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Psion Teklogix 7535 Handheld Computer.

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1 Psion Teklogix 7535 Handheld Computer

2 Key Features Rugged IP65 Drop rating: 1.5 meters (26x)
4 or 5 Wire Touchscreen Multiple expansion options CF and SDIO slots Multiple Scanner Options 8 to choose from 1D and 2D RFID Option 868/915/920/952Mhz Ergonomics Wide range of accessories

3 Keyboards 36 Keys Numeric keypad 10 direct function keys 2 macro keys
Alphanumeric 6 direct function keys

4 Scanners and Imagers SE1200HP
The SE1200 HP high performance scan engine is ideal for reading poorly printed and low contrast bar codes. SE1200 LR The SE1200LR long range scan engine has a working range up to 7” / 2.1 m on 55 mil bar codes. S1525 Auto Ranging Laser Scanner This auto ranging scan engine is ideal for reading 1D bar codes from 4 up to 40 feet / m. EV15 1D Imager This versatile imager can read a wide range of 1D symbologies while maintaining a superior scan rate.

5 SX5400 Imager Effects on Usability Fast decode time (snappy)
high “first time decode” success rate Lower power Lower peak current, shorter “on time” Excellent images uniform brightness across image Better low light operation fast lens, high sensitivity image sensor

6 Radio Options RA2041 Supports 802.11 b/g CF Card
Case integrated antenna underneath the end cap RA2043 Supports a/b/g CF Card with integrated antenna

7 Tether Port Rugged connector with serial and USB interface
Connect external scanners or printers Adapter cables for various scanners available

8 Batteries and Chargers
6 Unit Gang Charger Quad Charger Dual/Combo Charger HU3006 – 6-Unit Gang Charger will charge batteries in under 2 hours. HU4004 – Charges up to four 7535s while simultaneously providing communications via Ethernet Port. PDM Battery HU3002 – Charges the "docked" 7535 and a spare battery. HU Also provides communications via Ethernet Port. HU1005 – Portable Docking Module. Attaches to the bottom of the 7535 and features power, USB and serial port connectivity. HU3000 – Battery mAh Lithium Ion. Provides over 10 hrs. of usage at 5 scans/TX/RX per min.

9 Carrying Accessories Heavy Duty Nylon Belt Holster Rubber Boot
30138 – This flexible nylon belt is 1.5" x 57" and has a heavy-duty plastic buckle. HU6055 – Material is form fitted around the terminal. It allows the 7535 to be held firmly in place and can be withdrawn with minimal force. HU6080 – Grey, for all scanners except auto ranging HU6081 – Grey, for the auto ranging scanner HU8085 – Yellow, for all scanners except auto range Screen Protector Nylon Belt HU6110 – Designed to protect the touch screen - particularly for "high touch" applications. HU6061 – This flexible nylon Web Belt is 1.5" x 48" and has a plastic buckle.

10 Carrying Accessories Belt Loop Nylon Carry Case Pistol Grip Hand Strap
HU6060 – Secures the 7535 by threading the Belt Loop cord through the holes at the bottom corner edges and attaching the spring clip to the loop on both sides. Pistol Grip HU6090 – Carrying case with shoulder strap Hand Strap Shoulder Strap HU6001 – Pistol Grip Kit HU6070 – Handstrap with Belt Clip. Attaches to the back of the 7535 to provide a solid grip. HU6030 – Shoulder Strap. Attaches to the eyelets at the bottom of the terminal.

11 Fork Lift Truck Mounting
HU1000 Unpowered HU1010 Powered ( VAC) HU1020 with Port Replicator (RS232 + Tether Port) HU1030 with Port Replicator (RS232 + Tether Port) MT2020 – Short Ram Arm Mounting Kit MT2030 – Heavy Duty Pedestal Mount MT3010 – Mount, Fixed Vertical

12 Power Accessories AC Adapter Service Kit Cigarette Adapter
HU3220 – International 110/220 VAC adapter for the HU1005 PDM. Service Kit Cigarette Adapter HU3012 – Cigarette Lighter Adapter. Connects to the HU1005 PDM. HU4001 – PDM, AC adapter, 2 x USB cables, null modem serial cable

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