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ENERPIA Heating Film Guideline of Installation

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1 ENERPIA Heating Film Guideline of Installation
#148-21, Nam-san 2 Dong Jung-Gu, Korea Office, Factory Tel: Fax: DAEWOO ENERTEC, INC

◈ Thank you for purchasing ENERPIA Heating Film. ◈ Please install the film after reading this instruction carefully ◈ Keeping this instruction will help you solve any problems. CONTENTS ① Tool, Material, Trial operation tool ② Structure and installation Diagram ③ Sequence of installation ④ Preparation and floor cleaning ⑤ Cutting heating film and thermal insulation ⑥ Setting thermal insulation ⑦ Electric insulation of the film ⑧ Arrayal and Attaching of the film ⑨ Electric power connection ⑩ installation of heat controller and sensor ⑪ Power connection of heat controller ⑫ Operation manual of heat controller ⑬ Trial operation and finishing arrangement ⑭ After service ⑮ Appended data

Tools Materials No Parts Name Standard Uses 1 Long nose 6”,150mm Electric 2 Stripper 0.13~6mm 3 Driver(+-) Middle 4 Tape measure 7.5~10M Measuring 5 Wire press 1.25_8㎟ Wiring 6 Cutter knife Film cut 7 Scissors 8 Terminal press 9 Terminal Copper 10 Plug 220V/15A Power 11 Hot melt glue gun 40W,¢11 Insulation 12 Measure (Iron) 1M No Parts Name Standard Uses 1 Insulation tape 5mm Insulation 2 Y type wire terminal 2㎡,3.5㎟ Wiring 3 Glue spray3M77 4 Wire mold 5 OPP(BOX) Tape General Parts fixing 6 Wire sleeve 7 Shrinking tube 5¢ 8 9 Electric wire 2/3.5㎟ Power Trial operation tools No Parts Name Standard Uses 1 Surface thermometer 2 Current measure 1,000mA 3 Tester 4 Mega tester Leak test

4 2. Structure and Installation Diagram(Ⅰ)
Cross section view ▶ENERPIA Heating Film is produced by accurate(under 1 micron) printing technology by coating carbon on PET film to radiate heat. The film is so strong that you can not cut it without scissors because the material was heat-treated over 150℃. 0.2mmFabric, PE Foam (Select) 0.275 or 0.338mm Heating Film Thickness 3mm∼10mm Heat Insulator Installation Concrete Floor Insulator Setting Material Film Protector Safeness Installation diagram ▶Steady temperature range and resistance variation - Coating high density carbon particle - Cutting edge doping technology for uniformly printed surface -Continuous development of special equipment for heating film - World class film with the character of insulation and anti-flame - Preventing spark on carbon surface by specialized design - Special waterproof treatment - Laminated insulation film Sensor1 Power Thermostat Sensor2 “Performance of heating film is decided by NANO particle coating technology according to the viscosity and resistance of carbon and silver particle.”

5 2. Structure and Installation Diagram (Ⅱ)
◈ General Installation Cross Section 0.2mm Fabric,PE Form(Select) 0.275 or 0.338mm Heating Film Film Protector (Floor Paper:Protecting Board, Floor Board:Nonwoven Fabric,PE Form) ENERPIA Heating Film Insulator(Electricity, Humidity) Concrete Floor Setting Material (Floor Paper, Floor Board) Thickness 3mm ∼ 10mm Heat Insulator Installation Heat Insulator Floor Paper, Board Fabric, PE Foam etc.

6 2. Structure and Installation Diagram(Ⅲ)
◈ Deco-Tile, Floor Board Installation Cross Section Concrete Floor Heat Insulator 단열재 난방필름 Plywood or Board 합판 Deco tile,Floor Board 3mm ~ 10mm 5mm~10mm Heating Film

7 2. Structure and Installation Diagram(Ⅳ)
◈ Floor Board Installation Cross Section Concrete Floor Heat Insulator 단열재 난방필름 Fabric, PE Foam (Select) 합판 Floor Board 5mm ~ 10mm 0.2mm Heating Film

8 2. Structure and Installation Diagram(Ⅴ)
◈ Floor Paper Installation Cross Section Concrete Floor Heat Insulator 단열재 난방필름 Plywood,Board 합판 Floor Paper 5mm ~ 10mm 5mm Heating Film

9 3. Sequence of installation
Preparation Cutting film Controller Floor cleaning Connecting terminal Heating test Cutting insulation Waterproof taping Test operation Setting insulation Setting film Finishing arrangement

