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Procurement and Tendering Presentation to [NAME OF CLIENT] [YOUR NAME] [DATE]

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1 Procurement and Tendering Presentation to [NAME OF CLIENT] [YOUR NAME] [DATE]

2 Agenda 1. OAA - Background 2. Procurement of Architectural Services 3. OAA Model Procurement Documents 4. Industry Tendering Practices 5. CCDC 2, 2008 Stipulated Price Contract

3 OAA - Background Self-Regulating, Self-Governing profession established under the Architects Act. OAA governs its members and regulates the practice of architecture in the public interest 3,316 architects; 1,385 intern architects; and 140 associates Establishes standards of qualification for license Set standards of practice, performance and conduct and entry to the profession Supports profession with tools & resources to ensure continued competence

4 Procurement of Architectural Services How Do We Achieve: Engagement of the most suitable consultant(s) Long-term savings through reduced life-cycle costs? Timely delivery? Quality and sustainability? Innovation and added value? Improved economic, social and environmental quality of life? Taxpayer confidence?


6 Opportunities to Improve Outcome Level of Influence Time Construction Design Operations & Maintenance 100% 0% 50%

7 $ of Opportunities to Improve Outcome Time Cost of Making Changes Construction Design Operations & Maintenance

8 Establishing common objectives; agreeing on desired outcome Understanding cost-benefit-risk relationships Clarifying roles and responsibilities (trusted advisor) Selecting the right A/E team for the job (qualifications) Determining needed resources (fees and schedule) Procurement is Key

9 OAA Model Procurement Documents Statement of Qualifications - SoQ Request for Proposals - RFP Quality Based Selection Guide - QBS A Guide to Determining Appropriate Fees for the Services of an Architect OAA Document 600, 2008 - Standard Form of Contract for Architect’s Services

10 Evaluate and pre-qualify Consultant Team Architects and Engineers (A/E) Shortlist of firms proceeding to RFP stage Solicit interest from Qualified firms Step One: S of Q

11 What’s in the S of Q? Project Preliminary Overview Scope of Services Required Terms & Conditions of the Contract Specifics of the SoQ Submission Requirements Evaluation Criteria Details of Evaluation Process

12 Document to solicit offers for Consulting Services from Architectural Firms. Specific details for RFP will vary from one project to another. Content and structure for RFP is critically dependant on the type of services requested OAA has created user-friendly template documents to assist Procurement Officer Step Two – The RFP

13 What’s in the RFP? Project Details Terms & Conditions of the RFP phase Specifics of the RFP submission reqm’ts Proposal and evaluation criteria Details of Evaluation Process

14 Professionals compete based on qualifications and client’s needs Client ranks proposals: best service to achieve project objectives A detailed scope established with preferred proponent: including deliverables Appropriate fees and schedule: that achieve the client’s objectives ‘Selecting an Architect’ How does QBS Work?

15 OAA Model Procurement Documents A Guide to Determining Appropriate Fees for the Services of An Architect Nationally endorsed document produced by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) Developed to assist clients and architects in determining appropriate fees Design projects vary widely and provision of services have evolved considerably – fees vary

16 Scope of services matrix

17 Architecture/ A/E Services are a good Investment

18 Procurement and Fees What’s Wrong with the Lowest Price Rewards firms for using fewer resources on behalf of the client (e.g. less experienced and less senior staff) Penalizes firms with greater appreciation of the client’s needs Penalizes firms that accurately anticipate complications or that propose innovation Increased cost to client (more staff time and resources)

19 OAA Document 600, 2008 Standard Form of Contract for Architect’s Services Fair and balanced Industry recognized terms & conditions - efficient User friendly and accessible on OAA web-site Schedules allow for easy identification and understanding Current & coordinated with other industry docs (CCDC 2 etc.)

20 Best Practices – What’s in it for the client? The client gets: Right team for right job More realistic schedules and budgets A more efficient building Fewer change orders and disputes Better business relationship between client/consultants/contractors/external agencies Better service, better quality & better value for taxpayers

21 Supply Chain Guide Government’s Supply Chain Guideline for Ontario’s broader public sector organizations has meant changes to existing procurement policies and procedures The OAA tools evolved to facilitate ease of use and implementation in conjunction with Guideline.

22 Industry Bidding & Tendering Practices Client, with the help of the architect, selects the contractor CCDC 23 – A Guide to Calling Bids and Awarding Construction Contracts Architect’s responsibilities: “assist and advise the Client in obtaining bids and negotiated proposals and in awarding and preparing contracts for construction.”

23 Contract A / Contract B Preparing Bid Documents Instructions to Bidders Bid Form, Contract breakdown List of subcontractors and prices List of Bid documents Contract Requirements

24 Calling for Bids Bid Solicitation Document Availability Bid Period and Scheduling Meetings and Enquiries Receiving Bids Closing date/time Procedures Contract Award

25 CCDC 2, 2008 Stipulated Price Contract Industry recognized construction contract prepared by national joint Committee Parties to contract are Client and General Contractor Architect responsible for administration of the contract, however not a signatory CCDC 20 – Guide to use of CCDC 2 Three sections: Agreement, Definitions, General Conditions + Supplementary Conditions

26 OAA/OGCA recommended supplementary Conditions: developed in consultation and agreement with the Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA) in alignment with supplementary conditions previously established in consultation with specific owner groups and industry partners. OGCA has issued it to their members with the advice that they were developed in consultation with the OAA Issued to ensure fair and balanced contract for all Accessible on OAA and OGCA Web sites OAA Practice Tip 23.1 provides explanation to each SC

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