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3 $300 $200 $100 $300 $100 $200 $100 $200 $300 $100 $200 $300 $100 $400 $500 $400 $500 $400 $500 $400 $500 $400 $500 $200 $300 Classical Conditioning For example Emotions Terms Operant Conditioning Go to Final JeopardyGo to Double JeopardyReplayEnd Round

4 Main difference between classical and operant conditioning. next

5 What is classical conditioning is learning by association and operant is learning by reinforcement? $100

6 Fred has a fluffy down pillow with some of the down sticking out of the fabric. When he first tries out the pillow, a piece of down tickles his nose and he sneezes. This happens every time he goes to bed. Soon he sneezes every time he lays down on any kind of pillow. next

7 What is generalization? $200

8 Identify the UCS and the CS. It is springtime and the pollen from the flowers causes you to sneeze. Soon you are sneezing every time you see a flower. Identify the UCS and the CS. next

9 What is the UCS – pollen & the CS - flowers? $300

10 There were many lilies at her father’s funeral. Now Cheryl can not stand the smell of lilies. Identify the components of the classical conditioning that took place. next

11 What is UCS – father funeral UCR – sad CS – lilies CR – sad ? $400

12 His research with dogs and salivation led to the discovery of classical conditioning as a principle of learning. next

13 Who is Ivan Pavlov? $500

14 A learned reinforcer…money, attention, social approval are these type of reinforcers. next

15 What is a secondary reinforcer? $100

16 An application of operant is a way to teaching a complex behavior in which you reinforce each small step toward completion. next

17 What is shaping? $200

18 Which partial reinforcement schedule is this? The number of shots on a soccer goal before scoring next

19 What is variable ratio schedule? $300

20 The difference between negative reinforcement and punishment. next

21 What is punishment decreases the likelihood of a behavior being repeated…negative reinforcement increases it by removing something unpleasant? $400

22 Give an example of a variable interval and a fixed ratio reinforcement schedule. $500

23 Answers will vary. $500

24 Learning to paint your fingernails by watching your older sister; learning to bowl by watching your Mom… next

25 What is Observational Learning? $100

26 Knowing how to get to Stop and Shop or how to start a car even though you have never done it or by shown it specifically? next

27 What Latent Learning? $200

28 Experiment conducted by Watson & Rayner which demonstrated that emotions could be learned next

29 What is the Little Albert experiment? $300

30 The boys were riding bikes. Sam rode his bike into the garage and scratched the car with his handlebars…Dad was furious and Sam had to clean the whole garage. Andrew does not ride his bike in the garage. Which principle of observation learning? next

31 What is vicarious reinforcement? $400

32 An application of classical conditioning…to reduce Jen’s fear of heights…she is slowly exposed to heights and each experience is paired with something positive…Name this application. next

33 What is systematic desensitization? $500

34 According to Ekman’s research on emotions, he identified six universal emotions. Name them. next

35 What are: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise.? $100

36 Upon which criteria did Plutchick select emotions for his wheel? next

37 What is “evolutionary fitness”? $200

38 Emotions such as fear and anger are processed through this part of the brain. Name the part. next

39 What is the limbic system? $300

40 As a result of Phineas Gage’s accident, psychologists and doctors were able to identify that emotions were processed in this part of the brain. next

41 What is the frontal lobe? $400

42 Also responsible for cognitive thought, this part of the brain is responsible for processing more complex emotional experiences; ones that require us to think about them. next

43 What is the frontal lobe? $500

44 Which partial reinforcement schedule? dance lessons every Thursday evening next

45 What is fixed interval? $100

46 The desire to join with others or be part of something larger next

47 What is affiliation? $200

48 Application of operant conditioning during which steps in a sequence are learned and finally linked together next

49 What is chaining? $300

50 Term for the fact we seek to think and behave in ways that fit what we believe next

51 What is cognitive consistency? $400

52 The term for desires for stimulation such as sensory stimulation, activity and exploration of environment next

53 What are: Stimulus motives $500

54 Final Jeopardy next

55 Daily Double

56 According to this biological theory of motivation, our body tries to maintain a state of equilibrium, or homeostasis. next

