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When Teams Work Best A Book by Frank LaFasto & Carl Larson

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1 When Teams Work Best A Book by Frank LaFasto & Carl Larson
Featuring: The Connect Model

2 What is teamwork? “People with different views and perspectives coming together, putting aside their narrow self-interests, and discussing issues openly and supportively in an attempt to solve a larger problem or achieve a broader goal.”

3 One of the most common reasons why teams fail to achieve their potential is a problematic relationship.

4 What is a good relationship? Good relationships are…
Constructive for both people Productive Characterized by mutual understanding Self-corrective

5 What Behaviors are Most Important in a Team Relationship?
Openness – the willingness to communicate Supportiveness – the deliberate attempt to treat others positively

6 What is the Greatest Challenge in Team Relationships?
Openness Supportiveness

7 “We must be able to challenge each other more without becoming defensive.”

8 Feedback is a gift… but feedback can be threatening
Feedback is a gift… but feedback can be threatening! It’s difficult to give well and hard to receive objectively.

9 Poorly Managed Contention can lead to Dysfunctional Behavior
Avoidance of each other Communication becomes indirect ( , memos, messengers) Superficial conversation Authenticity is replaced by theatrics Contentious atmosphere Overreaction to “interpretive clues” Pg 47-48

10 What are the Results of dysfunctional behavior?
Personal agendas compromise the team’s ability to identify, raise, and resolve the real issues that will move the team toward its objective

11 A proven approach to building effective team relationships
The Connect Model A proven approach to building effective team relationships

12 The Connect Model Recognizes relationships take two people
It is a process we do with someone not to someone It works best when both parties understand the process

13 Connect Model Step by Step

14 Commit to the relationship Optimize safety Narrow to one issue Neutralize defensiveness Explain and echo Change one behavior each Track it!

15 Commitment to the Relationship
Why do I believe this is worth doing? I value our relationship and would like for it to be as good as possible There is much that we can accomplish together We can learn from each other Am I willing to work at it? I am willing to invest my energy and effort to make our relationship better Connect

16 Optimizing Safety I will do my best to not make you feel defensive, or make you feel “less” because of how I handle this conversation. I will make a rational effort to understand and appreciate your point of view. Connect

17 Narrow to one issue Identify one issue in a non-threatening way.
“I believe our most immediate/important opportunity is in the area of…. How we treat each other at meetings. How we keep each other informed. How we involve each other in decisions. How we show respect to one another. The level of trust in our relationship. How we each view…our marketplace, product development, etc. Connect

18 Neutralize Defensiveness
What are some ways I might treat this issue that would make you feel defensive? What words, comments, or examples should I avoid? If I do make you feel defensive, please let me know so we can discuss it before it becomes a problem. Connect

19 Explain and Echo Explain what you observe, how it makes you feel, and the long-term consequences. I observe…. When we are doing “xyz” together…. When you do/ don’t do “xyz” …. It makes me feel…. I believe the long-term consequences are…. I feel there is a solution to this, but first let me check to see if I was clear and if you understand what I’m trying to convey to you. (cont) Connect

20 Explain and Echo Echo what the other person has said.
Let me see if I can describe your perspective and your feelings. Do I understand?

21 Change One Behavior Each
In light of our discussion, what reasonable change should each of us commit to making? Let’s agree on one stop/start behavior for each of us. Connect

22 Track it! What would be the most useful way to monitor our progress?

23 Benefits of the Connect Model
Give a team practice in surfacing and resolving issues collaboratively. Takes team relationships out of the shadows The presence of a structured approach for discussing difficult issues is always better than random discussion. Practice at a structured approach makes the teams stronger and prepares the team to manage greater challenges in the future.

24 Matthew 5:23-24 "Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to your brother; then come and offer your gift”.

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