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Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software Version 3.0

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1 Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software Version 3.0

2 Objectives Modernized look-and-feel
Identify and maintain the good elements of our current UI Reduce button presses Allow more customization – but keep it simple


4 Map-based View

5 Current SCS900 Tablet edition starts SCS900 in map view

6 New SCS900 Starts with map-based view
Main menu accessible through button

7 Use of Graphics Makes it Easy to Learn

8 Current SCS900 Lots of helpful graphics in a construction style help make SCS900 a product tailored for contractors

9 New SCS900 New 3D icons and illustrations in a construction style

10 Info Bars

11 Current SCS900 Lots of display options but not customizable

12 New SCS900 Fully customizable, scrolling info bar

13 Map Controls

14 Current SCS900 Sticky pan button
Can’t pick point until panning turned off

15 New SCS900 Panning permanently on

16 On and Off Machine Consistency

17 Current SCS900 GCS and SPS completely different
Not obvious that this is a system solution

18 New SCS900 3D icon style of GCS900 now in SCS900

19 Simplicity

20 Current SCS900 Basic user interface for basic users

21 New SCS900 Permanent basic mode with real-time cut/fill

22 Multi-tasking

23 Current SCS900 Menu driven, wizard based UI can`t toggle quickly between measure and stake

24 New SCS900 Start in Measure, then tap and hold to Stake Tap and hold

25 Roading

26 Current SCS900 Roading UI very popular, easiest roading on the market

27 New SCS900 Roading Module in new interface design

28 The Trimble Icon Menu

29 Current SCS900 Quick access to related functions

30 New SCS900 Trimble Icon Menu with 3D icons

31 Optimized Workflows for Quicker Setup

32 Current SCS900 Wizard-based rover setup with lots of button presses

33 New SCS900 New rover setup – all info in one screen

34 Quick Release Connector

35 New SCS900 Quick Release Option with SPS985

36 Finger, not Stylus Operation

37 Current SCS900 Stylus needed to run SCS900 Stylus easily lost

38 New SCS900 Bigger buttons, drag and drop, flick

39 Color Scheme

40 Current SCS900 Sometimes hard to read in the sun

41 New SCS900 Yellow/gray color scheme Optimized for outdoor readability

42 Stake Out

43 Current SCS900 Guidance to points very small, no orientation especially when close to the object

44 New SCS900 Numerical and visual cues guide you to the point

45 Languages

46 Current SCS900 Can’t toggle languages, re-installation required

47 New SCS900 Change languages on the fly

48 Fast Static/Datalogging

49 New SCS900

50 Coordinate System Support

51 New SCS900

52 Mechanical Total Stations

53 New SCS900

54 Various COGO and Volume Stockpile Scan Profile Scan
New UI Large, finger tapable 3D Icons Colors optimized for sunlight OTF Language Selection New workflows Fine Stake Mode View map whilst fine staking Coordinate Systems Static Data Logging Mechanical Total Station New Trimble Site Tablet Auto Pan More Quick Pick Buttons Grid Feature Code View Configurable Info Bar Scrollable Info Bar Remote Assistant Improved Wireless Data Sync Improved Licensing Quick swap between Measure and Stake Never more than 3 taps away Basic Mode 3D View Various COGO and Volume Stockpile Scan Profile Scan Auto Point Measurement Non N-E Coordinate Direction Non North Azimuth Stake Plane Custom Catch Points Setup UTS for Machine Control Tunneling Key In Road Avoidance Zones Calibrate Instrument Network Measurement Finnish Language

55 Online Licensing through Trimble Heavy Civil Construction Installation Manager

56 HCC Installation Manager

57 New SCS900

58 Part Numbers & Availability

59 Part Numbers & Availability
Description TSC3362-1 CU - TSC3, w/SCS900, no internal 2.4 GHz radio TSC3362RD-1 CU - TSC3, w/SCS900 Core & Road, no internal 2.4 GHz radio TSC3372-1 CU - TSC3, w/SCS900, internal 2.4 GHz radio (Global) TSC3372RD-1 CU - TSC3, w/SCS900 Core & Road, internal 2.4 GHz radio (Global) TSC3382-1 CU - TSC3, w/SCS900, internal 2.4 GHz radio (French) TSC3382RD-1 CU - TSC3, w/SCS900 Core & Road, internal 2.4 GHz radio (French) TAB60-1 CU – Trimble Site Tablet, w/SCS900 Core