10 4. Preparation and Floor Cleaning
1) Check the material and tools once again. 2) Check the total electrical power of the building to prevent any problem using heating film and other device at the same time. When electric capacity is not enough, you must increase the capacity. 3) Check whether the voltage is 380V when you install in a restaurant or factory. 4) Check the uses , lowest temperature and thermal insulation of the building to decide how much portion of floor you will install. And before working, check putting place and connecting method of the controller and ground line. 5) Check the humidity to decide whether setting down vinyl or tarp on the place. Also you must discuss it with customer before installation. 6) All conditions of the site must be double checked before deciding installation schedule. 7) Clean up the minute dust to make thermal insulation adheres easily. Never use Stiroform(styrene) on the floor. It could cause a fire.

11 5. Cutting heating film and thermal insulation
1) Cut the film according to the direction of installation. (Measurement of Width & length) 2) Use scissors or cutting knife for proper cutting. 3) Be careful not to cut the carbon coated area on the film. 4) Maximum series cutting length. This is decided by capacity of the thermostat capacity. 5) Do not plug in two controller at one outlet because the capacity of two hole outlet is usually less than 2Kw. It’s very dangerous to be overloaded. 6) You must refer to the attached standard when using capacity of more than 2Kw. Table 2) Quantity of heating film when using 4Kw controller Table 1) maximum length Section Current / 3.3㎡ Maxim length 600W 2.7A 50Cm × 16M 80Cm × 10M 1M × 8M Section Quantity of using heating film 600W 50Cm×15M × 2.2 column (3.3 × 5㎡) 50Cm×10M × 2 column (3.3 × 5㎡) 1M×8M × 2 column (3.3× 5㎡)

12 6. Electric insulation of the film
1) Clean up the floor and remove all minute dust. 2) Put some heavy things on the edge because the area does not attach on the floor 3) Use 10 cm of the space with the wall to pass the electric wire. When the wire passes through between each insulations, you have to leave a margin space of more than 2 cm 4) In case the floor has high humidity, You have to complete water proof treatment with vinyl or tarp on the floor to prevent electric leaking. 5) Use the adhesives for floor for this process. 6) Fix each insulations with OPP tape. ※ Caution : Always use the anti-flammable insulation

13 7. Setting Thermal Insulation
1) Heating film needs electric insulation on cut area. 2) Electric insulation is one of most important process of pre-installation work. Install the film by considering electric leakage because the film could sink under water by a natural disaster even though the place is safe in normal. 3) Wrap the copper area with water proof tape and ,in cut area, attach the insulation tape on one side with some margin and wrap it fully after turn it 4) Wrap the tape completely on the cut area. 5) Cut the film exactly as the drawing. And be careful to cut it some 20cm shorter than the length of the floor ( measure the length between the wall and film) 6) For exact cutting, using supporting device is recommended. It is effective to cut the film with insulation. But, insulation must be cut as the same size of the floor.

14 8. Arrayal and Attaching of the Film
1) On the exactly set thermal insulation, attach the electrically insulated heating film evenly. Then connect the controller with thermal sensor and overheating sensor after fix the sensors with tape behind the film. (leave the margin space of minimum 1Cm between each films) 2) Connect the wire not to be crossed and arrange carefully with wire pipe or wire mold to protect them. 3) Check the structure of room or arrangement of furniture to array the film as the type of room. Thermal insulation should be set all of the floor to adjust highs and lows of the floor. 4) Arranging wire is important for function and view. The places where wire is connected are thick and hard. So, it is good to cover them with thermal insulation for conveniences of customer.

15 9. Electric Power Connection
1) Connecting electric wire is the most important process of installation. Exact connection guarantees the long safe use. 2) Wires should have more than 2㎟ thickness to prevent overheating in excessive current. 3) Fix the ground terminal on the copper part with press not to be loose. 4) Insulate it with tape of water proof and electric insulation. 5) Designated controller by ENERPIA should only be used to prevent any problems, and also the AC plug that is connecting controller must be a standard one. 6) Connected part with copper and wire should be treated by hot melt bond, shrinking tube or butyl tape, and then finish it by wrapping with insulation tape once again. 7) When there’s damage by heat on back of the film after connection, prevent the possibility of leakage by treating hot melt bond ,insulation tape and butyl tape Example 2 Example 1 ※ Connect the electricity always in parallel ※ Use different colors of wire(+,-) to prevent mistake

16 10. installation of heat controller and sensor
1) “A” is the part of connection of the 2) The solid line from the controller expresses the temperature sensor that cuts the power at fixed temperature and maintain the 3) The dotted line from the controller expresses the over heating sensor that cuts the power. This complement the temperature sensor when the controller is out of order. 4) The length of the sensor lines are respectively 2M, and the sensors should be installed on the place considering the structure of the floor and should be installed in some distance like the picture. If the sensor line(VW-1, 300V,AWG 24×2) is short, connect it with other line (Maximum length 100M) 5) After installation of controller and all connection, measure the Current(A) and check the heating performance and any problem of the product.

