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1. 2 FRC 2010 Driver Station Doug Norman & Stephanie Brierty National Instruments January 8, 2010 Thanks to Joe Ross – Team 330.

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2 2 FRC 2010 Driver Station Doug Norman & Stephanie Brierty National Instruments January 8, 2010 Thanks to Joe Ross – Team 330

3 3 Driver Station (Legacy) Handles communication between human drivers and robot Ports for joysticks and miscellaneous I/O Enable/Disable and Autonomous/Teleop selection Robot to Driver feedback

4 4 Why Change Driver Stations? Intel Classmate is consumer grade hardware  Robust  Easier to upgrade On-board battery makes demos easier Additional debugging output Built in dashboard – no separate laptop needed

5 5 Driver Station Beta Test 18 teams beta tested Classmate hardware All 44 beta teams tested the DS software 8 teams tested Driver Station at River Rage Off- Season competition in Manchester

6 6

7 7 Classmate PC Customized Intel Classmate  Windows XP  1.6 GHz Atom processor, 1 BG RAM  16 GB solid state hard drive  8.9” screen, 1024x600 resolution  802.11g wireless only  No VGA port Designed for educational use  More rugged than a normal laptop

8 8 Developer/Driver Accounts Two Windows XP accounts on Classmate 1 - Driver Account  Automatically starts Driver Station and Dashboard software  Console/Kiosk mode – no access to any other programs 2 - Developer Account  Administrator account  Normal XP interface

9 9 Pre-installed Software LabVIEW and Java software loaded by default  C++ may be installed via memory stick or USB DVD drive AVG Antivirus  Get updates from the internet…  Or download updates on another computer and transfer Open Office PDF reader

10 10 Joystick Connectivity 2 USB ports on Classmate  1 for I/O module  1 for USB hub 4 port USB hub supports 3 joysticks + E-Stop button Joystick support through Windows standard DirectInput API  Should allow a variety of joysticks and other input devices

11 11 E-Stop Button vs. Enable / Disable E-Stop connects via USB Performs E-Stop not disable  Must be connected for robot operation  Robot must be rebooted after E-Stop  Same as the E-Stop on the field Enable / Disable  Space bar disables  F1 enables

12 12 I/O Module Cypress First Touch Starter Kit 3 USB powered (500ma limit) Breadboard provided

13 13 Driver Station I/O Driver Station Compatibility I/OEnhanced I/O

14 14 I/O Module – Compatibility I/O Same I/O as Kwikbyte Driver Station  4 analog inputs – 3.3V reference  8 digital inputs – with pull-up resistors  8 digital outputs If you use Compatibility I/O, don’t use Enhanced I/O

15 15 I/O Module – Enhanced I/O Set/Get Digital I/O (16) Set/Get Digital Out HC (2) Get Analog Input (8) Set/Get Analog Output (2) Get Buttons (6) Set/Get LEDs (8) Get Quadrature Encoders Set/Get PWM Values (4) Get Accelerometer (X,Y,Z) Set/Get Digital Config Get Touch Slider Get Version Info Note – don’t mix and match with Compatibility I/O

16 16 I/O Enclosure No case or enclosure included  Teams may want to customize based on Enhanced I/O There is an enclosure and carrier board made by eStop Robotics and available from AndyMark

17 17 Driver Station Software The Driver Station software is an executable built with LabVIEW Works only on Windows 2000/XP/Vista PC Communication protocol is compatible with the Kwikbyte DS, making them interchangeable Does everything the Kwikbyte DS did and more

18 18 DS Operation Tab Same information as Kwikbyte DS Choose Auto/Teleop/Practice and Enable/Disable “LCD Text” is displayed in User Messages Communications, Robot Code, Stop Button LEDs

19 19 DS Diagnostics Tab Shows communication details with each device in the control system  Useful for debugging Shows error output from running robot Reboot robot remotely

20 20 DS Setup Tab Set team number – sets Classmate IP address automatically Configure Practice Round – simulate matches Remap Joystick order Turn on Remote Dashboard

21 21 DS I/O Tab – Compatibility (Default) Allows you to simulate analog and digital I/O by pressing buttons and dragging sliders Shows state of I/O when hardware is connected Click Configure to choose Compatible or Enhanced

22 22 Enhanced I/O Configuration Configure almost any pin just how you like Trade off digital lines for PWM, encoders, etc.

23 23 DS I/O Tab - Enhanced Shows LEDs, Buttons, Analog in, Accelerometers, Quadrature encoders, Touch slider Does not show PWM value, PWM Period, Analog out

24 24 Integrated Dashboard

25 25 Dashboard – Design Your Own The integrated dashboard may be replaced by an executable and run on the Classmate  C:\Program Files\FRC Dashboard\Dashboard.exe Dashboard data may be re-routed to another computer  On Setup tab of Driver Station, choose Remote Dashboard and enter the remote Dashboard IP

26 26 Conclusions New Driver Station hardware, Classmate, more robust New Driver Station software  Full featured: error reporting, live feedback, sets IP, etc.  Integrated Dashboard is fully customizable Questions?

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