foundational drawing skills Ceramics * Sculpture

7 Course Selection Sheets
• In Related Arts #1- Pick one music option. In the Related Arts # 2 – Students take PE, Reading 6 and Art 6 • Return to your child’s classroom teacher by April 10th • Making changes

8 House Bill 487 - College Credit Plus -
As defined in Ohio House Bill 487, all public secondary schools and all public colleges must provide an opportunity for academically eligible students in grades 7-12 to take college coursework. College Credit Plus is a program that gives students an opportunity to be enrolled in both high school and college coursework at the same time. College Credit Plus replaces Ohio’s Post-Secondary Enrollment Options program (PSEO) and all dual enrollment programs. The majority of these classes will be offered on the campuses of these universities. Columbus State Community College (CSCC) The Ohio State University (OSU)

9 Fifth Grade Visitations
Scottish Corners Elementary Wyandot Elementary Glacier Ridge Elementary April 1, 2015

10 Outdoor Education October 7th to October 9th Both Teams Going Together
Heartland 3 Days, 2 nights Fee - approx. $132/student (scholarships available for financial need – See Mr. Mousa for details) Fix this slide

11 Clubs Art Club Youth Teen Institute Dance Club Karrer Connections
Yearbook Student Council Additional Opportunities Community Education – Ski Club

12 Canteens Friday night 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. PTO Volunteer sign - up
Food, friends, games and music 6th grade students will attend one dance designed only for sixth grade students.

13 Lunch • Catered by Chartwells • Hot lunches • A la carte:
Sandwiches, salad, fruit, pizza, smoothies and much more!! • Sack Lunch • Lunch Account - Pay online or by check to cafeteria. • A Peanut Free table is always an option.

14 Academic Communication
Open House (Fall) Parent/Teacher Conference Nights Sign up for electronic newsletter and Progress Book On-line view of current student grades Notification on grade concerns Homework assignments

15 School Info and Rules • School Day 8:28 to 3:08 • Student Handbook
• Team Rules • Attendance Policy • Dress Code • Student pick up and drop off • Cell Phones rick

16 Before School Checklist
Schedules on Progress Book Locker assignments on Progress Book WALK your SCHEDULE –Walk-Through Days August 18 (9-1) and August 19 (1-6, with the principal’s picnic to follow) Schedule information session in Home base on first day Student planners sold at lunch during the first week and are also sold during the “walk through” days - $5 Activity/Family passes sold during the walk through and at lunch during first week –Student($20) and Family ($55) Student pictures – FIRST WEEK Bus Info on-line Supply lists available on-line Plan to attend the Principal’s Picnic on August at 5:00pm Fix this slide

17 First Day All 6th grade students report to home base rick

18 Our district and building websites are updated with important information, building newsletters and homework information. @KarrerMS The middle school course handbook is available on the Karrer website under ‘Links’ on the right side of the main page

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