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Trimble Field Controllers

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1 Trimble Field Controllers
Trimble Site Positioning Systems Trimble Field Controllers

2 TSC3

3 Introducing the Trimble TSC3
Next generation of the TSC family of controllers Enhanced feature set over the TSC2 More connectivity with 3G support Digital 5MP camera Internal GPS Sunlight readable display Biggest screen for this controller class in the market (4.2” vs 3.5”)

4 TSC3 Standard Features Optional 2.4GHz Total Station Radio Module
Trimble brand – full Trimble servicing and support 5MP auto-focus camera with flash 4.2” VGA touch screen (640 x 480 pixel) 800MHz ARM Cortex A8 Processor ABCD Keypad 256 MB RAM, 8GB internal Memory IP67 rating to stand up to the physical requirements of a construction site Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Operating System

5 TSC3 Standard Features Bluetooth Integrated Wireless LAN 802.11b/g
Internal GPS (WAAS enabled) Internal 3G modem Up to 34 Hour Battery Pack USB Host DC power port 9-pin serial port Mini-USB Client

6 What can the TSC3 used for?
On-pole solution for GPS & total stations Standalone handheld for inspection tasks Taking geo-tagged photos of site issues Locating yourself on the digital plan without connecting to SPS GNSS or UTS Calculating material requirements quickly Syncing data to/from the Connected Community

7 Who is the new TSC3 for? Supervisors Site Foremen Site Engineers
Grade Checkers Surveyors Small Site Contractors Machine Operators Anyone who needs a position on site

8 Display Size Comparison
TSC3 – 4.2 inch TSC2 – 3.8 inch Leica and Topcon – 3.5 inch 45% more display than competition 36% more display area than TSC2

9 Display Quality Comparison
Discuss More map fitting on the screen Higher resolution – linework clearer – text more readable Sharper looking icons and buttons

10 Applications – SCS900 Grade checks, thickness checks, as-builts, in-field volumes Stake and measure points, lines, surfaces with GPS or total stations Measure site calibration, check and establish control on site Infield designs and COGO calculations Progress volumes Profile and stockpile scanning Automated point measurement Stake and check simple/complex roads

11 Benefits of the TSC3 Inbuilt 3G modem makes connection to the internet simple and fast More information is visible with the large 4.2” display More memory and better processor allows handling of bigger design data files Much faster than TSC2 Auto-focus camera with flash for taking pictures and attaching them to SCS900 measurements Gives total control of site operations with connectivity and integrated GPS Keypad allows quick and direct input of information even in winter when wearing gloves

12 Product Comparison Feature Trimble TSC2 Trimble TSC3 Field Software
Trimble SCS900 Core Road Advanced Measurement Module Operating System Windows Mobile 5.0 Windows Mobile 6.5 Processor 520 MHz Intel PXA 270 XScale 800 MHz ARM Cortex-A8 Memory 128 MB RAM, 512 MB Internal 256 MB RAM, 8 GB Internal Display 3.8” QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) 4.2” VGA (640 x 480 pixels) I/O USB host, USB client, 9-pin serial, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi b, 2.4 GHz radio USB host, USB client, 9-pin serial, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi b/g, quad-band 3G cellular modem, 2.4 GHz robotic radio Expandable USB host, CF slot, SD slot USB host, SD slot Camera - 5 MP auto-focus with dual LED flash GPS Yes (WAAS enabled) Compass Yes Accelerometer

13 Part Numbers & Availability
Description TSC3362 CU - TSC3, w/SCS900, no internal 2.4 GHz radio TSC3362RD CU - TSC3, w/SCS900 Core & Road, no internal 2.4 GHz radio TSC3372 CU - TSC3, w/SCS900, internal 2.4 GHz radio (Global) TSC33372RD CU - TSC3, w/SCS900 Core & Road, internal 2.4 GHz radio (Global) TSC3338 CU - TSC3, w/SCS900, internal 2.4 GHz radio (French) TSC3338RD CU - TSC3, w/SCS900 Core & Road, internal 2.4 GHz radio (French)

14 What comes in the box? Trimble TSC3 Controller
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Battery International AC charger USB data cable Controller pouch Hand strap Stylus pen & tether (x2) Screen protectors (x15) Audio and I/O port dust caps Range pole bracket and instrument connection cables must be ordered separately.

