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Product Information of ENERPIA Heating Film

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1 Product Information of ENERPIA Heating Film
ENERPIA heating film is the most advanced far-infrared planar heating element made of insulated and flame-retardant base film applied with carbon heating element, thin-coated with active carbon, a absorbent for contaminants and laminated with PET film after making electrodes with copper bus bar. Unlike a normal heater, the carbon heating element applied all over the film emits far infrared radiant heat good for the health uniformly so that you can feel warmth like sunlight. Since the exterior material for film heater is a special polyester fabrics with a special waterproofing treatment not to contact the air, it is a future-oriented heater for wall, ceiling or floor heating which can be used almost semi-permanently. The performance of heating film depends on dispersion technology of nano particles by adhesion and resistance of carbon particles, silver particles and others. What is heating film, a planar heating element? The planar heating element emits a radiant heat generated from electric energy conducted and absorbed by wide surface of thin film itself; i.e. a directly and momentarily transferred heating method without process of convective or conductive heat transfer, so it has many advantages such as no loss of heat, time not required for maintaining heating, desirable temperature obtainable through a digital temperature controller, no problem in heating except the damaged part if a part of heating film damaged, simplicity in installation, low load on the building and easiness in maintenance. DAEWOO ENERTEC, INC 1/10

2 Structure OF ENERPIA Heating film
▶ENERPIA Heating Film is produced by accurate (under 1 micron) printing technology by coating carbon on PET film to radiate heat. The film is so strong that you can not cut it without scissors because the material was heat-treated over 150℃. ▶Steady temperature range and resistance variation - Coating high density carbon particle - Cutting edge doping technology for uniformly printed surface -Continuous development of special equipment for heating film - World class film with the character of insulation and anti-flame - Preventing spark on carbon surface by specialized design - Special waterproof treatment - Laminated insulation film Safeness DAEWOO ENERTEC, INC 2/10

3 Effect of ENERPIA Heating film
Economical Heating - Lower cost by 30% than electric heat, 60% and more than oil boiler - Reduction of construction cost because of installation available within very short period - Energy saving because of sectional heating available - Adoption of automatic control (centralized control) system available Radiant heating by far infrared rays - Rapid heating available - Radiant heating by far infrared rays makes room warm evenly without variation in temperature.. - Comfortable heating effect in comparatively low room temperature comparing with convective type of heating Simple installation and workability - Simple installation comparing with wet-mortar method. - Construction finished by installation between flooring material and insulations Excellent durability - Usable semi-permanently - Simple in structure with little trouble Heating method without combustion - Flameless heating method without generation of carbon monoxide, dust and combustion noise Quiet and clean heating - Emitting plenty of far infrared rays and anions due to heating by carbon Far infrared ray / Anion : Remove odors in the room, Good for human body, Create pleasant room air. DAEWOO ENERTEC, INC 3/10

4 Components and Principle of ENERPIA Heating Film
Components of Film Principle of Heating Installation diagram Part Function Material Thickness Control criteria at manufacture Insulation part Base Film PET 125,188,250,350 Insulation and flame-retardancy Laminate Film 75 Adhesive General heating EVA Adhesion Thermal resistance High heat EEA Heating part Carbon Doping Carbon Maintaining uniform resistance Uniform printed surface Electric conduction part Copper bus bar Copper 0.05mm Electric conductivity Silver bus bar Silver Conductivity Adhesion Dispersion Sensor1 Power Thermostat Sensor2 Power Copper Bus Bar Silver Bus Bar Carbon Black Generating heat by Electric resistance Ω of carbon black itself applied on film (Center Outside) DAEWOO ENERTEC, INC 4/10

5 Characteristic of component of ENERPIA heating film (Ⅰ)
1. Carbon Paste, Heating part of ENERPIA HEATING FILM Carbon Black is a material obtained from carbon © like diamond as a main ingredient and applied to automobile, ink or cosmetics. It is called carbon fiber to do heat treatment at 1,000-3,000℃ and graphite fiber to do heat treatment at more than 2,500℃ through manufacturing process. Graphite is widely used as a material for electric heating element because of its high resistance to heat, its low coefficient of resistance and excellent thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. Depending on mixing ratio of carbon and graphite in carbon strip, the part of heat generation in heating, adhesion, resistance, etc can be adjusted. (It is to use properties of roun molecular structure of carbon and tabular structure of graphite.) DAEWOO ENERTEC, INC 5/10

