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From The Unofficial Will Poulter Fansite. Congratulations on all your endeavors this year! You should know that you are an amazing actor and that you.

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1 From The Unofficial Will Poulter Fansite

2 Congratulations on all your endeavors this year! You should know that you are an amazing actor and that you have got a bright future ahead of you. In your unfailing modesty, you have said that you are lucky to have landed these roles, and that is definitely true. The entertainment industry is a difficult one to get into; there are a lot of young hopefuls out there. But Ive heard it said that luck is composed of opportunity and preparation. Were you not as talented as you are, these opportunities would not have led far. If acting is your dream, then have at it; you have got more than a chance at success. I look forward to your future, and I hope to see you in more films soon :) Happy holidays, Jess

3 From Jess

4 Just wanted to let you know that I'm a big fan and I'm loving all your work. Also that you are such a great actor, you've got some real talent. I mean even my sister says you're a good actor and that's saying something! I'm really looking forward to seeing what else you have lined up for the future. Hope you have a great Christmas. love Charis (by the way, the 'Ch' is pronounced like a 'K'..... not that it really matters)

5 I would just like to say that you deserve so many acknowledgements for your talent. You are really a breath of fresh air regarding young actors. There are so many semi talented sell-outs of our generation who are glorified teen idols. Their careers generally explode overnight and then snuff out with the next passing fad. But you truly are the real deal. You have so much potential, and have so far put it to meritable use. I hope that as your success grows (and it will) you will be selective with the roles you choose. You have so much talent and such an optimistic future ahead of you. I really believe that you will be one of the few enduring great actors. I cant wait to see what youve got in store for us next. Merry Christmas, Danny

6 I hope you and your lovely family have a fantastic Christmas, and that the New Year brings plenty of exciting new projects for you! After seeing you in Voyage of the Dawn Treader, you have me convinced you will be the next big thing, so congratulations and good luck!! Xxxx Emma Ps: I thought the picture might make you laugh :-)

7 From Emma Courtesy of

8 Thank you for an outstanding performance. You mentioned in an interview weeks back how you ruined book to movie adaption because you had blonde hair instead of black, for the record none of us mind. And no-one would trade you as Eustace for anyone else. We feel you're the perfect Eustace for the series and I look forward to seeing you in The Silver Chair. It's always been my most favourite book, and I look forward to seeing you perform in it. Blessings and Thank You! for your amazing performance as Eustace Clarence Scrub, Pepper Darcy

9 I think you are a great actor and seem really grounded. I really like Son of Rambow and me and my friend introduced loads of people to School of Comedy. We quote all the time and even made our own videos on youtube based on it!!! (xXTinytaraXx if you are interested in seeing them.) I really like acting and have an agent so maybe one day we will work together in a film or on TV or something. I am particularly interested in Jill Pole so you never know?! Anyway, good luck and I hope you are in loads more programmes and Films because you are a good actor! Thanks, Charlotte Rose xxx

10 Just want you to know that you are a super amazingly talented actor! Seriously. Ive been a big fan since Son of Rambow. You are great in School of Comedy, as well (Pass me a bucket for my bleeding heart! LOL). You are one funny guy. I hope Silver Chair is adapted for the big screen as well because I would love to see you continue your role as Eustace (by the way, you deserve an Oscar – not kidding). Looking forward to your new independent flick, also. I think a grittier kind of drama will be a good change of pace to expand on your character roles, and I know you can manage anything. Keep up the good work! Happy Christmas Nick C.

11 From Emma H.

12 You are truly incredible. I was blown away by Son of Rambow, and you continue to impress with School of Comedy and Dawn Treader. I really hope they make Silver Chair. You fit Eustace so well. So much talent for such a young actor!! I think we can expect great things from you (I think I just quoted Harry Potter…) and I really look forward to your future projects, whether film, television, or stage. You are funny, you are adorable, and you seem to be a pleasant person in general. I really wish the best for you. Best regards, Kim D. (a fan from the states :D)

13 Hope you have a very Merry Christmas! I really loved your portrayal of Eustace in Voyage of the Dawn Treader. You made Eustace a very lovable character both pre and post Dragon. Looking forward to your next project. You have great acting talent! Happy New Year! Irene C from San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

14 We hope you have a merry Christmas! It is a festive Season with Lots of fun and Lots of Presents Of all the times of the year, this is by far our favorite Undo your presents with pride then Love and cherish them Trudi and Imogen are fantastic Everyone agrees but Really you are the best. Love Imogen and Trudi P.S. please look at the video we made for you to enjoy your Christmas

15 From Imogen and Trudi Created on

16 Will, As it is my business to monitor site stats and Google search hits and the latest news concerning yourself every day, I probably know this better than most: you are going to be big. Especially since Dawn Treader, you are getting more and more popular – its just that hard for people to ignore your talent. I get more of these kinds of messages that youre about to see than I can count. Anyway, I cant say anything that everybody else hasnt already, but you deserve all the praise you get. All the best to you.

17 FOR SERIES 2 OF SCHOOL OF COMEDY FOR THE RELEASE OF VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER AND FOR TWO NOMINATIONS FOR YOUR PERFORMANCE IN DAWN TREADER! Phoenix Film Critics Society: Best Performance by a Youth, Male London Critics Circle: Young British Performer of the Year Best Wishes for 2011!!

18 Will Poulter Fans

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