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There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom

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1 There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom
By Louis Sachar

2 Introduction In this power point, you will find all of the directions you need to complete your reading contract for There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom by Louis Sachar! During this contract, you will learn more about the author, Louis Sachar and bullying. You will also help me evaluate how well you have read this exciting book. Make sure you read all directions in this contract carefully and complete all assignments! Enjoy!

3 The Tasks Your tasks for this contract will be as follows:
Section 1 – book information Section 2 – comprehension questions, short answer Section 3 – comprehension question, long answer Section 4 – project choice

4 Section One Each question in this section is worth 5 points.
What is the title of the story? Who is the author of the story? Name two awards this book won. When was this book published? Who are the main characters in the book? What is the setting of the story?

5 Section Two Each question in this section is worth 2 points.
You must answer 15 in complete sentences. Who did Mrs. Ebbel want Bradley to start seeing? How did Jeff get his dollar back from Bradley? Why did Bradley's mom lie to his dad about how he was doing in school? Why were Melinda, Lori, and Colleen laughing at the lunch table? 5. Why wouldn't Carla take the picture that Bradley drew?

6 Section Two continued 6. Why do you think every teacher in school seemed to know Bradley's name? 7. How did Bradley feel about having Jeff for a friend? 8. Describe the fight between Bradley and Melinda. 9. Why did Jeff tell Bradley that he liked Carla? 10. According to Jeff, why wasn't after school a good time to go into the girls' bathroom?

7 Section Two continued 11. Who was glad to see Bradley when he got home from school? 12. What did Colleen tell Carla about Bradley's black eye? 13. What did the animals think of the game of basketball? 14. Whose name did Bradley give to his mom when she asked who beat him up? 15. Why did Jeff tell Carla that he no longer needed her help?

8 Section Two continued 16. Why did Bradley take off running out of the classroom before lunch? 17. Did Carla believe in monsters? 18. What topic is on Bradley's list 3 times? 19. What did Bradley's father teach him? 20. How did Bradley stop the fight with Jeff?

9 Section Two continued 21. What did Carla think Bradley's was afraid of? 22. What did Mrs. Ebbel give Bradley for his excellent book report? 23. How did Bradley feel when he saw the gold star next to his name? 24. Why did Bradley rip up his book report? 25. What "gift from the heart" did Bradley send Carla?

10 Section Two continued 26. Why were Jeff and Bradley late to Colleen's party? 27. Why was Bradley wearing a party hat when Jeff came over? 28. Which race was the most fun, according to Bradley? 29. How did the girls act when they found out boys were coming to the party? 30. Who had the most points at the end of the races?

11 Section Three Each completed question in this section is worth 5 points. You must answer 4 in complete sentences (3-5). Bradley talks to animals in his room. Why do you think he does this? Explain you answer. 2. Carla says she doesn’t believe in accidents. Do you agree with her statement? Why or why not? 3. Bradley imagined what it would be like in the girl’s bathroom. Tell about a place you have never been and describe what you think it would be like to go there.

12 Section Three continued
If you were Jeff, would you continue to be friends with Bradley, even though your new friends didn't like him? What would you tell your new friends? Explain your answer. 5. Do you think Bradley is going to continue tearing up his homework? Why or why not? 6. Do you think the parents had the right to be mad at Carla? Why or why not?

13 Section Three continued
7. Carla lied to Mrs. Ebbel about the book report. Do you think it was okay for her to lie about how the book report got ripped? Why or why not? 8. Do you think Bradley will continue to be good? Why or why not?

14 Section Four Complete the following. You may work on this section at home and at school. You may need to acquire extra supplies for your choice. Each project in this section is worth 10 points. Bradley changed a lot in this book. He went through many experiences to get from the person he was in the beginning of the story to the person he turned out to be at the end of the story. Develop a timeline of experiences that Bradley had in the book. The time line must include eight (8) experiences in the correct order as they happened in the book. Use the link below to develop your timeline. Once your timeline is complete, save it to your folder and print a copy.

15 Section Four continued
Create a cereal box display highlighting the book. Follow the directions below. Front: Title, author, Picture Back: Personal reflection of book with picture of your favorite part Spine: About the author (name, where he/she lives, awards, other books the author has written) Spine: Summary of the book All parts of the box should be neatly covered. All work should be colored and “Sharpied.”

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