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Horse Nutrition Bob Coleman Ph. D. PAS Extension Horse Specialist.

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2 Horse Nutrition Bob Coleman Ph. D. PAS Extension Horse Specialist

3 Consider the horse Grazing animal Trickle feeders / nibblers 12 – 16 hours grazing They are not cows



6 Meeting Requirements Forage primary source Where is feed digested Quality of ingredients Total nutrient requirement


8 TypeDE Mcal / lbProtein % Legume hay1.0318.7 Grass hay0.839.0 Mixed Hay0.9413.5 Nutrient content of common hay (dry matter basis) Adapted from NRC 1989

9 Feed TypeAB Mixed hay 17.5 Grass Hay 21 Hay type affects intake and nutrient intake This is for an 1100 lb horse at maintenance. Intakes are as fed lbs /horse /day A = 1.6 % body weight B = 1.9% body weight

10 Commercial Feeds Source of nutrients calories protein minerals vitamins Convenient Small amount needed 2- 6 lbs per horse 1 bag = 12.5 days /horse 1 ton = 500 days/horse

11 Commercial Feeds Commercial feeds sweet feed pelleted feed Custom mixes Grain mixes

12 Cereal grains corn & oats barley, milo, wheat Calories Starch

13 Processing ground rolled crimped steam flaked Oats > corn >barley

14 Commercial Feeds Supplement pellets Supplements Minerals and vitamins

15 Alternative feeds Alfalfa products Beet pulp Soy Hulls Distillers Grains Corn Gluten Feed

16 Alternative feeds Alfalfa products cubes hay replacement lb for lb pellets nutrient source controlled intakes

17 Alternative feeds Beet pulp / Soy Hulls calories fermentation controlled intakes useful

18 Alternative feeds Distillers Grains Corn Gluten Feed calories protein limited use 10-15% of total diet

19 Salt free choice Plain or TM ? Block or Loose?

20 Minerals calcium and phosphorus TM added salt added Block or loose

21 Forage intake estimates Hay Minimum = 1% body weight Typical = 1.5 – 2.0 % body weight Upper limits = 2.5 – 3% body weight Total intake will reflect forage quality

22 Forage intake estimates Pasture 1.5 – 3.1 % body weight per 24 hours

23 Concentrate use Fed for many reasons balance forage nutrients meet specific nutrient requirements the owner wants to Concerns over feeding fat horses with issues

24 Concentrate use Starch controlled intakes 2 -3 grams per kg body weight / meal Grain meal = 5 lbs per meal Meals no closer than 5 hrs

25 Feeding Management Forage primary nutrient source Quality forage NO MOLD Concentrate as required Change feeds gradually 21 -28 day adaptation

26 Feed them like a horse


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