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JOCWorks TM The Efficient Cost Estimating & Project Management Solution for Facility Construction, Renovation, Repair, and Sustainability. © Copyright.

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1 JOCWorks TM The Efficient Cost Estimating & Project Management Solution for Facility Construction, Renovation, Repair, and Sustainability. © Copyright 2012, 4Clicks Solutions, LLC Local Rights Reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

2 What is JOCWorks? The BEST electronic presentation of RSMeans Cost Data Software Technology to efficiently deploy & manage Job Order Contracting (JOC) programs #1 #2

3 Who uses JOCWorks? Anyone doing a lot of RSMeans-based line item cost estimates Owners, Contractors, AEs working on, or hoping to work on JOC programs. #1 #2 Anyone sharing, collaborating on RSMeans- based line item cost estimates #3 Non-DOD Federal Government, County, State, Local Government, Higher Education, K-12 School ISDs, Airports… #4

4 Built to enable Collaboration among Owners, Contractors, Subs, & AEs. Enhanced 400,000 Line Item Enhanced RSMeans Cost Data* Integrated Estimate, Project, Contract, & Document Management Automated Owner/Contractor Estimate Comparisons *Including Full Descriptions, References, Graphics, Specifications Exclusive JOCWorks Features

5 Set Contract Coefficients Manage Multiple Project with Multiple Coefficients Track and Report RSMeans Line Items and non-RSMeans Items (Priced and non-Priced) Specifications Linked to Cost Estimate Track Project Status – From Concept Through Warranty Additional JOCWorks Features

6 JOCWorks Software Overview Accuracy, Transparency, Improved Productivity

7 Rapid Implementation Easy-to-use, Single seat to Network/INTERNET deployment Consistent Usage Organizations JOC procedures embedded in software Transparency System-wide RSMeans-based UPB (North American Standard) Collaboration Built-in estimate/project/document/contract management Performance Gains Estimate re-use, shorter project timelines JOCWorks Benefits

8 JOCWorks Basic Targets Sub-Contractors who estimate and dont require contract, document, or project management features. Includes the Basic Version of eTakeoff. JOCWorks Advanced For General Contractors and Sub-Contractors who require multiple project management, document management, contract management, advanced estimating features, exporting to Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel importing other external databases. Includes the Pro Version of eTakeoff. JOCWorks PRO For Owners to estimate and manage entire contracts or programs in a single product. Premier is used through-out the country on single and multiple award JOC and IDIQ contracts. Estimate Comparison and Technical Evaluation features are included in this version. Includes the Premier Version of eTakeoff. Perpetual and Subscription Pricing Models JOCWorks Software Versions

9 NOT competitive products CostWorks is an excellent electronic version of as is RSMeans Cost Books without line modifiers, enhancements, estimate / project / contractor /contract / document management or visual estimating/QTO. JOCWorks is an advanced estimating, project management, contract management, document management package inclusive of visual estimating. JOCWorks vs. CostWorks

10 JOCWorks Software – Traditional perpetual license and subscription pricing models Custom Unit Price Book / Cost Data Engineering Services Software Training* - Owners, Contractors, and AEs Consulting and Marketing to Support JOC Program * Regional, On-site, Virtual/Remote JOCWorks – Full Product & Services Offerings

11 Why does JOCWorks costs much more than CostWorks? JOCWorks is a powerful, integrated, and collaborative cost estimating and project management software package. The initial cost difference is insignificant vs. the value JOCWorks provides via more accurate estimates, fewer owner/contractor negotiations, and the ability to create estimates, including specification in hours vs. days, or minutes vs. hours. Can I create custom line items in addition to RSMeans line items? a. Yes. Custom line items can be created for the Owners UPB, or a totally custom UPB or IDIQ price book used. b. Once a UPB is created and the JOC program is running, and non-priced items are noted and appropriately handled. How often is the UPB cost data updated. This is entirely up to the Owner when establishing the JOC contract. We recommend annual price updates at a minimum, with quarterly updates via CCI available. Frequently Asked Questions

12 How old is JOC? JOC is proven to be an extremely efficient construction delivery method vs. tradition design-bid-build for the numerous renovation, repair, sustainability and minor new construction projects encountered by Owners, Contractors, and AEs. JOC was first deployed in the 1980s and is currently being used to manage billions of dollars of projects annually. Documented savings have been demonstrable via more efficient procurement, shorter overall project timelines, and better, longer term owner/contractor relationships.

