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Billing & Invoicing An ACEware Presentation Follow the Money!

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1 Billing & Invoicing An ACEware Presentation Follow the Money!

2 What you can expect today... Billing Basics Payment Plans Invoices Aging Reports Contract Courses

3 NOTE: For Student Manager users who purchased before 2005 The Company Invoicing Module was an optional Module: If you did not purchase it, you may add It at any time. ( Current price $695) Not sure: Check out the “Optional Module Reporter”

4 Do you have Company Invoicing on your SM

5 Why use Company Invoicing? Save Time Professional Looking Invoices Manage your accounts receivable ?

6 Set up a billing Invoices start by setting up a payment With type: Billing

7 Invoice # Billing date ( user preference) Can edit OTF Who is picking up the tab… Setting a billing: A “Bill” is not an “Invoice” until an Invoice Number is Assigned.

8 Record PO # Set payor name Billing Default is: a)Student’s Firm b)Student

9 OR Select alternate payer or firm Billing a third party Or just type in the new “Bill To” person/Org

10 Payment Plans

11 To spread payments over time Choose “Payment Plan” to set up installments

12 Enter the number of payments Student Manager divides the amount due equally over the total number of installments You may edit the dates/amounts

13 A few important notes! Payment plans Default to a 30-day Cycle (but you may edit) Payment plans ARE NOT allowed with grouped registrations Based on Bill Date, Student Manager finds the next installment when you “Run Invoices”

14 “Billing Only” Registrations Typically used for Contract Classes

15 Billing Record Enable the Billing Record feature on the Preferences / Registration tab “Use Bill / Pay Reg Type”

16 Billing Record Selecting Billing Record allows you to clear out CEU’s, Hours & Credits Leaving the name (and the money) with the course

17 On the roster... Payor is not on the roster or included in enrollment count

18 Billing Preferences

19 Assigns an invoice number to a billing record when you save the payment We generally DO NOT recommend This Option.

20 Billing Preferences Assign Invoice # at Time of Billing If you ONLY will have one bill to that “Billee” DO NOT Assign # at Time of Billing If you anticipate multiple bills to the that “Billee”

21 Payment Preferences Registrar enters payment amount – Disabled auto entry of payment amount Blank payment amount

22 Invoices are Based on Billings & Must Meet 3 Criteria Must have Payment Type “Billing” Billing record created prior to today Receipt/Invoice Number field empty 123

23 Invoices are combined PO Numbers match (if they were entered) Firm is an exact match IF...

24 Running invoices

25 To run invoices

26  Print New Invoices Un Check To Run Query “Print New Invoices” runs un-invoiced bills that fall on or before reference date

27 You have options for how Invoices are ordered…

28 If all is well (and invoices printed) Assign Invoice Numbers to Billings

29 Invoicing preferences

30 Invoicing Preferences A Level 5 or above can set a starting invoice number Determines the date that is stamped on a Billing (when entering registration).. and that date may be edited You CAN create a custom date (ie: always the 15 th of NEXT month)

31 Payments

32 can be made through Module / Invoices Or, make payments on individual registrations (if the invoice is for a single registration)

33 Select payment type Confirm information

34 If payment is less than owed

35 Aging reports

36 Aging Report (when they haven’t paid!)

37 Aging Report

38 Contract Tips Charging a flat fee? Create a “Paid by Company” $0 fee, and a Contract Price fee (# 2 fee) Charging per person? Establish one registrant with a billing record, then use the number of seats option Speed Entry (of students) Module / Registrations / Speed Registration Entry Want more.. See Webinar Archives


40 Don’t forget… you’ve got HELP.. Next Webinar: Meet Next Generation ACEware NxT April 9 th 1:15pm Don’t forget… you’ve got HELP..

41 Find US Online! ACEware Systems Search for “ACEware Systems” Student Manager Help Software Updates CE Current Events Social Media Help Interesting Help Special Deals Event Updates Tutorials

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