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Student Manager 101 Courses An ACEware Presentation.

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1 Student Manager 101 Courses An ACEware Presentation

2 Questions during the Presentation?

3 ANNOUNCING: Coding Wednesday, November 9 Watch your email for announcements!

4 Today we’ll talk about... Course Basics Preferences Course “Big Deals” Course Tabs Special Buttons Quick Reports Questions

5 3 ways to add a course From the menuFrom the course screenAlt + C

6 Saving your work…. Any Button EXCEPT Undo Abandon Esc Will SAVE edits Save Screen Remains Open OK/Close (Closes Screen) If you have NOT saved changes, will UnDo any Edits (Screen Remains Open) ) You do NOT have to hit SAVE Before doing OK/Close If you have NOT saved changes, will UnDo any Edits (Closes Screen) Looks up (finds) a new Course (also SAVES)

7 Why is my screen different?

8 Preferences! A checked field appears on the screen, an unchecked field does not.


10 Active Button Active Check should be true (checked) when a course is open for registration

11 The Active Button has no superhero capabilities!!!!! When Adding New Registrations.. It allows you to ONLY show Courses that ARE open for Registrations…

12 Course Type

13 Once a class no longer accepts NEW registrations, it should be made inactive This may be a job for your Student Manager Guru!

14 A course that is locked does not allow anyone to add or edit registrations. (Used with Road Warrior) For accounting purposes lock a course to prevent changes. Eg: after final Audit.

15 Recording CEU’s, Hours, Min & Max will pay off in the long run, making reporting, transcripts & go/no go decisions easier.

16 Another BIG BIG Deal !

17 The Subject Code on the course screen will be added to students' Interest code list when they enroll in the course

18 Subject Codes are Important! Marketing & Analysis!

19 Course Screen (Catalog Codes) The Catalog Code links a course description to a class Also supports additional information such as prerequisites, related classes and follow up classes HINT! Right Click Catalog Code Field

20 Course Screen Grouping codes identify courses for certificate programs. Grouping codes also “group” courses for ACEweb

21 Course Screen / Course Time Course Time is automatically generated.. BUT.. can be edited for exceptions or note special handling A Location record must exist in the Locations table before it can be assigned. To add/edit locations, select Module / Locations. If you are using the “Split Location Field” option on Course Preferences, select the appropriate room from the drop down menu. If you have data entered in the “Information” field on the Location record, it will appear here

22 Holiday Option Paving the parking lot? Furlough day? Snow Emergency? Check to see which courses will be impacted.

23 Trekking through the Tabs

24 Additional Info Tab Alternate code that can be used in catalog generation & ACEweb Special or Conference registration times Path and the name of the attachment emailed with registration confirmations Email addresses of people who should receive notification when someone enrolls in the course online List the sponsoring firm for a contract class Add membership prerequisites (especially for OLLI folks)

25 The lower frame displays course UDF’s. Use the Course Preference screen to check and activate a field. You can also a label a field to fit your needs.

26 Remember... The use of UDFs are user specific. Each user must enable the fields they will use UDF Labels (Blue) are global They are the same for all users (Can ONLY be Changed by Administrator) You can set up data validation for Character and Number UDF’s using a plus sign (to be covered In “Codes” webinar) You can display the contents of a course UDF on the Main Tab Of the Course Screen

27 Course Fees Main Fees Other Fees Main Fees – the fee an individual pays when registering for a course. This can be a reg fee, staff fee, senior fee, Early bird fee, tuition, etc. Other Fees – An unlimited number of Other fees may be set, and an individual may pay several fees. Other fields may be mandatory or optional. Example: guest lunch books, supplies, insurance

28 Early Bird Fees You can set up an Early Bird fee to expire a set number of days prior to the course begin date. It will be the default fee for new registrations until it expires, then the next fee in the list becomes the default fee.

29 Instructors Begin by clicking the Plus Sign [+] to the left of the Current Instructors field. Select the appropriate Instructor from the drop down list Additional instructors can be added as needed in the same way

30 Enter Instructor Pay Info Have something so unique it doesn’t fit? Use the Misc Pay Description

31 Enter Instructor Pay Info You can track instructor evaluations with the 7 criteria fields (Set labels in preferences)

32 Comment Screen Registration Warning Message – When you register someone, this note will pop up (also works for Web Registrations) Reference Document – Right-click on the field entry to open the document for viewing/editing/printing purposes Note – Notes that you want to print on registration receipts. Useful to notify individuals of special instructions Ticklers for yourself or another user, such as the date the catering order should be submitted. Can be used with Callbacks Callbacks - Enter a user and date in the Remind Who and When fields). The system checks for Reminder Notes during start up and will display reminder notes on the date specified. NEW! Student email reminders !

33 Long course warnings

34 ACEweb Settings Don’t forget to check a “Publish” option if you want your course to appear on ACEweb!

35 ACEweb Settings

36 Special Buttons

37 While these buttons are mostly self-explanatory the power behind them would take several other webinars! (which coincidentally are available on our website)

38 Special Buttons (cont.) Cloning a course allows you to copy all the details to a new course record. All you’ll need to do is provide a new course number and date.

39 Mass Clone same date courses! Mass Clone same date courses!

40 Mass Clone Same Date Classes

41 Special Buttons (cont.) Mass Registration allows you to registrar individuals from one course into another. For example, register everyone who took Excel Basics in Excel Intermediate More during our Registrations webinar..

42 Quick Reports

43 8 Clicks, 8 Reports! New 7.2 Feature Select students for Certificate Printing New 7.2 Feature Quick check for students with Special needs..

44 F2 – Quick Count New 7.2 Features View All… and ability to locate Classes by key word(s) in title Detailed View Features & ability to locate Classes by key word(s) in title


46 Next time: Registrations Wednesday, November 2 Same Time, Same Link

47 User Conference Savannah, GA / May 2-4, 2012

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