17 11. Power connection of heat controller

18 12. Operation manual of heat controller
1) This temperature controllers go to market with basic set up. Use them after setting up according to the installation place. 2) When you push ‘▲,▼’ button more than 5 second at the same time, It starts function with displaying ‘HH’ mark. Then whenever you push each button, the function will be changed. You can fix the temperature after adjusting by pushing ‘▲,▼’ button at the same time . Then you will move another function automatically. When you set up ‘over heating prevention’ stage, present temperature will be displayed and operation starts. work. Function Display Basic set up Set up range Remark Heating/Cooling H-C HH HH,CC HH-Heating, CC - Cooling Minimum range t-L 20℃ -20℃~120℃ Minimum set up range Maximum range t-H 80℃ Maximum set up range Temp. deviation dIF 1℃ 1℃~-5℃ On or Off between this sep up Temp. Display delay time dLy 20 sec. 1sec ~60sec Delaying operation time when On,off Over heating change Oht 85℃ Power cut when over heating 3) Set exactly according to the table above for best operation and safe use. The over heating prevention function should be less than 50℃ for safety. 4) You could be burned when you set the temperature more that 50℃. 5) Set up the Temp. deviation on 3℃ for electricity saving and reducing relay noise. 6) Installer must set up the controller on his/her own. Then train the users not to change the set up and not to pile up clothes or thick bedquilts on the place far from the over heating sensor

19 13. Trial operation and Finishing arrangement
1) Trial operation – You have to do trial operation after installation. (1) Check out the operation after power connection. If the power breaker is off, check out the electric wire and insulation to see the possible electric leakage or short circuit. (2) Measure the current after maximize the temperature. When the current is smaller than installed space, Check out the electric wire and insulation once again. (3) Check out the normal increase of temperature on all the film space , Over heating and any exterior deform. (4) If the power breaker works, you can think it the problem of electric capacity. (5) Install the finishing material after checking out all of the above. 2) Finishing arrangement (1) You should clean up any garbage like scraps of insulations, films or boxes to prevent any damage on the film during next work like flooring. (2) Instruct the next workers about possible damage of the film. (3) Make sure to leave a contact list to prepare any problem on film. (4) Instruct them finishing material according to the each construction process

20 14. After Service 1) Take a quick and exact steps prior to other installation when costumers ask for A/S. This is directly related with the image of the company and products. 2) Type of A/S (1) Temperature of the floor do not rise. This happens usually by wrong first setting up or customer’s mistaken setting up. Set up the controller again. (2) Power breaker works whenever turn on the system. ① The capacity of heating film is bigger than the power breaker. ② Floor under the film is humid – complement the floor with vinyl or moisture proofing material ③ Damage on the part of electric wire connection under the film (3) Noisy from film Change the left and right electric wire that is coming out from the film to the controller. Have to do ground connection because this is closely related with grounding. (4) The film is damaged by heat ① Check the grounding when damaged area is near electric wire. ② Take a measure to prevent over heating on certain place when the center part is damaged. ③ Change the wire capacity higher when the wire is burned.

21 Permitted Current for each Wire Capacity
15. Appended data Permitted Current for each Wire Capacity Cross section(㎟) Permitted Current (A) 3.5㎟ 37 5.5㎟ 49 8㎟ 61 14㎟ 88 - Select the input and output wire equally Plug and consent wire should be the same. If 3.5㎟ wire is used in the plug, more than 3.5㎟ wire should be used in consent.

22 Cautions for Usage to Prevent Partial Overheating
You can prevent partial overheating by installing Temperature Censor or Overheating Censor. 1. Sofa,Drawer,Show case,Furniture etc. Avoid installation under the place where heavy weight is directly and widely placed as under sofa,Drawer,Show case,Furniture etc. 2. Bed clothes,Floor cushion etc. Don’t get the Bed clothes or floor cushions piled up on certain place to avoid possible partial overheating. 3. Electric blanket, Mat etc. Avoid using other Heating products(Electric Mat etc.) at one time. After film being heated, the shape of floor materials could be deformed.

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