15 TSC3 Accessories Replacement battery Single battery charger
Power supply kit Vehicle charging cable Stylus pen kit Hand strap Screen protectors Note: Not all part numbers are available for immediate shipping. Please refer to the Trimble TSC3 Part Number & Accessories in Trimble Store & SPS Price Book

16 TSC3 Accessories Range pole bracket Tripod bracket USB cable
Audio jacket dust cover I/O port dust cover Carrying pouch 2.4 GHz radio antenna Note: Not all part numbers are available for immediate shipping. Please refer to the Trimble TSC3 Part Number & Accessories in Trimble Store & SPS Price Book

17 Sales & Marketing Material
Trimble TSC3 Datasheet Trimble TSC3 Specification Sheet Product Bulletin Sales PPT New SPS brochure Price Book TSC3 FAQs

18 TSC3 v Leica CS15 v Topcon FC-2500
Fastest processor (Leica is same as TSC2) Most storage (8GB, 1GB, 2GB) Better camera than Leica (5MP vs 2MP) Better battery life than Leica (34 hrs vs 10hrs) Only controller with 3G as standard Largest Screen (45% more display area) Clearest Screen with higher resolution than Topcon Wifi, 3G and cable connectors are optional on Leica They quote weight and size without these options

19 Trimble Tablet for Construction

20 The Trimble Tablet

21 Standard Features Sunlight readable 7-inch widescreen display
1.3 MP Webcam Extended cap to protect internet data card User-definable function buttons Directional and Enter button for simple screen navigation Power button with raised ridge to prevent accidental pressing Trimble brand – full Trimble servicing and support IP67 Rugged design exceeds the physical requirements of a construction site Microsoft Win7

22 Standard Features 2 MP camera In-built GPS with SBAS corrections
SDIO memory slot Hot-swappable extended batteries – 8 hours of field work Magnetic stylus holder In-built wi-fi and Bluetooth Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor with 1GB RAM Convenient handstrap 32GB Solid State Hard Drive

23 Standard Features Microphone/line-in mini-jack Office dock connector
9-pin serial port Two USB ports DC power port Headphone/speaker mini-jack

24 Trimble Tablet with SCS900 TTE
SCS900 TTE specifically designed for Site Supervisors Site Engineers Grade Checkers Construction Surveyors Task oriented software reduces learning curve and increases productivity from day 1 Use with Trimble Connected Community to access the same data on site and in the office to facilitate instantaneous decision making

25 SCS900 TTE User Interface Sidebar that can be toggled on/off
Sidebar shows all menu items “Trimble Button” options shown here Turn Sidebar off to make use of full screen Use of internal GPS for location GPS New status box Displays satellite view, GPS precisions or TS info Large dialog boxes More realistic Icon Sizes New User Interface ONLY applies to the Trimble Tablet

26 Sidebar

27 Status Box

28 Large Dialog Boxes

29 Benefits of the Trimble Tablet
Rugged waterproof design is ideal for tough construction environments Connectivity allows user to take full advantage of the Trimble Connected Community with SCS900 TCC Sync Site Supervisors and SCS900 users have never had it easier with powerful new user interface and large sunlight readable display Full Windows Vista operating system means that all computing tasks can take place in field One call support – hardware and software issues solved with one call Take control of Machine Data on site

30 Part Numbers & Availability
Description TAB136 CU Trimble Tablet w/SCS900 TTE, Core Module Only TAB136RD CU Trimble Tablet w/SCS900 TTE, Core & Road Module

31 What comes in the box? What is included with these part numbers?
Trimble Tablet Two extended batteries Stylus Extended cap (for use with internet data card) Hand Strap AC Power adapter SCS900 TTE License card Two screen protectors Trimble Business Center Terramodel FDM

32 Tablet Accessories 69762-00 – 12V Vehicle Charger
– 5.1Ah Extended Battery – Range Pole Bracket w/2.4GHz Radio Hook – Vehicle Mount – External 2.4 GHz radio (Global) – External 2.4 GHz radio (France) – Office Docking Station – Rugged USB Keyboard More accessories available.

33 SCS900 TTE Installation FAQs
Is SCS900 TTE pre-installed on the Trimble Tablet? No, Windows 7 has to be registered with Microsoft within 30 days of switching the Tablet on for the first time. We do not know who the end-user will be or when the Trimble Tablet will be delivered, so therefore do not switch the unit on. Download the latest version of SCS900 TTE from

34 Utility Program FAQs Are there any non-standard Win7 programs that are included with the Trimble Tablet? Yes, there is a camera utility that operates both forward and user facing cameras. The camera utility manages both video and still photo capture. All photos can be geo-tagged and uploaded to the Trimble Connected Community Geoviewer application (see next slide for screen snap) There are also programs to manage the internal GPS and touch screen calibration Are there any updates to these programs Yes, all updates will also be available on

35 3rd Party Tablets and YUMA FAQs
Will SCS900 TTE run on a Trimble YUMA? No, license codes will not be generated for a YUMA Is it still possible to purchase SCS900 Tablet Edition to run on a 3rd Party Tablet or PC? No, SCS was the last version for Tablet Edition Is the new User Interface available for 3rd Party Tablets or PCs? No, the new UI is only available on the Trimble Tablet

36 Competitor Feature Comparison

37 Questions? Thank You

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