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Student Manager Course Development What every course coordinator needs to know An ACEware Presentation.

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1 Student Manager Course Development What every course coordinator needs to know An ACEware Presentation

2 The Big Picture… (for the course coordinator) The course screen is your friend Planning programs Marketing Building a successful fee structure Getting you information you need - Financial - Students - analytical - key reports

3 Our agenda 1)Course Basics 2)Special Course Features Attendance / Room Use Package Courses Memberships Workshops Budget & Pocket Ledger 4)Quick Reports 5)Insider Tricks 6)Your Turn (how you do it) 7)Questions

4 Course Basics Course Code and Title are the only required fields on the course screen

5 Course Category vs Course Type Course Category is a user defined field that is excellent for reporting Course Type is a system settings that changes the behavior of the course screen

6 For Independent Study Classes (Optional Module) To track Sales of items (not classes).. Ie books, Supply Kits Allows ACEweb to do special handling for on line class Implements a membership tracking process Is normal or regular class (typically the default) A HOLD status.. Used when building course.. TBD Allows tracking of sub events within a course/program Categorizes class as a contract program (primarily reporting) For ACEweb.. Enables multiple Seat purchases on line For ACEweb.. Enables open entry donations on line Optional Module – Course Types (Default can be set by user – in preferences)

7 Course Basics Fields marked with a plus sign are validated fields This controls what is entered in the field

8 An Active Course is open for Enrollment No check makes the course invisible and allows you to plan before going public Course Basics - Active

9 A course that is locked does not allow anyone to add or edit registrations. (Used with Road Warrior) For accounting purposes lock a course to prevent changes. Eg: after final Audit. Course Basics - Locked

10 Whatever you enter for CEUs, Hours, and Credits will automatically be granted to every registration…...(you take them away if they dont earn them) Course Basics – CEUs & Hours

11 Course Basics – Subject Code This is important!

12 Course Basics – Subject Code The contents of the Subject Code are automatically added to the participants list of interests

13 Additional Info can be used to link Student Manager Course to your Campus Credit Course ID # (or as a Shorthand Code for catalogs & ACEweb) Special or Conference registration times Email addresses of people who should receive notification when someone enrolls in the course online List the sponsoring firm for a contract class Checks with the membership course listed here to see if they are eligible to enroll (eg: OLLI Member Only Classes) Path and the name of the attachment emailed with registration confirmations

14 Course Basics – UDFs User Defined Fields are displayed on the bottom of the Additional Info tab. Label these fields in Preferences / Courses

15 Course Preferences Course fields may be activated or repurposed on the preference screen

16 UDF Reminders Activation of UDFs are user specific. Each user must enable the fields they will use UDF Labels (Blue) are global They are the same for all users (Can ONLY be Changed by Administrator) Set up data validation for Character and Number UDFs using a plus sign (to be covered In Codes webinar) You can display the contents of a course UDF on the Main Tab Of the Course Screen

17 Course Fees Main Fees Other Fees Main Fees – the fee an individual pays when registering for a course. Student picks ONE Other Fees – An unlimited number of Other fees may be set, and an individual may pay several fees. Other fees can be one of three types: Mandatory Coupon Inventory Other (regular)

18 A note about early bird fees fee for new registrations until it expires, then the next fee in the list becomes the default fee. You can set up an Early Bird fee to expire a set number of days prior to the course begin date. It will be the default

19 Percent discounts Aligning with ACEweb, you can now set an optional fee that will adjust the fee by percentage. Percentage is represented by a decimal If its a discount, make certain to indicate the reduction with a negative sign

20 Instructors Begin by clicking the Add Instructor button to the left of the Current Instructors field. Select the appropriate Instructor from the drop down list Add as many instructors as you want…each one with their own pay rate. Completing the pay schedule Area allows you to Create faculty contracts/agreements And generate payroll requests

21 Instructor Pay You can track instructor evaluations with the 7 criteria fields (Set labels in preferences) Need to add a pay supplement? Use the Misc Pay Description

22 Comments Tab Registration Warning Message – When you register someone, this note will pop up (also works for Web Registrations) Reference Document – Right-click on the field entry to open the document for viewing/editing/printing purposes Note – Notes that you want to print on registration receipts. Useful to notify individuals of special instructions Ticklers for yourself or another user, such as the date the catering order should be submitted. Can be used with Callbacks Callbacks - Enter a user and date in the Remind Who and When fields). The system checks for Reminder Notes during start up and will display reminder notes on the date specified.

23 ACEweb Information As you are setting up the course, you can get an instant Preview (of what it looks like on ACEweb) Dont forget to check a Publish option if you want your course to appear on ACEweb!

24 Grouping Codes A big BIG deal for ACEweb.. (also for tracking Certificate Programs)

25 Special Course Features These features are important enough to rate a specific webinar

26 Attendance Log hours attended (and reason for absence) Record session/daily grade Stress-free tracking with built-in reporting Instructor access via ACEweb to let instructors record their own attendance Easily record lab hour on a per-student basis

27 Course Packaging A way of packaging a set of courses (at a discount) For programs where the fee is for a set of classes, not a specific course Why would you use the packaging module? Automate enrollment Improve retention Simplify certificate program registrations Build brand loyalty

28 Memberships Track annual or quarterly memberships Set expiration dates for specific fees Restrict enrollment to those with valid memberships Supports multiple memberships Offer courses and membership rates Membership Retention Wizard

29 Workshops Typically used to help track: 1 - Break outs/Concurrent Sessions 2 - Pre-Conf/Post-Conf events 3 - Can have fees (or not) 4 - Can set enrollment maximums 5 - Has a full reporting set

30 Budgets & Pocket Ledger Cost Out a class Track Expenses per Class We have a webinar for that… See Webinar Archive….

31 Quick Reports

32 Course Quick Reports These tools are your friends! ! !

33 A Few Insider Tricks

34 F Keys! F2 – Quick Count F3 – Talent Search

35 Change Sort Order (in Browsing courses)

36 Holidays

37 Special Course Admin Tools When you need to Merge courses (with existing enrollments)

38 There is a mass change option for activating and de-activating courses But, please leave this job for your Student Manager guru!

39 Student List

40 Clone Course (create additional sections)

41 We cant say this enough!

42 Questions

43 April 6-9, 2014 Hilton Garden Inn Manhattan, KS 2014 Conference If you liked this, youll love our conference! ACEware 2014 Conference

44 Upcoming Webinars Welcome to Student Manager: a Primer Wednesday, Nov 13 TH 1:00 pm central Our next webinar

45 Search for ACEware Systems Student Manager Help Software Updates CE Current Events Social Media Help Interesting Help Special Deals Event Updates Tutorials Find us online! Find Us Online!

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