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JOB ORDER CONTRACTING Contract Management Department 8/28/121.

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1 JOB ORDER CONTRACTING Contract Management Department 8/28/121

2 What is Job Order Contracting? JOC is an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (ID/IQ), responsive contracting tool ID/IQ is a contract type whereby an indefinite quantity of work is issued in a fixed contract period Contract is based substantially on unit pricing COAs JOC uses, R.S. Means for Facility Construction Cost Data In COA, JOC is used for facility improvements 8/28/122

3 What is Job Order Contracting? (cont.) Work is usually minor in nature with a short construction duration (usually less than 90 days) Quicker response from multiple JOC Contractors Contractor furnishes all labor, materials, equipment, and supervision for the work 8/28/123

4 What is Job Order Contracting? (cont.) Contract term is usually two (2) years with renewal options Job Order Contract establishes a general scope of work or services The Contract establishes special requirements and general conditions of the contract 8/28/124

5 Competitive Proposal Process JOC Contractors are selected through a competitive proposal process Competitive evaluation factors include, but not limited to: past experience & quality of service, qualifications of key personnel, safety record/program, coefficient price (O/P), etc. The coefficient price is the only price component in the solicitation 8/28/125

6 How do Work Orders Work? Contracting Entity identifies Work need and develops a scope JOC Contractor visits the project location with Contracting Entity to clarify scope JOC Contractor submits to Contracting Entity its unit price list proposal of all required work items including coefficient factor 8/28/126

7 How do Work Orders Work? (cont.) Work Order pricing is based on a designated unit price book (UPB) consisting of numerous detailed line items for construction work JOC Contract stipulates the UPB to be used Contracting Entity reviews unit price proposal and if acceptable, issues Notice to Proceed with Work 8/28/127

8 Benefits to Job Order Contracting Fast and responsive Quality work from quality contactors Dependability of contractors Multiple projects (work) at a time Project unit prices are pre-determined by Unit Price Book Partnership/collaboration minimizes risk of change orders 8/28/128

9 Statutory Authority for JOC Texas Government Code 2267 authorizes the use of Job Order Contracting method for maintenance, repair, alteration, renovation, remediation, or minor construction of a facility This authority does not allow JOC for: Large scale new building construction Civil Engineered-type work such as roads and utilities 8/28/129

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