60 Part Numbers & Availability
Description SCS900-22 SCS900 Roading Module SCS900-23 SCS900 Advanced Measurement Module SCS900-30 Update from SCS900 v2 to SCS900 v3

61 Resources

62 Resources New YouTube channel: Updated Trimble Site Positioning Systems brochure (English only) Screenshots on Partners Updated SCS900 Data Sheet Updated website SCS900 presentation SCS900 emulator Manual (English only) Release Notes

63 Trimble Site Tablet

64 Introducing the NEW Trimble® Site Tablet

65 Who Needs a Trimble Site Tablet
Supervisors Ability to create and update all data independently Can run Business Center – HCE Can run full version of VisionLink™ Read data on USB sticks and store machine configurations for backup Store firmware and updates for all controllers and machine systems Full connected controller for approvals, updates Camera with geotagging for remediation

66 Who Needs A Trimble Site Tablet
Grade Checkers SCS900 Core and Roading Module Construction Surveyors Full accuracy and power of SPS GNSS Receivers and Total Stations

67 Standard Features Sunlight readable 7-inch dual technology screen
IP65 rugged design is construction tough 5 MP camera Lightweight - 2lbs 10ox (1.2kg) 128GB Solid State Hard Drive 4GB RAM In-built GPS with 2-4m accuracy In-built dual GPRS/CDMA cellular modem Gorilla Glass resists scratching and impact HDMI Port to display on Monitor

68 Improved Hardware Specs
Trimble Tablet Trimble Site Tablet Touchscreen Resistive touch screen with stylus only Multi-touch screen with fingers, stylus, or capacitive gloves Screen Readability Sunlight Readable Improved sunlight readability and optimized with SCS900 v3.0 Weight 3 lbs (1.4 Kg) 2.6 lbs (1.2 Kg) Connectivity Data card modules Internal 3.75G SIM and Auto Carrier Recognition Camera 2 MP camera with geo-tagging 5 MP camera with geotagging Battery Life Up to 8 hours with extended batteries Up to 8 hours with standard batteries Memory 1GB 4GB Hard Drive 80GB Solid State 128GB Solid State

69 Optional Accessories Pole Mount Vehicle Mount Vehicle Charger
Standard Battery (spare) Extended Battery Pole Mount Vehicle Charger Standard Batteries Extended Batteries

70 Part Number FAQs What are the Trimble Tablet part numbers?
TAB60-1 Trimble Site Tablet w/SCS900 What is included with these part numbers? Trimble Site Tablet Two standard batteries Stylus Hand Strap AC Power adapter Two screen protectors

71 Accessory FAQs What are the accessory part numbers?
– Trimble Site Tablet - Range Pole Bracket – Trimble Site Tablet - Vehicle Mount – Trimble Site Tablet - 12V Vehicle Charger – Trimble Site Tablet - Extended Battery (5.1Ah) – Trimble Site Tablet - Standard Battery (2.6Ah) Will there be any more accessories? Yes, more accessories will become available shortly

72 Competitor Feature Comparison

73 Benefits of the Trimble Site Tablet
Feature Benefit Rugged Design with Gorilla Glass protection Waterproof, impact proof to withstand construction conditions Integrated Connectivity Allows users to take full advantage of Connected Controller services Sunlight Readable Display with patent-pending dual technology display system Screen and SCS900 v3.0 are optimized for outdoor use, multi-touch capacitive for use with fingers, stylus, or capacitive gloves Windows 7 Professional Operating System Allows users to leverage the same documents and software they would use in the office, including Business Center – HCE and VisionLink powered by Trimble Long Life Batteries Up to 8 hours of working time without stopping to recharge or swap batteries Integrated Cameras 5 MP camera geotags images with 2-4 meter accuracy One-call Trimble Support Hardware and software issues solved with one call

74 New Marketing Materials
Trimble Site Tablet data sheet Trimble Site Tablet spec sheet Updated Trimble Site Positioning Systems brochure New Trimble Site Tablet web page New studio photos of Trimble Site Tablet Market Solutions Brief – Supervisors

75 Thank You!

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