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In this issue: - interview: SELENA GOMEZ & JUSTIN BIEBER - - great events - - juicy gossip.

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1 In this issue: - interview: SELENA GOMEZ & JUSTIN BIEBER - - great events - - juicy gossip

2 She has her TV- show, her own clothes line, a lot of songs and 18 millions fans on face book. However, Selena Gomez speak to us like we are her best friends about her success!

3  The song ''who says'' speak about perfection. how do you define this?  For me the perfection has to do with the imperfections. All have defects, which define who they are really.  What causes your success?  Certain to my fans. My audience is the most important thing. When I hadn't their love and support, I don't think that I will can continue what I was doing, because sometimes it's very difficult.  The ''wizards of Waverly place'' is ending soon. are you sad?  I'm terrified. There was something which I done the latest 4.5 years and I don't feel ready to let it.  What kind of ambitions have you about the near future?  I want relax for a while and deal more with acting for small frame of time. In the future I want to married and do a very big family. but obviously I don't think to do something like this now.

4 Born on 1 March 1994 in Strantfornt, Canada, and moved to Atlanta when was needed to promote his career. Height is 1.68m., while the registered trademark is the hair, which is called ‘’THE BIEBER’’! Justin Bieber

5  Outside of many girls, you have a lot of boys fans. How do you feel for this?  One thing is certain: I love all my fans!  Have you ever had a bad experience with a fan?  Thank God, so far it hasn't happen something too crazy. Only one time, when I was giving autographs and the fans wanted to approach me very much, the bar that was between us, felled and crushed my hand. Fortunately it doesn't happen something worse.  Are you religious?  Yes. Ok, not too much, but I believe in God.  Most are you 17. How have the things changed for you?  I can now go to dates. So far this was the only rule of my mother, not to go to dates with girls. But so and else I had violated this rule.  Would you ever go to a date with one of your fans?  Of course!

6 This will be her year. The young singer closed contract with known night club and it's going to appear alongside Onirama and Saki Rouva. Eleni Foureira is seeing her career get better. She says that is excited and that she can't wait to climb to the track. Keira Knightly reveals that in the wedding hers brother she lived...nightmarish moments. Initially threw the drink in her dress, then she threw sauce and when she went to the toilet caught her dress of the door and it was toured.

7 In the highly anticipated new chapter in the series "Twilight", Edward and Bella - and everyone loves - face a range of consequences of their fancy wedding, a romantic honeymoon and the turbulent birth of their child... which leads unexpected and shocking news for Jacob Black One of the most important events of the year is the premiere of Breaking Dawn part 1. Here is the storyline…

8 When you see the dress of Ashley Greene you will be very upset. '‘ Alise Cullen '' is bridesmaid from Edward's and Bella's wedding. The dress is purple, mini and very sensational. One of the most difficult seasons of her life passed Adele. Despite her success the Englishwoman singer and she states unhappy. The reason? Erotic disappointment. Her break up with her former can be the reason of her fantastic CD 21, but is the constant source of unhappiness from Adele.

9 Can Sakis rouvas be better; Even though you may eventually seem incredible! THIS YEAR the winter SAKIS us to count backwards for the premiere. And this because it is from him in December to appear and Onirama stir up that last year the audience Gasoo with strong performances.

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