57 What is the drive reduction theory? next


59 psychologypsychology JEOPARDY JEOPARDY Double Jeopardy

60 $600 $400 $200 $600 $200 $400 $200 $400 $600 $200 $400 $600 $200 $800 $1000 $800 $1000 $800 $1000 $800 $1000 $800 $1000 $400 $600 THEORIES TERMS APPLICATION Go to Final JeopardyGo to Regular JeopardyReplayEnd Round

61 He was the Humanistic Theory who developed the “hierarchy of needs” next

62 Who is Abraham Maslow? $200

63 This theory suggests that we are motivated by inherited behavior patterns passed down through generations. next

64 $400 What is the Instinct Theory? $400

65 Research indicates that animals & people perform best when their nervous system is at an optimum level of arousal – which principle of motivation is this? next

66 What is Yerkes-Dodson Law? $600 $600

67 THE MORE AUTONOMY YOU FEEL...THE MORE SELF- DIRECTED YOU ARE THE MORE SATISFIED YOU’LL BE – Which theory of motivation support this statement? next

68 What is the self- determination theory? $800

69 According to Daniel Pink in Drive, what three principles are most motivating to people? next

70 What are autonomy, mastery, and purpose? $1000

71 Bees perform a dance to relay the location of food to other bees. Which theory explains their motivation to do this? next

72 What is the Instinct Theory? $200

73 Which theory explains: Eating when hungry or putting on a sweatshirt when cold next

74 What is drive reduction theory? $400

75 What best explains why a musician practices every day for hours on end? next

76 What is achievement motivation? next

77 800

78 This theory of motivation explains why we share the interests of those we care about or are upset when we have a disagreement with someone we love

79 What is the balance theory?

80 This theory suggests we are motivated to act because of the reinforcement we receive… next

81 What is the incentive theory? $1000

82 The term for a condition in which we require something we do not have or lack next

83 What is a need? $200

84 The term for people who are driven to get ahead, to tackle challenging, and to meet high personal standards of success next

85 What is achievement motivation? $400

86 Rewards such as good grades, a good income, and respect of others are THIS TYPE of reward or motivator next

87 What is an extrinsic motivator or reward? $600

88 The term for the need to become what one believes he or she is capable of being next

89 What is self- actualization? $800

90 According to this theory, we are motivated to keep our thoughts and attitudes consistent with our actions next

91 What is the Cognitive Dissonance Theory? $1000

92 next

93 $200

94 Psychologist who studied moral development and developed stages based on moral reasoning next

95 Who is Kohlberg? $400

96 Psychologist who developed the psychosocial stages of development. next

97 Who is Erikson? $600

98 Psychologist who identified categories of adolescent identity status next

99 Who is Marcia? $800

100 Psychologist who recently proposed the need to add a “new stage” of development – emerging adulthood. next

101 Who is Arnett? $1000

102 A child facing the conflict of Autonomy v. Doubt would likely be functioning at this stage of Cognitive Development? next

103 What is Pre- operational? $200

104 A child who is functioning at the Concrete Operational Level would likely be facing this conflict according to Erikson? ? next

105 What is Industry v. Inferiority? $400

106 If one is dealing with Erikson’s Identity v. Role Confusion, what stage of Piaget’s Cognitive Development are they in? next

107 What is Formal Operational? $600

108 ` A child who is functioning in the Pre-Convention – Stage 2 of Kohlberg’s Moral Development is likely at this level of Cognitive Development? next

109 What is Pre- operational? $800

110 Most early adolescents facing Erikson’s Identity v. Role Confusion are functioning at this level of Moral Reasoning according to Kohlberg? next

111 What is Conventional – Level 4? $1000

112 Daily Double next

113 Final Jeopardy Stages of Development

114 According to this theory, friends who disagree about politics might either deny the differences exist OR avoid thinking about them for as long as possible. next

115 What is the cognitive dissonance theory? next



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