6 Characteristic of component of ENERPIA Heating film (Ⅱ)
2. Silver Paste, Conduction part of ENERPIA FILM Heater Silver paste, a conductive pasting material, is a low temperature type of conductive paste applied to planar heating element, which has excellent property for screen printing, high conductivity, excellent flexibility and excellent adhesion to P.E.T with Laminex. Test of resistance results in less than 0.1Ω. ◈ If resistance of silver paste, the planar heating element, is high, it may cause sparks and problem in safety. The lower resistance of conductor , the higher electrical efficiency. 3. P.E.T (polyethylene terephthalate) material for ENERPIA FILM Heater P.E.T Polyester (Polyethylene terephthalate) ◈ Characteristics of P.E.T Film • Excellent electric or electrothermal wire widely used as an electric insulation for power generator, transformer, etc. Applied to heat sensitive areas such as film, coating, etc because of its low thermal shrinkage (Shrinkage rate +/-2% at placement for 20 minutes at 150℃) • High strength and elasticity • Excellent durability against chemical reaction • UV-protective effect • Little ingredients hazardous to environment at incineration ◈ Required property of PET for heating film : Adhesion, Insulation and flame-retardancy, No shrinkage DAEWOO ENERTEC, INC 6/10

7 Characteristic of component of ENERPIA Heating Film (Ⅲ)
4. BASE FILM for electric insulation of ENERPIA FILM Heater ◈ Film as a heating material must be applied with a material for electric and electronic use. ◈ Film material for ENERPIA FILM HEATER is a product with high turbidity excellent in insulation. Item Application cat. Detailed application Breakdown voltage UL flame retardant certificate Color Price Polyester Film Graphic Printing, engraving, label No data None Transparent Low DISPLAY Display Diffusion plate Electric & electronic use Covering wire Insulation, Fire proof 125 17Kv 188 19Kv VTM - 2 Increase of insulation chip Milky (Semi-transparent) High 5. E.V.A, E.E.A, heat resistant adhesives for ENERPIA FILM Heater ◈ Adhesives for laminating in process of manufacturing heating film are mainly applied with E.V.A (Ethylene-vinylacetate) and E.E.A (Ethylene-Ethylacylate). ◈ Adhesion of laminating part is very important for heating film to prevent from moisture penetration, thermal resistance and formation of air layer in the film. DAEWOO ENERTEC, INC 7/10

8 Comparison with other product(Ⅰ)
1.Overall coating type vs Strip type Hottest part Current Overall coating type Q=V²/R If a spark occurs, it is spread over all area. - Leakage current is very large. Strip type Q=V²/R=I²xR If a spark occurs, it is limited to a strip. Leakage current is limited to a strip. ex) 13mA at 50cm 250Watt. Overall coated planar heating film Strip type of planar heating film DAEWOO ENERTEC, INC 8/10

9 Comparison with other product(Ⅱ)
Overall coating method Strip type printing method Uneven temperature due to uneven thickness of coating Very difficult practically to have uniform coating on the area (Including both direction of MD and TD to be coated). Current tends to flow toward lower resistance like water, so temperature deviation between sectional cold part and hot part may occur irregularly, if there is resistance deviation due to lack of uniformity. Resistance per strip is relatively uniform, and then temperature distribution is comparatively uniform. Also PET film (Polyester film) applied to the product is a top grade of film excellent in electric insulation, physical, chemical and mechanical properties, which is available only from SKC Toray and Saehan. Fire risk due to overall heating Heat is generated from whole area, so it has very high probability to make fire if heat is not released because of pressure of heavy objects such as refrigerator. Its relatively safe because it has spaces not to generate heat, through which heat can be released. Spread of spark and fire from defected part / Risk of electric shock If a spark occurs, it spread over all area. Leakage current is very large. If a spark occurs, it is limited to a strip. Leakage current is limited to a strip.. Ex) 13mA at 50cm 250Watt Handling of cutting part at installation Entire insulation and water proofing treatment on both copper tape part and carbon heating layer are required. Carbon heating layer has the uncoated cutting line, so it is all right if only copper tape part is treated well. Conventional overall coating method The procedure of overall coating method is to coat conductive carbon ink after laying copper bus bar as electrodes on non-woven base film, which is a part to have mostly electrical troubles. Coating thickness is respectively very thinner than copper bus bar, so it makes the remarkable difference of thickness between copper bus bar part and base film part, which is a factor for electrical troubles. Materials used for film are non-woven fabrics to absorb moisture well and PET film with perfect insulation property without blocking moisture, so it does not make any electrical troubles due to moisture. DAEWOO ENERTEC, INC 9/10

10 Comparison with other product(Ⅲ)
Design of Copper Busbar and Silver busbar ENERPIA A Co. Silver busbar Copper Busbar Copper Busbar Silver Busbar ◈ Electric current flow through the cooper busbar. Allowable current can high when use wider copper busbar. However the thickness of the cooper busbar is also important. ◈ Silver Busbar: The Product of A co. is focus on do not meet the copper and carbon. So it is well prevent the resistance. However electric current floor less. When less electric current flows, there appears a problem of heat. DAEWOO ENERTEC, INC 10/10

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