13 A Primer for Job Order Contracting (JOC) (Source - Material adapted from work done by Lisa Cooley, Centennial Contractors) Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a method of managing multiple details of renovation, rehabilitation, repair, and other construction projects on a predetermined set of pricing and standards. By using JOC customers take advantage of a process that is fast and responsive to their needs while providing excellent quality construction. --Center for Job Order Contracting Excellence (

14 Faster project delivery (3-9 months less) Streamlined engineering and design Cost visibility/transparency Better contractor performance Integrated Team - Partnering/collaborative owner/contractor relationship More opportunities for local business Effective use of year-end funds Higher overall satisfaction* JOC Benefits / Results *Mulcahy, Francis S. The Effectiveness of Partnering and Source Selection in Job Order Contracting. Masters Thesis, University of Washington, 2000.

15 JOC / non-JOC Timeline Comparison

16 Long-term contract fosters a higher level of investment in making the working relationship work. A program not a project. Allows development of a trusted partner. A Long Term Program… not just another project!

17 Pricing structure relies on a Unit Price Book Standardized, but enhanced 400,000 line item RS Means Cost Data Custom and/or localized UPB and/or line items. Competitively-bid coefficient (multiplier, factor) establishes pricing at the outset of the contract. Coefficient includes all costs including materials, labor, overhead, profit, and sometimes bond and tax. Example: 1 SF Drywall $1.00 Coefficient Contractual Price $0.92 The Pricing of JOC Projects

18 Delivery orders are firm fixed price, lump sum UPB is an estimating tool Unit price proposals represent contractors committed priceit converts to lump sum Change orders rare, and with consistent pricing structure Brings IPD/CM advantages to smaller projects but in an efficient way with an at- risk incentive to perform. 18 JOC Delivery Order Pricing

19 Items not appearing in the Unit Price Book are considered Non Pre-priced Items (NPP) Typical NPP options: NPP coefficient serves as a markup on three transparent subcontractor bids NPP markup can be set per contract provisions Once a new unit price is negotiated it can be incorporated into the contract Some contracts will prohibit or limit NPP items as a percentage of delivery orders. Sample Contractor Bid: UPB Coefficient.92 applied to line items NPP Coefficient 1.18 applied to actual sub costs Non-priced Items

20 Either the Unit Price Book or the Coefficient is usually adjusted annually Dynamic cost databases generally maintain the same coefficient Customized price books typically adjust coefficient annually according to an industry benchmark (RSMeans City Cost Index-CCI), and/or add customer-specific unit price line items Goal is to help contractor and owner manage risk Dynamic vs. Static Costs

21 Change Orders are rare in JOC Owner-initiated Truly unforeseen conditions UPB governs original scope of work and scope added after Puts owners at an advantage when directing changes in the work Change Orders and JOC

22 Analyzing potential JOC volume Review historic project data (2-3 years) and reconcile with budget projections. Segregate projects by size, location, type, etc. What will your JOC bandwidth be? All-inclusive, or selective? As defined by scope, or urgency. Size limits? Consider in-house capabilities, other contract vehicles, and political influences Define contract footprint, including potential regionalization Single or multiple award Numbers to consider. $3Mminimum annual volume for standalone JOC program $6Mmaximum efficiencies are achieved, allowing addition of support staff Many owners with less volume can access JOC through purchasing cooperatives Owners Preparing for JOC

