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Welcome New Highlanders to Hewes Middle School

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1 Welcome New Highlanders to Hewes Middle School
Welcome New Highlanders to Hewes Middle School! An AVID and California Distinguished School

2 Hewes PTA Magazine Drive Invest in Sign-up in Registration Packet Our
ASB, Yearbook & Hewes Faculty Support Fine Arts(Choir & Drama) Programs Home Economics Equipment Honor Roll Support Intramural Sports International, Career & Health Weeks Instrumental Music program Junior Great Boos P.E. Equipment Science Equipment Technology Equipment Woodshop Invest in Our Hewes Students $20 Includes Directory! Sign-up in Registration Packet

3 Respect, Responsibility = Results
Positive Behavioral Intervention Systems Focus is on teaching students the Right behavior!! Positive behavior = positive incentives PBIS student store RRR Cards Early lunch release Ms. Males

4 How is Middle School Different?
Mrs. Motter – Counselor A time of transition More teachers, more students and more choices Celebrations Resources JoAnne, I added this pic not sure what else you want on here? Mrs. Motter

5 Student Schedule

6 Course Selection Sheet

7 Electives--Exploratory Wheel May Include:
Art AVID (All 6th Graders) Drama Foreign Language Home Economics Music Woodshop Full Year Electives- Advanced Band, Advanced Chorus JoAnne do you have any pics I could include in this pic? Mrs. Motter

8 Academic Schedule Core Honors Mathematics Earth Science
Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies Mathematics Math 6 (AB) Math 6 Math 7 Earth Science Physical Education Elective Wheel Books On iPad Mrs. Motter

9 What Are the NEW Math COURSES?
Algebra 1 Math 6 (20 standards) Math 7 (5) Alg. II (15) 6 completely new standards! Math 7 (24 standards) AP Stats (6) Prob. & Stats (5) Algebra 1 (26 standards) Calc./Pre-Calc (3) Trigonometry (3) Math 7 (3) Algebra 1 (60 standards) Math 6 (5 standards) Geometry (11 standards) 19 completely new standards!


11 Earth Science Science 6 Curriculum Processing Skills
Lab Science 6 Curriculum Processing Skills Investigating Interpreting Questioning Organizational Skills Science Interactive Notebook End product

12 Language Arts Reading (RtI) Selections from the Literature Anthology
Literature, Nonfictional text, Lanugage Core Novels & Junior Great Books Language Arts Common Core Curriculum Informational text Nonfictional reading Expository writing Depth of Knowledge Social Studies Traveling through Ancient Civilizations: Early Man, Mesopotamia, India, China, Israel, Greece, and Rome!

13 Physical Education Learning basic skills Grade level curriculum
Circus unit Demonstration Locks and PE clothes replacement locks--$7.00 shirts and shorts--$10.00 each if purchased from Hewes or blue shorts and gray shirt Katy please add pics Ms. Roper

14 Enrichment Programs Book Club CJSF Dance FOR Club Garden Club
Jazz Band Media Club Speak Up Alphabetize slide Ms. Males

15 Library and Computer Labs
Over 8000 books Ibooks available Hours 7:30-4:00 Book Club Research Support Computer labs Internet Access Ms. Males

16 Just the Facts—Schedule
M,T,Th,Fri Wednesday Students on campus 7:30 8:35 Warning Bell 7:45 8:50 Tardy Bell 7:50 8:55 Dismissal 2:28 2:28 - 3 minute passing periods - 17 minute snack - 33 minute lunch Ms. Males

17 Just the Facts – H.E.R.E. bell schedule
Period 1 7:50 – 8:33 Period 2 8:36 – 9:19 Period 3 9:22 – 10:05 Tutorial 10:10 – 10:35 Recess 10:38 – 10:51 Period :54 – 11:37 Period 5 11:40 – 12:23 Period 6 12:59 – 1:42 Period 7 1: :28 CHANGE BINDER REMINDER TO SAY H.E.R.E. FOR NEXT YEAR

18 H.E.R.E Program runs on Tuesday and Thursday of every week
Choices in program Teacher led instruction Closed session (Reteaching, Enrichment opportunities) Open session (For all students who seek teacher support in academic rigor) Library (research opportunities, study center, reading center) Ms. Males

19 Just the Facts—Student Store (not for profit)
Open at Lunchtime Operated by PTA School Supplies Ms. Males

20 What are the Next Steps? - Elementary school visitations for registration (Week of April 7 -9) - Fifth grade visitation – May 21 at 9:15 – 11:15 a.m. - Supplies for Success – June 19, 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. August 26 & 27 turn in all back to school paperwork, take school photos, get books and supplies. September 3, 2014 is the first day of school! Mrs. Boudreaux

21 Enjoy your 6th grade experience!

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