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~You are, But IM ~ Best Practices in Customer Services for Young Adults Patrick Jones Connecting Young Adults and Libraries

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2 ~You are, But IM ~ Best Practices in Customer Services for Young Adults Patrick Jones Connecting Young Adults and Libraries

3 Connecting Young Adults and Libraries Patrick Jones Getting started WHO? Audience Young adults Presenter WHAT: Objectives WHEN? WHERE? HOW? Lecture Handouts Active Learning WHAT NOT? WHAT NEXT? WHAT ELSE? (FAQS)

4 Where you stand, depends on where you sit- (exercise #1) Divide into pairs Introduce yourself and your position in the library Complete this sentence. The thing that aggravates me most about working with YAs is The thing I like best and WHY? How do we increase the good and reduce the bad?


6 Two things that every YA wants and needs out of a library visit 1. Solutions to problems 2. Good feelings ~Connecting Young Adults and Libraries~

7 Connecting Young Adults and Libraries: Buyer Beware (exercise #2)

8 BUYER BEWARE PROJECT  Choose twelve of the reference questions from the attached page.  Approach any reference desk at the Main Library of the ***** Public Library (except the children’s room). You can ask the questions all in one visit or during several visits. Try to get helped by different librarians. The questions in bold could also be asked over the phone or via email, but at least three of your questions need to be done in person.  DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES “blow your cover” and state that you are a “secret shopper.”  For each question, you will need to: – do the behavior checklist – write a short account – answer the questionnaire

9 BEHAVIOR CHECK LIST 1. Greeted you warmly 2. Smiled, acted pleasant toward you 3. Let the desk act as a barrier 4. Demonstrated welcoming body language 5. Got up to show you where to find your info 6. Asked you follow-up questions 7. Answered your question completely 8. Tried to rush you through 9. Offered follow-up help 10. Knew right where to find information 11. Asked you “why” you needed information 12. Gave you his/her full attention

10 QUESTIONS ASKED 1. I need a biography about a professional wrestler. It can’t be a kids book. 2. Do you have any information on how to remove tattoos? 3. Can you recommend a good scary book for an English assignment I have. I need to read a work of contemporary horror fiction but not Stephen King. 4. I heard that Cosmo magazine was going to have a spin-off magazine for teens. Where can I find the name of this magazine and an address? 5. I need to read Kurt Cobain’s obituary. Where can I find it? 6. I need to know the main event at the first Wrestlemania in 1985. 7. I need to find the pros and cons of cloning. I just need one good book on the subject. Today all I need is the name of the book, not the book itself. 8. I need to find two articles about teaching writing that were published by my English teacher. Her name is Johanna Atwood. 9. I need the addresses for TNN, TBS, MTV, VH-1, and BET cable channels. 10. Can I have an email address to write a comment to the library? 11. I need a fiction and a nonfiction book about the subject of self-mutilation. 12. My teacher told us we have to read a “classic”. Do you have a list of classics or books for the college bound? I don’t want a book over 200 pages long. 13. Is there anyplace you know where I could buy a term paper? 14. How do I cite a web page in my term paper? We use MLA format. 15. I need to get driving directions from my school to the state capitol. 16. I need to read the book which won the 2000 Printz award for YA fiction.

11 To what extent would you say the librarian was friendly or pleasant? Not / Somewhat / Very

12 How helpful was the answer given, in terms of your own needs? Not / Somewhat / Very

13 How satisfactory was your experience as a whole? Not / Somewhat / Very

14 How many answers were “wrong”?

15 STAT ATTACK According the Department of Education, how many public library users are young adults? (1996). 13% 23% 33%


17 STAT ATTACK According the United State Census Bureau in the year 2010 how many teens will there be in the United States? (1998)? 34.9 million 50 million 25 million


19 Connecting Young Adults and Libraries Patrick Jones FACT CHECK FACT: 23% of all public library patrons are between the ages of 12 – 18 (pre-internet) FACT: There will be more teens in the US in 2010 than ever before FACT: Teens do read and would read more if they had more time FACT: Every adult was a teenager at one time

20 (exercise #3) R emember A ccept P roject ~Connecting Young Adults and Libraries~

21 Talking bout my generation: the Importance of Music in Teen Life Best song Turn that crap off Changing styles not purpose Listen to the radio in your head

22 Connecting Young Adults and Libraries Patrick Jones Consulting, training, and coaching for providing powerful youth services including library card campaigns and web projects

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