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Membership Management with SM 8.0 An ACEware Presentation.

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1 Membership Management with SM 8.0 An ACEware Presentation

2 All about memberships  Set it up…Turn it on!  What kind of memberships will be offered?  Making it work  Create membership codes  Set up a course to track memberships  Registrations requiring membership  ACEweb membership registrations  Taking it to the next level  Limiting a course to members only  Multiple memberships  Family groups  Renewing memberships  Membership Retention Wizard

3 An Overview!

4 What do SM 8 Memberships do?  Sell Memberships!  Memberships can be several Fee levels AND Benefit Levels  You define Membership period  Code (with Expiration Date) is assigned to Member  Done automatically.. On Web or Back Office.. No extra handling.  Courses on ACEweb prompt/invite Member signup  Offer Discounts on Courses!  Can have multiple discount levels (each discount level tied to a Member “Code”)  Can set courses “Member Only” Restricted access  Track Expiration Dates on Membership  You set length, fixed year V.S. Rolling  Support for Family Membership  Special Reports:  Membership Retention Wizard

5 Turn it on!

6 Preferences / Course

7 Options: Specific date – the exact date the membership expires Certain # of days – number of days the membership is valid starting from the registration add date Fee-by-fee basis – Expiration date set on a fee- by-fee basis Off – Turns off the membership features

8 Making it work

9 Create a catalog code Use the plus sign or go to Module / Catalog / Catalog codes NOTE: in 7.2.. THIS was the “Member Code”.. (is still supported in 8.0)

10 Create membership code(s) to assign to membership fee(s) Module / Codes / Course – Membership Codes

11 Set up a course to track memberships Setting Type to membership… changes label Catalog Code to Member Code

12 Set up Member Fee Levels.. With Member Code Simple: One Fee.. One code You do NOT have to enter fee level Membership codes ( use the Catalog in 7.2)

13 Multiple Fees.. One Codes Everyone gets same Discounts You do NOT have to enter fee level Membership codes ( use the Catalog in 7.2)

14 Multiple Fees.. Multiple Codes Allows multiple discount levels So THESE codes (vs Catalog Code) will be assigned to Student

15 When building classes.. Create fee(s) with Member Codes If the registrant has a MEMBER code matching one of the special fees.. They will be assigned that fee

16 A. Create Membership Course Assign Member Code to a fee B. Build Regular Courses Create Fee(s) w/Member Code To Review….. I. Create Courses

17 Picks a Member/Fee Level Is assigned a Member Code with an Expiration date II. Student Registers in Membership Course

18 If the membership expiration is on or after Course Begin date, AND his member code matches a fee level.. Ka-Ching..s/he is in! Ka-Ching..s/he is in! III. Student Registers for a class

19 Here’s a quick tip! Create a new course for each membership billing period If your membership fee is based on a year, create a new course annually. If your membership fees are based on term, create a new course every term.

20 Registrations requiring memberships

21 Staff view: get warning.. Web: upsell membership

22 Participants will automatically receive the membership rate if: A Course Fee has a matching membership Code They have a member code in their Member Codes The first day of the course is on or before the expiration date of their membership code

23 Students registering on ACEweb will see the membership requirement

24 If you have Discounts for Membership, Promote membership with ACEweb

25 Taking it to the next level

26 Limiting a course to members only You MUST be a member of one of the groups listed in the Membership Requisites field

27 If participants must have multiple memberships Anyone enrolling in this class must be members of all groups listed. (separate by list with ampersands) Not Commonly used….

28 Manually Edit a membership date Right click the membership code on the name screen to Edit the membership date

29 You may EVEN “Gift” a membership … Allows you to add an on-the-fly member code (and set a expiration date) on any student record Note: this does NOT “connect” the student to a Membership Course

30 Family memberships On the member course, establish a fee that includes the word “Family” The word Family can be anywhere in the fee name..

31 Family memberships Make sure all family members are grouped, then register any family member in the membership course using the family fee

32 Confirm that the membership will apply to all family members Family memberships

33 Renewing Memberships If a member renews their membership, the expiration date of their membership is updated to the new expiration date For “Rolling” membership.. Early renewal extends current Expiration date

34 Membership Retention Wizard

35 Reporting on Memberships? Use the Wizard!


37 Report Wizard Select your report type And criteria The screen includes include & exclude options

38 Questions?

39 Are You Receiving Our Newsletter ? It’s full of great information, news about ACEware, and is a splendid way to find out about upcoming events. In the August newsletter we announced the location for the 2015 conference!

40 19 th Annual ACEware Users’ Conference April 21-24, 2015 Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center Hotel Myrtle Beach, SC

41 Our next webinar... October 15, 2014 1:00 PM Central We don’t mind... Help yourself to Help! Exploring the NEWLY revised Help Guide

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