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T&L 317 Initial Practicum. Contact Information Coordinator..........Lori White address..... Office …..........509-335-0925.

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1 T&L 317 Initial Practicum

2 Contact Information Coordinator..........Lori White Email address..... Office …..........509-335-0925

3 Agenda 1. 1.Liability Insurance Requirement 2. 2.Timelines 3. 3.Student Placement 4. 4.Packet 5. 5.Questions

4 Liability Insurance is Required! You must have proof of liability insurance on file at WSU to begin any field experience.

5 Summer Session 2012 1. 1.T&L 317 is an Online course! 2. 2.You enroll in T&L 317 for the Summer Semester 2012. 3. 3.You enroll for two credits – either section 1 or 2 4. 4.Students spend three (3) weeks in a classroom in May 2012. 5. 5.Students will receive a grade of S or F at the end of the summer session 2012.

6 Placement Types 1.State-Wide – outside Whitman and Asotin Counties 2.Local – in Whitman or Asotin County

7 State-Wide Placement 1.State-wide placement means anywhere outside of Whitman and Asotin counties. 2.For state-wide placement, students initiate contact with a school. 3.Once a school agrees to allow a placement, the placement is set up by the student.

8 Local Placement 1.Placement locations include schools in Whitman and Asotin counties, including; Asotin, Clarkston, Colfax, Colton, Garfield, LaCrosse, Palouse, Pullman, and St. John. (Because of T&L 469, placements will probably not be in the Pullman School District!) 2.Pullman is not the only placement location. 3.Local placements are set up by the Practicum Coordinator

9 ... Local Placement 1.You must have extraordinary circumstances in order to do the practicum in the Local area. 2.What does not count as extraordinary? a.Summer School b.Apartment c.Other 3.You must submit a request for local placement form to the practicum coordinator. 4.You do not do your own placement!

10 Online Course Space Course site information will be provided via email to the class list.

11 Teacher Packet A. A.Letter of introduction B. B.Professional Guidelines C. C.Suggested Activities in the Classroom

12 Administrator Packet A. A.Letter of Introduction B. B.Personal Information Form

13 Evaluation Form A. A.Students direct the cooperating teacher to the website ( B. B.The mentor teacher emails the form back to WSU at

14 General Information 1.H/F people – you can do your practicum in an elementary setting. 2.Out of state placements are acceptable. 3.Placements in private schools are acceptable. 4.You can utilize multiple schools/teachers if you choose to do so. (Just copy the forms for each school/teacher.)

15 Important Points 1.Even if you know a teacher, follow the chain of command – check with the office first. (You may have to contact the school district office!) 2.Some schools may require some type of formal contact with WSU. 3.Be totally familiar with the packet. Some teachers will ask what are you supposed to do for the practicum? Have an answer ready!

16 What is required? 1.Weekly Journal 2.Final Paper 3.Evaluation submitted by your mentor teacher

17 Journal 1. 1.What are the parts of a journal entry? a. a.Classroom experiences b. b.Reflection on a Special Topic – information to be posted on course website.

18 Final Paper Your final paper needs to be: 1.typewritten 2.3-5 pages double spaced 3.a finished product which demonstrates your ability to write well

19 Topics to include in Final Paper What did you learn about yourself through this experience? What strengths do you bring to the teacher education program and to the teaching profession? What skills do you need to learn to be successful in the program and profession?

20 Now that you have been in a classroom for three weeks, how do you feel about teaching? What about this experience inspired or discouraged you? What questions do you have about the profession, about teaching methods, classroom management, or a particular student or situation that you observed?

21 1.Is Liability Insurance required? Yes! 2.Is there a teacher evaluation form? Yes – It is returned to instructor via email 3.How many days do we spend in the classroom? 15 Frequently Asked Questions

22 4.How many Journal entries are required? 3 total - one each week 5.How long is the reflective paper supposed to be? 3-5 pages (Double-spaced) …More Frequently Asked Questions

23 …more Frequently Asked Questions 7.Can I do my practicum outside the State of Washington? Yes! 8.Can I do my practicum at more than one school – or with more than one teacher? Yes – Just copy the forms so each school/teacher has a copy. 9.Can I split my time between a middle school and a high school? Yes! Just copy the forms so each school/teacher has a copy.

24 …more Frequently Asked Questions 10.Im a Health/Fitness major. Am I limited to just middle and high school? No. You can do your practicum at an elementary school 11.Can I do more than the required 15 days? Yes, if you choose to do. Additional questions?

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