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Feedstuff Identification Photo Session

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1 Feedstuff Identification Photo Session
Ingredients Processed Feeds Quit Return to Main Menu

2 Photo Session Feed Ingredients
Alfalfa Cubes Alfalfa Leaf Meal Alfalfa Silage Barley Beet Pulp Brewers Grain Corn, shelled Corn, cracked Corn, ground Corn Gluten Corn Silage Cottonseed, fuzzy Fat, dry Fish Meal Grain Sorghum Molasses, dry Oats, whole Oats, rolled Porcine Meal Rice Rye Soybean Hull Pellets Soybean Meal Vitamin Blend Wheat Wheat Bran Wheat Middling Home Quit

3 Alfalfa Cubes

4 Alfalfa Leaf Meal

5 Alfalfa Silage

6 Barley

7 Beet Pulp

8 Brewers Grain

9 Corn

10 Cracked Corn

11 Ground Corn

12 Corn Gluten Meal

13 Corn Silage

14 Dry Fat

15 Dry Molasses

16 Fish Meal

17 Fuzzy Cottonseed

18 Grain Sorghum

19 Oats

20 Rolled Oats

21 Porcine Meal

22 Rice

23 Rye

24 Soybean Hull Pellets

25 Soybean Meal

26 Vitamin Blend

27 Wheat

28 Wheat Bran

29 Wheat Middling

30 The End Quit

31 Blended Feed Crumb Cube Mash Meal Pellet
Photo Session Processed Feeds Blended Feed Crumb Cube Mash Meal Pellet Home Quit

32 Blended Feed

33 Crumb

34 Cube

35 Mash

36 Meal

37 Pellet

38 The End Quit

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