23 Assess in-house capabilities Project Management Capacity Skillsets Line-item estimating, or ability to review estimates, Proactive definition of scope, In-house maintenance crews Training Plan How will JOC interface with your design professionals? Flowcharting how JOC process will interface with purchasing, management and board approvals One Owners Management Plan: Each PM manages projects simultaneously, up to 50 per year Owners Preparing for JOC

24 Company culture of high performance needed to succeed in JOC? Ability and capacity to create productive teams? Proactive rather than reactive? Line item estimating capabilities? Contractors Preparing for JOC

25 Considerations that drive the coefficient: Contract volume (higher volume = ) Geographic dispersion of projects (further apart = ) Type of work Average size and size range of delivery orders Three Ss: Supervision, Security, Safety Contract Administration Cost For RS Means, Division 1 provisions and column used (Bare Costs vs. O&P column) UPB used Marketing costs Look at historic coefficients, but beware of changes that can impact the coefficient! Contractors Preparing for JOC

26 Bidding the Coefficient: Two Approaches Historic Costs Reconcile 2-3 historic projects where final costs are known against a line item estimate generated from UPB Focus on Divisions 2, 9, Mechanical and Electrical? Program Costs Calculate total personnel and overhead costs to manage the program, reconcile with typical project costs and then reconcile unit costs with select line items Contractors Preparing for JOC

27 Once a JOC Program is in place, client project demands/requests happen over the contract term. This starts the JOC Process: The JOC Process

28 Scope Variability - Detail of Owner scope preparation varies according to: Owner preference and skillset Owner people resources available When in planning cycle project was identified for JOC Owner Provides: Project Need, Target Budget Owner Provides: Defined Scope Document Owner Provides: Complete Bid Documents More turnkey, contractor led More proactive owner involvement Range of Owner Participation The JOC Process - SCOPE

29 Typically within days Collaborative Process Goal of capturing every necessary component of work Site Visits

30 Demo / dispose of 3 existing lights Reuse existing circuit for new lights. Remove & replace 2 existing HVAC grilles Install gyp ceiling at 8' 8" with 4 new surface mounted explosion proof lights. Relocate existing smoke detector to new ceiling Demo CMU for 42" opening min. (exist opening +/- 36") Demo & dispose of existing metal partitions and replace with new 4" CMU covered completely with ceramic tile, with one block scupper at bottom of each Remove and reinstall existing 3 urinals and 2 commodes Demo ceramic tile, floors and walls, (exist ceramic on walls is approx. 8'-0" high) Owner/Contractor-Joint Scope Development /Documentation

31 Performed in- house Included in coefficient Will engage design professional when needed Major building system engineering Structural Life-safety Targeted or Incidental Design

32 Presented to owner for approval Important confirmation step for aligning vision and expectations prior to proceeding with labor-intensive line item proposal Scope and Work Plan Submitted to Owner

33 The JOC Process - PROPOSAL

34 Generation of the line item estimate Assurance of a fair price: – Are the line items appropriate? – Are the quantities correct? Owner has to understand the process and have faith that it provides competitive value Proposal Format


36 Project Execution

37 The Program First used JOC through a cooperative, then solicited their own contract Sophisticated owner that uses JOC in a targeted way RSMeans UPB The Value Badged and screened contractor and subcontractors who understand the security logistics of working in an airport environment A contractor who will go the extra mile to meet ambitious schedules Faster, Faster, Faster! Case Study – DFW Airport (Dallas/Fort Worth)

38 JOC is a form of IPD – Integrated Project Delivery Emphasis on Pricing Transparency Integration Across the Building Lifecycle JOC of the Future Blog Technology Changes: – Link to Building Information Modeling – Cost Databases and Estimating Approaches will further evolve to reveal lifecycle costs Greater Good goals – Small and disadvantaged business utilization – Sustainability The Future of JOC

39 Center for Job Order Contracting Excellence RS MeansUnit Price Books, Training, JOC Consulting Robert Gair, 4clicksEstimating/Management software for JOC programs Kosten-Technik InternationalJOC estimating services for owners and contractors Job Order Contracting - RESOURCES

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